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PTC to purge council recordings after 1 year?

Audio recordings of Peachtree City Council meetings would be destroyed after one year, according to a policy change recommended by city staff.

The policy change would clarify that the adopted minutes of the meeting will serve as the city’s official record of the meeting.

The change will be considered by council at its regular meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

Earlier this year, the council used a recording of a previous meeting to correct an error in the minutes from that meeting.

The city also will be hanging onto its audio recordings of municipal court for two years.

Council also is expected to adopt a records retention schedule which outlines how long the city will maintain certain records, ranging from golf cart decal applications to zoning documents and police records.

Generally the city follows the records retention schedule published by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. But the ordinance suggested by staff would extend the retention timeframe for a number of documents.

For example, there are certain police documents that need to be held longer than the recommended two years for purposes of accreditation, said city spokesperson Betsy Tyler.

In quite a few cases, some city records will be maintained on file permanently such as employment contracts, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, zoning decisions and certificates of occupancy.



Mike King's picture

Stay with the state guideline and move on!

How about the funding for our Mayor's legal bills, or will it be a nasty surprise? Perhaps he'll propose a city wide SPLOST?

Policy change indeed, it's being considered because Don Quixote voted not to correct an obvious misquote, but in our Mayor's mind that's OK.

PTC Observer's picture

a nasty surprise.

The question is how many more people will he needlessly defame?

How many more lawsuits will we suffer before he is removed by the citizens?

Time will tell.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I think they withdrew citing the economy.
Did the economy get worse in the last 2 months? Or are they just saying that to cover up the real reason?
Wonder if they will sue Haddix for misrepresentation.

Live free or die!

Isn't Dar putting a skating rink on a floor just below his ize rank in his building? Or was that a bowling alley?
Many things can be hidden in a private club on several floors! Especially, where you have to knock on the sliding window and say, "Dar sent me!"

Mike King's picture

I was called away last evening and didn't get to hear what,if anything, took place last evening at the Council meeting. I was hoping that the 'more intelligent' among them would have censored our mayor to ward off further lawsuits affecting the city.

Perhaps if a few of us began using the public comment time to request censure or outright resignation, this Council would get the idea.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

the recall that Avenger speaks of above is the only remaining solution. It is truly a disappointment that none of the 3 ladies would speak up and at least propose a censure or at least a verbal rebuke. After all, even Brown's council - in my opinion, a collection of spineless losers (except for McMennamin) censured him over a much less serious offense - using city stationary to express a personal opinion, I believe. This Haddix guy is attracting lawsuits, costing the city money , driving away key employees, embarrassing the city at the county and state level and being an obstruction to progress. Sure Brown was all those things too , but not quite to the Haddix level and not in 14 short months.

Come on council. If you don't come out against this type of behavior you are as bad as he is. Eric is especially disappointing - after an early showing as an outspoken budget hawk, he has retreated into his shell and is clearly pondering reelection more than decisive action as a councilperson.

But a recall works as well. How many signatures needed on a petition? I'll sure sign it. Even if it fails, the publicity prevents a second term.

Live free or die!

Stay tuned

the better off we all are.

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