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Lifeguard rescues child from Kedron pool

An alert lifeguard helped save the life of a 9-year-old girl who became incapacitated and fell underwater at the Kedron large pool Thursday afternoon.

The victim was reportedly in stable condition in intensive care at Scottish Rite children’s hospital following the incident, The Citizen has learned.

The lifeguard immediately left her stand after spotting the victim, getting the young girl out of the pool in seconds, said Kedron facility manager Scott McCord. CPR was then initiated while 911 was dialed to summon emergency medical crews, who took over when they arrived, he said.

The Kedron staff also used an AED on the victim, McCord said.

When paramedics arrived, the victim was breathing but unresponsive, said Peachtree City Fire Marshal David Williamson. The paramedics stabilized the victim and took her to a medical helicopter for transport to Atlanta, officials said.

A video of the incident showed that the victim became incapacitated somehow and the lifeguard noticed it right away, Williamson said.

“The staff at Kedron and USA Pools did a great job,” Williamson said. “The lifeguard was very observant and reacted immediately, removing the child from the water and beginning emergency procedures.”

From the time the call was dispatched, it took about five minutes for the first emergency medical unit to arrive, Williamson said.

There were two lifeguards on duty at the large Kedron pool at the time of the incident, McCord said.



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A parent's worst nightmare is seeing your child unconscious, unresponsive, searching for a pulse and breath while undergoing CPR. Many thanks to all at the Kedron Aquatic center, and the EMT, police and fire pros who responded and got Kristen hustled to Childrens Hospital at Scottish Rites. She is in pediatric ICU with more IVs, tubes and electrodes than a kid should have, Doc says she has pneumonia from inhaling some of her own aspiration. Julie and I trade off to be with her around the clock, however long it takes.

Terry Garlock, PTC

Good thoughts to Kristen and her parents. She's in good hands at Scottish Rite -- they do tremendous work. Hang in there...

For all those involved in the complete recovery of Kristen.

as I am sure is the case with many more people on this site and elsewhere. This has to be the scarest thing that can happen to a parent. I will be praying.

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Prayers are coming your way.


Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Horrifying event to happen and I'm glad she got the best attention possible when it happened and our people came through when it was most needed. Best wishes to her and to your family during this time.

Prayers sent.

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To all our friends who have given Kristen their best wishes and prayers, we want you to know she is doing well. Someone sent her balloons with a journal and pen, and she wrote just one thing – “I want food!” She hasn’t been able to have food or drink, ICU nourishment by IV.

This morning she gets to eat, she even gets to call the kitchen when they open at 7am, and she is patiently waiting while she watches a movie, the first since she’s been here since she felt so punk she just dozed. What she decided to order from the menu is her secret.

She just had her hundredth chest x-ray, and while I haven’t talked to the doc yet, I think as soon as her lungs look clear she will get her escape ticket home, just not sure when that will be yet. She will be happy to walk out to freedom and will ask to go directly to a Mexican restaurant where she can order rice and beans, cheese dip and guacamole, maybe a cheese enchilada and definitely a coke in a big glass like the parents, no kid glasses, thank you. She might wait to arrive back in PTC to go to her favorite place – El Ranchero – but I doubt she can wait that long and I will likely make a stop in Marietta at Papacitos, the very same place we stopped the last time she escaped from Childrens Hospital, because dad promised.

Terry Garlock, PTC

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

You are gonna make her spoiled and fat!

Have at it! I once had a child who got 100 or more teddy bears, one or more every day. (not all from us)

She is middle age now, not fat, and fine.

Glad to see she's doing well and "ready to escape" and have some Mexican food, that's a good sign.

Can't say that I blame you after what she (and you and her mother) has gone through I would be giving her whatever she wanted also! So wonderful to have such a story turn out so positive.

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Just back from a long distant trip and read this, what a great story and ending.

Hoping and praying for her complete recovery.

Best wishes from PTCO

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How is Kristen doing? Can you give us all an update, we haven't forgotten her and hope she has made a complete recover.

I'm so happy to know she is progressing as well as she is. Will we ever learn the identity of the quick-thinking lifeguard who rescued her?

.....said that the teenage life guards did nothing---didn't even see the kid until someone told them someone was on the bottom, didn't do CPR, didn't call anyone!

If rumors, they need to be stopped!

Does the City employ these life guards? Or does a contractor run the pool?

OK Roundup, so you say some others (not further identified) say that Fire Marshal Williamson is lying about what action was taken and when, and by whom--that right? In effect, what you are doing is perpetuating this hearsay talk and to what purpose? Leave it alone, be thankful that the end result is fantastic and Kirsten will soon return home.

I said that the rumors need to be stopped, I didn't say I personally knew what happened.

However I did listen to someone who was there and they said what I said!

Was Fire Marshall Williamson there when it happened?

Afraid I am not familiar with Mr.Williamson or of a fire marshall!

I do hope he is correct however and no cover up exists!

I can say no more on this because I know no more at this time.

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It is so wonderful to know that there can be a good outcome from such a horrible experience

I am sooo happy to hear that Kristen is doing well.

Blessings to everyone involved!

this young lady and for the one that couldn't be saved.

PTC lost a 9 year old yesterday on the Chattahoochee.

See the AJC article: "Girl, 9, pulled from Chattahoochee River dies"

Our prayers are with her and her family as well.

I won't post her name on here but it's in the article.

and you people have nothing better to do then bitch about light bulbs.

You people will @#$%^ at the most mundane things like light bulbs and who did or didn’t get busted driving a golf cart while having a glass of wine or whether or not Mike King got Obama’s quotes right.

Many of you paid belated respects to Mr. Garlock’s near tragedy only after you learned of it thru gossip of some form or another yet say nothing of the child that was lost to us Friday.

I’ll sleep well knowing that your light bulb buying decisions are the most important thing on your minds.

And you wonder why city council and county commissioners think most of you are fools.

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