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One more great thing about PTC: little libraries

Since moving to Peachtree City, I can name the obvious reasons why my family and I chose to move here. For example, the 90 miles of multi-use trails, the top-notch recreation, great schools, awesome weekend activities for both adults and kids and, of course, the 4th of July activities that all take place here in Peachtree City.

But this letter is not about the obvious things this city has to offer, but about the not so obvious things we pass by every day without possibly even noticing. For instance, did you know that Peachtree City has an active geo-caching community, a great dog park (behind the BMX track) and this one little gem I passed last week.

Located on Harbor Loop in Fisher’s Luck subdivision is a little gem that certainly contributes to the charm and greatness of this city. It is a wooden box held up by a post with a glass door. Inside this box are several books and a little note that says “Take a book, leave a book.”

The homeowner has created a nice area not too far off the street where a person can choose a book from its small shelf or leave a book for someone else to enjoy. This “micro library” is quite inviting to anyone who might be passing by.

I was so intrigued by this micro-library that I looked it up on Google to see what information I could find out about them. It turns out, there is a movement under way promoting these micro-libraries.

In fact, they are called “little libraries” where home owners, communities, and businesses are encouraged to build and decorate a snazzy little box, fill it with books and offer them out to the community for free. To find more info about this check out the website,

As a candidate running for a position on City Council, I am asked why I want to run for elected office. Although I could respond to this question with a well prepared, political answer, this time I’m just going to offer a simple one: I am running because of all the neighbors, citizens and businesses that do the little things in and around our community to make it special and a little bit nicer place to live.

This inspires me to take a more active role myself in our city and to become a community leader. It makes me want to get involved and actively contribute to its success. It also makes me proud to live here and easy to brag about this place to anyone who will listen.

Josh Bloom

Peachtree City, Ga.


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