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PTC getting Fresh Market at Glenloch center

Updated Friday 11:24 a.m.

The Fresh Market grocery company has signed a letter of intent to locate in the Peachtree Crossings shopping center in Peachtree City.

The Fresh Market grocery company has signed a letter of intent to locate in the Peachtree Crossings shopping center in Peachtree City.

Fresh Market, which bills itself as a gourmet supermarket, will be taking over the grocery store vacated June 2009 by Kroger. The company will occupy 20,000 square feet of the 32,000 sq. ft. store and hopes are for the store to be open “early next year” said Peachtree Crossings leasing agent Bill Hooper.

Fresh Market will have input on the tenants that will be located in the leftover space, Hooper said.

Hooper cautioned that a lease not yet been signed and there is still much work to be done, as the Kroger facade will be completely redone.

Fresh Market had been the subject of a strong pitch from the local community, but the company initially rebuffed the idea and said it would revisit the matter down the road.

“For a while we were told flat out: ‘Don’t even think about coming back to us for two years until we have all this sorted out,” Hooper recalled. “Of course I came back to them anyway and the rest is history.”

In addition to the new facade for Fresh Market, Hooper said plans are being developed to update the entire shopping center’s facade “and get it moved a little closer to the 21st century.”

That project will not disturb existing tenants, he said.

Mayor Don Haddix credited Hooper for pulling off a significant victory for the city. It’s especially a win for neighbors in the Glenloch area who hoped to have a grocery store to replace the “baby Kroger.” Tenants of Peachtree Crossings were also hopeful a grocer would fill the empty space to promote a higher volume of customers coming to the center.

The Development Authority of Peachtree City also worked on the project in an effort to lure Fresh Market, and other grocers were pursued including Trader Joe’s. Local resident Caren Russell also helped in the effort to initially get the attention of Fresh Market executives.

To get a taste of what The Fresh Market brings to the table, visit



mudcat's picture

I am so happy. Fresh Market is a perfect fit for that location. Kudos to Don and Doug and even Mark. Thank you all for doing whatever you did to make it happen.

Only mystery is how is Steve Brown going to take credit for this. I think Jack Smith may have had a hand in this and I'm voting for him. Thanks Jack.

Sorry but it will be 'belly up' before years end. Everyone yells for these fabulous places but when it comes time to spend your money you do digress, remembers Harry's? Work on your 1200 empty strip malls standing empty and the still empty industrial complex at Dividend and Highway 74. But please do keep fighting to keep Senior Apartment complexes off limits, idiots.

No, all those people at city hall didn't get a new store at PT Crossing shopping center, I think Bill Hooper, the owner, did---who else could?

Why do people need credit for stuff they didn't do?
Maybe they wrote a letter or made a phone call, huh? Did they promise anything?

NUK_1's picture

Development Authority and Haddix and others.....well done indeed! Turning a vacant space that was doing nothing but dragging down a shopping center that was doing well before into something "special" like Fresh Market is a great accomplishment.

Congratulations to Mark and DAPC with landing Fresh Market!

Doug was very kind and I wish DAPC could take all the kudos for landing Fresh Market, but the real credit belongs to the shopping center owner, Bill Hooper. He really pulled off a leasing coup.

DAPC has been working very hard supporting the Peachtree Crossing merchants while trying to secure a replacement anchor for the Baby Kroger site. We just about wore out our welcome with Trader Joe's. Their representation appreciated our persistence, but kept reminding us that the company just was not expanding in Georgia right now.

Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Aldi's all expressed interest, as did other alternative end uses. The challenge on landing an upscale grocer was PTC's population base, current economic conditions, and the number of exisiting marketers. I am glad that Fresh Market made the decision because they were one of the three specific choices that citizens repeatedly requested.

Don Haddix's picture

Bill Hooper met with me on Wednesday to give me the heads up since from the political side I have been involved since 2008. This and Braelinn were the first two tasks I stated when getting them active again.

Councilman Sturbaum has been a stanch supporter and worked with DAPC from the beginning as well. His contributions must not be understated.

But, with that said, Mark is not going to down play the role he has played in this effort, along with the rest of DAPC. They have been the driving force on the business association, the Farmer's Market and lot of other efforts on behalf of PTC and the business owners. They are dedicated and determined. They were key players in this effort.

This is but one example of why DAPC is so critical to our economic future. It is why in this economic climate we need to increase their funding. We need them to administer the Census Tract advantage we now possess and what Staff and Council cannot legally do to bring those good employers here.

They have prospects in work now. We need to give them what they need to finish the job.

Last but not least Bill Hooper did an amazing job in his negotiations. I am truly impressed. An amazing effort that succeeded. Great job, Bill.

Even in this economy good things can happen when the right people are engaged.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Can you explain what your first paragraph above means? "from the political side"?

Your second sentence, I just don't get that, either. What about Braelinn?

So, do you feel increasing DAPC from 35k in funding to their requested $140k budget request is justified?

Bill Hooper, thanks for your good work. And anyone in city govt. who feel they want to jump on the pat yourself on the back bandwagon, kudos to you, too.

But most especially, let me be the first to thank the Fresh Market
executives for believing in our beautiful little city and here's hoping for a long and profitable relationship for you all. We welcome you with open arms (and wallets!). As we like to say here, "Plan To Stay"!

Don Haddix's picture

From the political side meant DAPC was on the shelf and I put them back in action in January of 2008. They asked for initial goals and my first two were doing something to revitalize the Braelinn Shopping Center and I knew Kroger was going to close, so start efforts to deal with that pending dark box.

DAPC efforts coupled with other factors played a huge role in the Braelinn face lift and putting together elements that made Glenloch attractive to Fresh Market.

I worked with DAPC as needed to help move things along when people wanted to see elected involvement and support as well answer questions from the city side.

Increasing the Budget to $150,000 is critical for our future. A city cannot do the things needed to be done to get employees here. Many of the elements that went into Braelinn and Glenloch could not have been done by Staff or elected either. We are barred by law from certain actions and involvement.

The Fresh Market people left some contact information at my office. I will be, again, be using my office in support of DAPC, Bill Hooper and PTC in fostering good relationships with a tenant of PTC from the political side.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

PTC Observer's picture

on Fresh Market?

Don Haddix's picture

Last meeting I had gave a goal of opening in March 2011.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

PTC Observer's picture

Let's hope it goes through with Fresh Market, we need some good news here in PTC!

Looking forward to March.

I am so excited to see that Fresh Market is coming to PTC. I have been to a couple of stores in NC and I will definitely shop there.

How much of the 34000 sq ft are they taking? Abd if Kroger couldn't make it there what makes you think MFresh is going to do any better? 18 months and they will be singing the Blues. You guys are all brilliant.

siphoning off business in PTC alone. Not to mention the other 10 or so Krogers within 20 miles or so. Fresh Market won't have that problem.

Do you even know where the nearest Fresh Market is? I'm guessing you couldn't find it without a map.

Great news. Now if you hillbillies would eat vegetables it might just work out.

Hoosier Fan's picture

Don't be silly Elvis. Everyone knows Southerners consider barbeque sauce to be a vegetable!

Yes, BBQ sauce is a vegetable, just as was Catsup for Ronald Reagan in kids school meals.
Of course Reagan always ate at The Stork Club!

That Center is one of my Favorites..

The new store is set to open in August! Any of you folks looking for jobs should be sending in your resumes now! Edited: The above article says early next year but the headquarters person checked and said August 18th. I guess they got the info wrong. Oh well...early next year is better than never...

since we had any positive retail news in PTC. Great job to everyone involved in landing a tenant for the baby Kroger spot...can't wait to shop there. Now if we can fill up the other tens of thousands of square feet of dead retail space in the city (before more gets built).

This is interesting. Now that Fresh Market comes in, does that mean Fresh South Market on Sat. morning will go away after this summer? Probably.

In the mean time, since when is Rona's Roses part of the Market? Setting up the 40 foot motor home, taking up at least 4 prime parking spots for the REAL market, and making it look like a tacky flea market. Thought there were rules in the new ordinance against selling out of a truck or vehicle. If not, this should not be allowed. I don't care if she is a tennant there. If I want her flowers, I'll walk over to her store. And, it is a cheap shot to the hard work of the organizers of the Fresh South Market.

Don't think Fresh Market will handle local produce like you can get at Fresh South Market. And while I've been there more than once, I never knew what was being sold (if anything) out of the motor home. Business sense would dictate that if there's no business, they won't come back. BTW, just how do you cook roses?

Today was the first time that I saw the motor home. Has it been there before?

As for cooking roses, obviously Rona knows. Ask to look inside the motor home next time to see what's cooking (if there is a next time).

Has this ordinance gone before city council? I think it cleared the Planning Comm. already. I'm sure Rona knows.

Oh, seen it at least 3 market days before. Just never figured what in the hell it was there for.

Why, to cook Rona's roses, of course.

Looking forward to having a gourmet supermarket in the area. So sorry that Trader Joe's could not be persuaded to come to beautiful Peachtree City. It is such a joy to walk in Trader Joe's - where most of the prices are 1.99 and 2.99!!
Until Fresh Market arrives, I'll still go to Atlanta for my gourmet meals and seasonings. (The produce is great also!)

You want Gourmet or Cheap? Sounds like you want both and that ain't gonna happen. Did you patronize Harris=Teeter in PTC? Upscale failure. So where do you go in Atlanta to get your "gourmet meals and seasonings"?

931 Monroe Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
Neighborhood: Midtown

Became familiar with Trader Joe's in Pasadena. The one in Midtown is not as spacious - but the deals are great!! The tangerines are better than Publix; and the 1.99 - 2.99 deals make a meal unique. If you know how to 'shop' and prepare a meal - gourmet and cheap is what you get at Trader Joe's. Of course there are some fish items that have a higher price tag (salmon) - but you get more for the money. I have to admit, I just love looking at the labels and the different exotic places represented in the store. They also have some terrific 'prepared' meals for those who are still working and don't have a lot of time to prepare a healthy meal during the week. The flowers are also cheaper than at Publix or Krogers. I still go to Publix and Kroger's - it's nice to have a unique choice when shopping. Trader Joe's in Atlanta or California has never put a major grocery store out of business to my knowledge. I look forward to Fresh Market.

Check ALDI. And their prices on most everything else are hard to beat! Quality is pretty good too.

Thanks - will do! Still find Walmart almost 50% cheaper than other stores in the area. As a retired person, I have time to shop around - there are always good deals to be found in almost all of the stores in the area. This economic mess will turn around - and we don't need any more store closings. I want to support them all!! (But if the gas prices go back up - I'll be sticking to Walmart for a while.) (Adams farm is great when they're open!!)

They're open but not too much available from their own farm yet--I expect tomatos to be available maybe next week. Their strawberries were excellent again this yr. For sweet corn, hard to beat FLA corn in Publix at .25@ear--and it's ereally good, both yellow and bi-color. Of course Wed gets you the Sr Citizen 5% discount too. And if you want any sort of field peas, don't buy them from Adams--go out to the State Farmers Market and buy a shelled bushel, much cheaper.

A bushel of those hard terrible foul tasting gravels! No wonder you talk lak you do!

carbonunit52's picture

You're a real hoot slick. Gym's advise brought back some unpleasant childhood memories perhaps? I can definitely relate, since I could not snap a green bean now and like it, or eat a bologna sandwich willingly. If I did either of those two things, I may start talking about dippy eggs and say "yunz" to denote plural people.

No, I never heard of those "crowder" or whatever they are until I got to Georgia!
It seems that they furnish a good way to eat poor grades of meat cooked with them and for no other purpose! (a ham bone with little left on it works(.

But, the idea was: "a bushel of those, wow!" That's 50-60 pounds of gas producer. Would require about a gallon of Beano. Many commodes would be blasted apart.

might weigh 11 or 12 lbs. Just so you know, "field peas" can be:
Zipper Peas
Pink Eyes
Cream peas (Whiteacre)
Purple Hull Peas

Mike King's picture

No self respecting southerner confuses 'butterbeans' with any type peas. They just ain't the same.

Mike, I understand what you say and totally agree with you but I was just holding to the "formal" definition of"Field Peas". I originally come from Eastern NC and remember many days of picking butterbeans in the garden, shelling them on the front porch and my Mom would cook them for dinner (NO, not lunch). There is a local farmer from my original hometown (son of one my schoolmates) who grows 300 acres of Butterbeans and I can testify to their quality but 500 miles is just too far to drive for those. Last yr, the butterbeans I bought were from Tennessee and were just ok--frankly, the Cream Peas (Whiteacre) I bought grown in GA were much better.

You mean to tell me you'd turn down a fried bologna sandwich (that was sliced off a stick)? With some fresh sliced tomatos soaked in vinegar? And White Balsamic works mighty fine!

carbonunit52's picture

I ate so much bologna when I was a kid that I could easily leave it out of a sandwich, but not the field grown tomatoes, with mayonnaise and a bit of salt, minimum 1" thick slices.

If you tell me you don't like peas, I'll tell you I hope you don't get any peaches THIS year either!

is ALWAYS my last resort for anything. I loathe the place. That said, I agree with your point above about Trader Joes..that's a good little store.


Look up the prices on their web site!

Shrimp and other sea food $20 + a pound! Etc.

Won't fly well in a recession.

8 CRAB CAKES FOR $85.00+!! Are they kidding? Trader Joes, I'll stick with you and the existing stores in PTC and Fayetteville.

<a href="">Take a look at Trader Joe's</a href>

Is the new market at the Glenloch Tennis building and center, or at Peachtree Crossing shopping center?

Didn't Bill Hooper, the owner, rent the little Kroger building to the new store----not the Mayor or any others claiming credit?

the new market will be in the pool area at Glenloch. The tennis center at Planterra will now house the Farmer's Fresh Market. The visitor's center has just moved to Senoia.

The Southern Conservation Trust has moved (last Friday) to Louisiana to tell BP to go to jump in a *&^%$#@ lake. And swim to shore using their muck to guide their way. Obama paid for their move. And for a stop at the casinos in Biloxi on the way.

The ESL (English as Second Language, FYI) classes will be held at the new outdoor dining room at El Ranchero at the Braelinn shopping center...The chicos and chicas will be serenaded by a mariachi band whenever they spell "I.C.E." correctly.

Oh, and the bridge card players at The Gathering Place will now meet at the old Atlas Fabric bldg. at the Braeliin Shopping Center. The van that Norsouth used to show everyone their Section 8 apts. in the ATL will be used for free, to pick up the bridge players, since most are beyond the age of having a drivers license and Sonny Perdue just outlawed them from driving their carts anywhere in town, including The Gathering Place.

Finally, The Ampitheater will be enclosed this fall, and will be used for year round public hearings on the budget issues facing all of us, since the council chamber is so overloaded that there is no room for anyone to cough now. We will use the bubble roof from Kedron pool to keep all the hot air in.

See? No confusion here.

I was in Biloxi last month. Terrible food! Just staying there though---had an appointment in Pascagoula---man what a swamp land! Those Interstates built on stilts must have cost a fortune.

Instead of enclosing the amphitheater would it be better to do it like the one at the Navy Pier in Chicago? A top but no sides? Nobody performs at the amphitheater any more anyway. Unless you count the 1960 Beach Boys.

Did you notice that there are about 20 in the police department sitting at desks most of the time while 8 patrol? On the day shift anyway.
Then at night there are only 8 patrolling, I don't know who sits at the desks then.
That only adds up to about 60, don't we have more than that? Twelve hour shifts for five crews, sounds odd. Is the overlap for fill-ins? Do dog crews, and detectives patrol? Love those guys, though! Since cars anymore are good for at least 200,000 miles, maybe we don't need all the fancy certifications created by certification committees?

The bubble roof is "shot", I read. Guess it can't be patched--couldn't we just leave it on?

How do you keep track of all your names? Will you be at the opening of the new store at Glenloch Tennis Building? Hope so, since you feel coffee meetings are dangerous. All of your faithful followers will be there to greet you.

Cyclist's picture

Where in heck have you been? Not heard from you in a while.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.


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