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New paths, bridge, interchange make regional transit list

A trio of large-scale cart path projects in Peachtree City has survived the initial chopping block for potential funding from a regional transportation sales tax.

Joining them is a proposed $22.5 million for improvements to the often-clogged junction of Interstate 85 and Ga. Highway 74, the bane of thousands of commuters as they commute to and from the metro Atlanta area.

There’s even some love for Tyrone, with improvements and resurfacing for Castlewood Road, and also Palmetto Road, along with a multi-use path stretching along Tyrone Road from Hwy. 74 to Ga. Highway 54 near Fayetteville.

Making the first round of cuts is a good sign for these projects, but it’s still early in the process. They will be in the mix for funding, but there’s still the matter of whether they will make the final cut.

The sales tax is estimated to raise $8 billion in the 10-county metro Atlanta region, but nearly $23 billion in projects remain on the list. So there’s a lot of cutting to do across the entire region.

The responsibility of paring down that list lies with the 21-member Regional Transportation Roundtable. Fayette County has two representatives on that group: former Peachtree City mayor and current county commission Chairman Herb Frady and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele, who is the current president of the Georgia Municipal Association.

The real power, however, rests with voters, who will be asked in June 2012 to approve a 10-year penny sales tax to fund the list of projects.

The “gateway” path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West was one of the big-ticket cart path items that survived the first round of cuts. Also remaining in contention for funding is a new cart path that would reach from the new Flat Creek golf cart bridge up to Crosstown Road. This path would connect to a number of the city’s industries including Panasonic and Gerresheimer along with the Federal Aviation Administration’s traffic control center.

Another path project in the running would connect the Flat Creek bridge westward to a tunnel underneath Ga. Highway 74 and then a new path going north towards the southern end of the city’s industrial park and south to the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex. This path would connect with businesses such as Cooper Lighting and SANY in addition to others.

Two road improvement projects also made the list for Peachtree City:
• Improvements to Ga. Highway 54 and Commerce Drive; and
• The second phase of extending MacDuff Parkway to Ga. Highway 74.



Woody's picture

I didn't care for the original list and I really don't care for the pared down list. Fayette County is going to be get steamrolled by the most populous counties on the vote and the final project list. I really object to people in other counties raising my sales taxes. This whole thing looks rigged. Why we stay in with this group is beyond all common sense.

Could you list some projects that you care about?

The ARC is very similar to the relationship between PTC an the County; between the County and the State; and between the State and the Federal Government!

There are just too many imbeciles in each category to operate alone and get any thing done.

Can you imagine for instance that Fayette County would want to consider building roads, bridges, dams for water, and taking care of Social Security for it's old folks?

Maybe we could run our own Medicare also? Kinda like Africa does!
Just chop off infected arms and legs.

BHH's picture

like most of them you are too bright for your on good.

In that you blind yourself to the truth.

Can't see the forest for the trees, can you?


Woody's picture

Roundabout, "can you imagine" going to a regional commission or the federal government if I needed a permit to install a septic tank? (With Obama's EPA, maybe this isn't so far fetched.) Can you imagine the federal government trying to run our local hospital? (Oops. Another mistake.) Okay, can you imagine the tag office being run out of Washington? No. Local officials elected by and directly accountable to the voters and taxpayers are closer to our situations and needs and will watch the dollars a lot closer.

You completely missed the point. We're going to be forced to pay a local tax that we didn't request, that we won't support, that will not go to help us in any signficant way, and will be managed by people we didn't elect. It's like the Stamp Act with the money going to King George.

I must be mistaken about your feelings about rules and regulations!
You seem to tacitly indicate that you wouldn't see anything wrong with getting a permit for a septic tank---it is just a matter of where you get it!
Is that correct? Maybe a paid-off local inspector?

Or would you prefer that there be no rules by anyone about septic tanks?
We used to run house and factory sewers right into the creeks and rivers! Many of us got ill in those days from that! Pig pens were always just above where the animals were watered!

Speaking of hospitals and rules and regulations---the government won't "run" hospitals any more than they do now---they just pay them!

Can you imagine a hospital being run by profiteers and they are not regulated for anything by anyone? WOW!

What if food weren't checked per regulation at all? Want some milk with no date on it and none required?

Can you imagine the cow manure that would be on lettuce and other vegetables on Organic stuff if it weren'r checked and regulated? It is bad enough with checks!

How about automobiles that were unsafe at any speed and no one cared?

We could stop having regulations and rules at the water department, putting no chemicals in it, and simply drinking it straight from the lake or river, couldn't we?

The feds or state usually don't pass such laws until the locals simply won't do it without penalties.

Factories would kill hundreds with bad working conditions if the penalties weren't severe!

Now you must know all this, so tell me what you mean about no interference?

BHH's picture

Control of factories and municipalities is not the same as infringing on individual rights.

All dry land drains to low areas.

Any livestock area is going to be above water.

Why are people so anal about septic tanks?

If you wash your food properly and boil it before eating, it's sterile no mater how much cow manure was used to grow it.

Roundy, you are a public figure, aren't you?


Woody's picture

"If you can somehow force a liberal into a point-counterpoint argument, his retorts will bear no relation to what you've said -- unless you were in fact talking about your looks, your age, your weight, your personal obsessions, or whether you are a fascist. In the famous liberal two-step, they leap from one idiotic point to the next, so you can never nail them. It's like arguing with someone with Attention Deficit Disorder."

Roundy gets upset very easily

Do you agree with Woody about the regultions I mentioned?

Twisted or ungermaine answers not needed!

Wish you had not brought up that girl liker!

She can't be a very deep thinker!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

You mean you don't care about a gateway bridge across 54 that will be built on land the city doesn't actually own? This is the dream of Mayors Haddix and Brown (but not the real one) Come on woody, the people from Cedar Croft can take a train whistle-free golf cart trip to the empty storefronts across the street, pick up toilet paper at the Dollar store and then go all the way to Braelinn Shopping Center on Crosstown for pizza or mexican. Then if they can't make it all the way back, they can drop their golf cart off at one of the places on Huddleston for new batteries. Plus all those people that work in the Industrial Park can take a lunchtime golf cart ride to Best Buy or Home Depot and pick up a new widget. A few million dollars? Pssshaw. Livin' the dream in PTC.

Live free or die!

BHH's picture



needs improvement, not sure what to say. That would benefit ALL of the area.
Fairburn/Tyrone/PTC/Senoia/Brooks, etc.

I'm not sold on this being the best way to fund it, but it certainly needs to be funded somehow.

BHH's picture

Fayette does.


We could have done so much with the money that they have wasted on the "stupid" sidewalks on 74 when cart paths would have cost less and had more usage. Has anyone contacted the state about making this an issue??? Multiuse paths make so much more sense especially for Fayette County.

That ain't what the law says! If you want free money from the state government or the federal government you have to have strings (sidewalks).

Anyway, Fayette county would never pay for such a thing (golf cart path) on their own! Won't even pay the teachers!

The cyclists in PTC are always bitching about having a bike space! Well there is a long one and I have never seen a bike on it! It is road specs too!

It is so stupid that they make these rules that cost $$$ and set down conditions that do not make sense. A cart path down 74 would reduce emissions because you would have carts, bikes (mountain) and walkers. I see so many people walking down the sidewalks by crosstown(I have seen 10 or 15 all month)...LOL...

The bike issue is that road bikes do not ride well on the paths, so I understand where they are coming from. In many communities a 3 foot or so strip is devoted to road bikes, like exists on Robinson Road.

Govt is made up of individuals; I have never seen a requirement or know of a test to prove such, that one have common sense to get hired or elected. I believe you have it or you don't--not something that is learned. Don't know if it's genetic or what but one of my kids has about zero, the other, a ton. That's life!

Good intentions go by the wayside when in a group setting.

we are forced to use the cart paths around the city and we are expected to share the road with cyclists when in our automobiles. I don't have a problem with that, however, why are golf carts not allowed to use the roadways also? The bicyclists take up one lane of traffic the parkway and occasionally on Hwy 54 and Hwy 74. Golf carts are more visible than bicycles. I don't condone the use of bicycles on the highways or the parkway, but if it good for the should be good for the gander.

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