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Starship cited for sex toy

Adult novelty store Starship Enterprises has been issued a citation for violating a county ordinance banning the sale of sex toys.

The violation was discovered on May 17 in the morning by a county staffer who issued the citation, which was issued to owner Kelly Rogers.

A date in Coweta Magistrate Court has been set for June 17 at 2 p.m. although the time may change in the future.

The store, located in the Thomas Crossroads area of the county, has had a rocky relationship with the county before it even opened, as it took a ruling from a Superior Court judge to even have the business license granted for the company. That ruling reversed a decision from the Coweta County Commission to withhold a business license based on the necessity for a rezoning.

The store opened in November 2010. It has had to comply with a county ordinance limiting its sexually-oriented merchandise to no more than 25 percent of the goods it offers for sale.



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