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World War II lecture is June 6 at Carnegie Library

On June 6 from 2:30 p.m-4 p.m., Dr. Walt Todd, professor at Shorter University of Atlanta, will return to The Carnegie Library in Newnan to provide another program for the history series, “World War II – Remembering The War”. 

 Dr. Todd has presented numerous World War II history programs at The Carnegie including: “The Aleutian Islands: The Invasion of Attu”, “Operation Vengeance: The Death of Admiral Yamamoto”, “The Battle of Guadalcanal” and “The Invasion of Japan: The Last Sacrifice?”

Well researched and with a passion for history, Dr. Todd provides a lecture series at The Carnegie that includes a PowerPoint presentation along with a display of weapons and memorabilia from World War II. 

The upcoming lecture will detail how the force of the United States Navy was pivotal in winning the war against Japan and Germany. 

At a point when losing the war was discernible, the United States Navy provided the very means that made winning the war possible. 

Retired from the University of West Georgia, after 31 years of teaching, Dr. Todd returned to teaching history at Shorter University.

While at UWG, he established the Kagoshima/West Georgia exchange program and took five groups of faculty and students to Kagoshima.

With family ties to Japan, he has visited Japan seventeen times over the past sixteen years.

With a particular interest in the area around Kagoshima, he explored the historic area where “Operation Olympic” – the 1945 planned U.S. invasion of Southern Japan - was destined to be deployed.

 His father, Lt. Carl Todd, was scheduled to help set up hospitals in the Kagoshima area for the invasion of Honshu in 1946.

Dr. Todd has written three books on military history on the subjects of the air defense of the Japanese home islands in World War II, the air defense of North Vietnam from 1965-1972 and the development of storm trooper weapons and tactics in World War I.

 Located at 1 LaGrange Street on the historic downtown Courthouse square in Newnan, call The Carnegie at 770-683-1347 to reserve your spot for this lecture.


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