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Serious injury reported in PTC vehicle collision

Peachtree City Police reported Wednesday that on June 1 at 3:20 p.m. a collision occurred at the intersection of Crosstown Drive at the entrance to Braelinn Village Shopping Center. Officers responded to a reported two vehicle collision at this intersection.

Mr. Clinton Melton, 81 years of age, Peachtree City, was air lifted to Atlanta Medical Center with serious injuries, according to department spokesperson Michelle Ward.

Ms. Jessica Rexrode, 18 years of age, Peachtree City, did not report any injuries at the scene, Ward said.

Investigation is on-going by the department’s collision investigators with the Community Response Team. Charges are pending, said Ward.



mudcat's picture

Both ends of the driving age are here - an 81 year old guy and an 18 year old female. Teenager texting and ran into the old guy? Or did the old guy misjudge the time he would have to turn in front of a speeding and texting teenager? Or did the teenager have both hands on the wheel and was paying full attention to her driving when the old guy ran into her for some unknown reason? Or something else?

You be da judge.

I hope everyone is ok.

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I live in Braelinn and frequent this shopping center. Age has nothing to do with it. The vast majority of traffic on Crosstown between Hwy 74 and Peachtree Pkwy consists of SPEEDERS who are just passing thru the area in a hurry. Common to see cars going 50-55 mph there EVERY DAY...ALL DAY LONG. I always have a hard time getting on to Crosstown when leaving Kroger or Blockbuster due to the amount of traffic, it's speed and the fact that my car is not capable of accelerating from 0 to 50 in two seconds to safely allow me to jump into an opening in the flow. Either lower the speed limits in the city or enforce the limits in place.

I NEVER leave it, unless I'm going to 74, using Crosstown. And since I MUCH prefer using the Parkway to 74, I rarely go that way.

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I agree. It is almost always better to go through the center to make a right turn onto Peachtree Parkway if you need to go eastbond onto Crosstown. Very rarely is it easy to make a left turn out of the center during the course of the day

The curving approach from the east...
The long NASCAR straightaway from the right...
No signals...
Frequent speeding...

Add an elderly driver with slower reflexes and perhaps vision limitations...
Add one relatively inexperienced driver...

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS: Cell phone /text activity...

Just sayin'...

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It can't get much worse than on this section of road.

I suggest speed bumps and I suggest the retailers pay for them if they want greater shopping traffic coming into their establishments. All of the money and planning to bring this shopping area back will be for nothing if people are afraid to simply turn left.

If we are lucky we will all be 81, keep that in mind.

FACT...18 yr old was NOT texting. 'Nuff said.

'Nuff NOT said....neither was speeding or texting. is 81, the other 18. working hard to hold my tongue.

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