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Officials defend Sandy Creek H.S.

We are writing in response to an anonymous letter that was unfortunately written, submitted, and published in The Citizen labeling Sandy Creek High School as “Fayette’s Inner City School.”

Our response is intended to clarify the facts surrounding Sandy Creek and to stand up for those who have worked hard in the past and continue work hard to make this great school what it is today.

The author of this letter obviously had the right to state his/her opinion. However, an opinion can be misconstrued as fact and the contents of this particular letter describe isolated incidents that occur at almost all high schools — not a tolerated pattern at Sandy Creek.

Further, when distributed anonymously, it is difficult to confirm the validity and legitimacy of the events described.

Anyone who has a finger on the pulse of this school will agree that excellence is expected and realized in all areas including academics, extracurricular activities, AND behavior.

We collectively stand as parents of past, present, and future students of Sandy Creek High School so we understand fully the environment we are discussing and we have a personal stake in offering our resources to see that the school continues to excel.

This past Friday night we celebrated the graduation of students who will be attending Stanford, Pepperdine, Howard, Cornell, The United States Naval Academy, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and numerous other outstanding institutions — hardly a common characteristic of an “inner city” school.

These accomplishments are results of the hard work and sacrifice of exceptional students, dedicated parents, and superior teachers — again, hardly a common characteristic of an “inner city” school.

It is undeniable that despite its financial trials the Fayette County School System continues to be ranked among the highest in achievement and reputation, and Sandy Creek High School is not an exception to the rule.

As elected leaders in our community, we are proud of the fact that we can sell Sandy Creek to potential businesses and home-buyers as we look to a future that is bright for the people of our county.

The letter in question does not accurately reflect our environment or direction and the not-so-subtle implications contained within it were, at the very least, inappropriately and improperly communicated.

Commissioner Steve Brown
Chairman, Fayette County Board of Commissioners

Senator Ronnie Chance
Senate Majority Leader

Mayor Eric Dial
Mayor, Town of Tyrone

Representative Virgil Fludd
Chairman, Minority Caucus


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