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Cyclist injured on Hwy. 54 Monday

A bicyclist was injured early Monday afternoon when a pickup truck hit him as he rode alongside Ga. Highway 54 near Ebenezer Road, an eyewitness had told The Citizen.
Fayette County EMS officials confirmed that the cyclist, an unidentified male, was transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries.

The eyewitness said the truck driver noted that he didn’t see the cyclist along the road, and the truck’s side mirror was knocked off during the collision.

Capt. Pete Nelms of the Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services said while they are not frequent, the county sees “a couple” collisions a year between bike riders and motor vehicles.



I ride a lot and have had many close calls like this. The problem is people like this asinine driver don't care if they get close. They think the road is theirs and you should get off of it. If you can't see a guy on a bicycle, then you don't need to be driving. Then its "oh, I'm sorry" while the person they hit has their life messed up for 6 months or worse. The judge should just take their license for a year-THEN they would be sorry. "I'm sorry" is not good enough

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Just remember Cyclist are to abide by ALL rules of the road as well..

I have seen them run red lights, blow stop signs, cross roads at other than a crossing.. etc.. Goes both ways.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Trust me, I have seen it too but I am referring to me-I ride the white line as much as possible and heed traffic at intersections. But, I continue to have people come by me and give me two feet when they are going 45-50 mph-if I wiggle any, I am in the hospital and they ride on and say "oh, I'm sorry" while my life is wrecked for six months or worse. My question is, what if I was a 12 yr old kid, would they still do that? Of course not-somehow these idiots think its ok to squeeze a grown person and could care less if they hit them because there is no consequence.
Your comment about obeying ALL the rules-I assume you don't ever speed, slow-stop at stop signs and use blinkers as required by law-I'm thinking not. You sound like one of the people I'm talking about. Just don't let me catch you at the traffic light.

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Just remember that "cagers" (motorist) also fail to see stop signs, red lights, school buses (flashing lights and all), motorcycles, pedestrians in crosswalks, speed signs, and of course other cars. I'm more concerned if the driver that hit the cyclist was cited for improper passing.

Of course, there is the civil side of this incident. I sure hope the driver had enough insurance coverage.

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