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Frady appoints Brown to SPLOST committee

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown got his wish Thursday night.

County Commission Chairman Herb Frady appointed Brown to serve in his place on a committee that meets once a month with county staff about SPLOST-funded transportation projects.

The other committee member is Commissioner Lee Hearn, the county’s former director of public works.

Brown asked to either be appointed to the committee, or for the county to advertise it as a commission meeting since he wanted to attend. Had Brown attended a committee meeting with two commissioners present, it would’ve met the legal requirements for a full commission meeting with three voting members present.

County Manager Jack Krakeel said that the committee discusses updates on various SPLOST transportation projects and their progress. Hearn explained that much of the discussion involves design issues, such as whether or not to use a roundabout or a traffic signal at a given intersection.

Brown argued that he wanted to attend the meetings to represent the best interests of himself and Commissioner Allen McCarty, both of whom have vigorously opposed construction of the West Fayetteville Bypass with SPLOST funds.

“I just would like to attend so I can get updates on what’s going on,” Brown said.

In appointing Brown, Frady noted that he has been unable to attend the committee meetings anyway. In fact, he questioned the need for such a committee, since it put commissioners in a position to influence staff’s position on a variety of issues.

“We have a committee set up to make recommendations, and they don’t need to be influenced by me or anyone else,” Frady said.

Brown said he didn’t plan to influence anyone in his role on the committee.

As Frady clarified the unofficial appointment of Brown to the post, he reminded Brown that he was “not to run the meeting.”

“I will definitely try not to run the meeting,” Brown said.

“I will remember that promise,” Frady replied.

Generally present at the monthly SPLOST meetings are the county’s consulting engineer, transportation engineer, public works director, finance director, county manager and other support staff as necessary, Krakeel said.



PTC Observer's picture

Mr. Frady is not a stupid man, this is a very smart move on his part.

Let's see about Mr. Brown in the coming months, I think it will be "check and mate" by Mr. Frady!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Brown trying to not run the meeting (and opining in the press afterwards) is like asking the alcoholic not to touch that drink in front of him. Not sure if this is a serious committee or just one of the many meetings for the sake of a meeting that government is so good at scheduling, but you can bet we will hear all about it. Frady has just given Brown enough of a chance to showboat and he won't disappoint.
Brown's next agenda item is to be on the regional committee but he'll have to replace Frady or Steele.

Live free or die!

The Right Honorable Herb Frady couldn't beat his way out of a tissue paper tee pee.

Whether you're an official Brown hater like Mike King or Morgan or just the average Joe you've got to admit Steve Brown is consistently outing the three little pigs on the county commission. The toughest part is figuring out the right words to describe the three piggies. Crooked or stupid?

PTC Observer's picture

Nope I am not a supporter of either one, I just think that Brown fell into this one and Frady got the best of him.

He would have done much better harassing Frady as an "outsider", now he's an insider, he will be tainted with anything this committee comes up with as part of the process. He can't change anything anyway, the WB is a fact that will go through no matter what. It's too late.

Bad political move on his part, IMHO.

Don't think you can prove "crooked"--the other charge may stand alone. No matter what, the fact is we seem to have a majority of the commission that is either absent of any common sense or totally oblivious of the wants, wishes, & desires of the citzenry---or all of the above.

Mike King's picture

Get your thong out of a wad so you can realize that your hero now has ownership of funding the WFB. He campaigned on the platform of stopping it, you supported him because of it, and now he will be instrumental in funding the project.

Did you really believe he could stop it? Or, are you so naive as to believe he did great and wonderful things as mayor of PTC?

Steve Brown's not perfect and neither are we. But you've got to be blind if you don't see that both Brown and McCarty have voted against anything to do with the bypass. The newspapers have said as much.

Phase III of the bypass got knocked out so yes the two new guys have made an impact on the piggies agenda.

Mike at least they are trying and what may I ask are you doing? You keep trying to rip Brown a new one but you ain't putting up much of a fight on the issues old boy. You seem pretty content to watch the three piggies run all over us.

And I don't own a thong. I prefer going in the nude [even I'm laughing at the thought of that one!!!]. They might capture me on the beach and take me to the Georgia Aquarium.

Mike King's picture

If what you say is true, then please explain the East Fayette Bypass.

I fully realize who was the last perfect individual to walk the earth, I'm not blind, and for the life of me I cannot understand anyone placing faith/hope in Mr Brown. His track record speaks volumes.

The problem we have is WE elect half wits, thieves, and the like because many among us fall for sound bites from empty suits. Much like Spyglass said when he described someone as "all hat and no cattle".

If they captured you on the beach in a thong, the last place you'd go would be the Georgia Aquarium!

I disagree about the Aquarium thing!

If a Mermaid could also be his companion, I think attendance would multiply enormously! I don't care what Spear looked like.

hutch866's picture

None of the commissioners needed outing before Browns election, it was OBVIOUS what they were about. Brown just capitalized on their actions. I have noticed that when Steve is willing to throw the people on the east side of the county under the bus in favor of the people on the west side, you have no opinion, wonder why that is?

I yam what I yam

Don't necessarily agree with you.

How did we find out the elections guy was Hearn's cousin and that his relatives own a huge chunk by the West Fayetteville Bypass? And now the three piggies are altering the meetings so citizens can't speak until all of the agenda items are decided and that's not right.

On the east bypass I just don't know enough about that one. It was pretty clear that road was the top priority when we voted on the SPLOST though.

But I don't think either you or Mike can deny the West Fayetteville Bypass has nothing to do with helping traffic.

Got to go to bed.

hutch866's picture

I've never denied the WFB was a waste, but so is the East one, yet Steve was happy to ram that one through, oh yeah, the ARC recommended the East one, remember the ARC, the agency from Hell according to Steve, unless of course he agrees with them.

I yam what I yam

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Thanks so much!!!

ginga1414's picture

For anyone who has ever been the underdog or found themselves on the short end of the stick and was fortunate enough to have someone come to your defense, you would know what it is like to have Steve Brown represent you on the Board of Commissioners.

The people who elected Steve Brown and put Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell out of office have not been betrayed.

Steve Brown won his election to the BOC by a grand majority. The majority of the people who voted in that election wanted to do away with the West Bypass, the possibility of mass transit in Fayette County, SPLOST, and closed government.

Nothing cuts to the bone like the betrayal of a friend.

Commissioner Steve Brown has represented the people who elected him to office with the highest degree of integrity.

With regards to the aforementioned committee, Chairman Frady said publicly that he had "no desire" to attend the meetings. The only people attending those committee meetings, until now, were people representing the same point of view. There was no one there representing the majority of voters in Fayette County.

That scenario is identical to the gang of thugs that beat two MARTA passengers almost to death. Those two MARTA passengers were trapped in a moving train car as they were being unmercifully beaten by a gang of thugs.

Until Commissioner Brown fought (so to speak) for all the homeowners along Phase I and II of the West Bypass and voters against the Bypass, our interests were trapped within a dictatorship.

A true committee should include representatives for all sides.

PTC Observer's picture

"Until Commissioner Brown fought (so to speak) for all the homeowners along Phase I and II of the West Bypass and voters against the Bypass, our interests were trapped within a dictatorship."

I am sorry, did I miss something?

Has something changed with the plans for the WB since Mr. Brown has been elected?

ginga1414's picture

There have not been any changes overall. However, it is my understanding that the committee has not met since Commissioner Brown's appointment.

I guess the only change is that, now, West Bypass homeowners and other opponents to the Bypass will have someone to represent them on the committee.

If it had not been for Commissioner Brown, we would never have known that a group of people were meeting on a monthly basis to discuss what would happen with our lives and property. That is a very chilling thought.

I have never seen an announcement published by our public officials stating that a committee had been established to discuss procedures pertaining to homeowners and their property along the Bypass.

I would categorize that as closed-door back room politics. That is exactly how our county government has been doing business for many years.

With the most recent Budget Meetings, it has come to light that during the Jack Smith years, many projects were left undone. I'm sure the general public did not know that we are plagued with deteriorating stormwater culverts under public roads. There is a great urgency to replace those drains because roads are at the point of collapse. There are a number of county vehicles and pieces of equipment that have not had proper maintenance. However, former Chairman Smith bragged during his election campaign that he was proud of the fact that there was a surplus in the county budget.

Jack Smith felt that he had bragging rights, but the public was left with roads that are at the point of collapse. Fire and EMS folks are looking for alternate routes to serve the citizens who live on those roads because of the dangerous road conditions

The point of my comment was the fact that our interests were not even considered until Commissioner Brown made it his business to speak on our behalf.

PTC Observer's picture

OK, I understand now. I thought something had changed.

If you want your POV to be represented, that's ok.

However, I don't think it will make one wit of difference, the WB will go on and Mr. Brown will not stop it no matter what committee he's on.


ginga1414's picture

I realize all of this bantering back and forth is a great source of entertainment to some folks.

It is just a game to see who can boost their own ego the highest.

However, some people are very concerned that our local government is performing as badly as the Federal Government.

With Lee Hearn "father of the West Bypass" and having nominated his cousin to the Elections Board, Frady couldn't say no. After all, Frady said that he didn't have time to attend the meetings and wasn't interested even if he did have time. Add to that the Lester property controversy.

Brown, who got elected by pledging to fight the bypass, stepped up to the plate so both the Brown-McCarty duo and the Frady-Hearn-Horgan triumverate could get updated on the SPLOST project issues.

This acquiescence by Frady was done simply to appease those who were hoping for a token of recognition that there is now a majority who don't want the West Bypass.He knows better than to say "no" all the time.

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