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Hollywood Trucks drives into Pinewood partnership

The number of vendor companies supporting Fayetteville’s new movie and television industry continues to increase. Among the new arrivals is Louisiana-based Hollywood Trucks, with CEO Andre Champagne announcing May 20 that the company had signed a five-year deal to provide production vehicles to Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

“The Hollywood Trucks team is excited and honored to partner with Pinewood Atlanta Studios, a member of the distinguished Pinewood family. Together we can support filmmaking at the very highest level,” said Champagne in a company press release.

“Our expansion into Georgia is a key milestone in the history of Hollywood Trucks. ‘Hollywood South’ has seen tremendous growth in recent years, reflected by the record-breaking number of film and television projects developed in Louisiana and Georgia. This environment has enabled companies like Hollywood Trucks and Pinewood Atlanta Studios to partner and innovate,” he said.

Champagne said Hollywood Trucks has flourished in Louisiana, serving approximately 98 percent of the film and television series filmed in the state. The company’s specialized expertise and success led to the expansion into Georgia with Pinewood Atlanta Studios, according to Hollywood Trucks.

“We’re delighted to embark on this exclusive deal with Hollywood Trucks, joining Pinewood’s own venture into Georgia,” said Brian Cooper, vice president of operations at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. “It’s incredibly important that what’s offered at the studios is not only of the highest standard technologically for our clients, but also that it’s environmentally responsible too. Hollywood Trucks tick all the right boxes for us. We’re looking forward to the next five years of partnership with Andre and the team.”

Promaker Development partner Len Gough said Hollywood Trucks will have offices in the Pinewood Production Centre and will begin operations with up to eight staff.

Hollywood Trucks was founded in 2007 in Louisiana. Since that time, Hollywood Trucks has grown from seven vehicles into a 400-unit fleet of more than 40 types of trucks, trailers and specialty production equipment.

In 2013, Hollywood Trucks introduced their state-of-the-art Ecoluxe line of high-end ecologically friendly and technologically advanced talent trailers that quickly became in demand by A-list stars filming in Louisiana. The entire Hollywood Trucks fleet including Ecoluxe trailers will now be available at Pinewood Atlanta Studios, according to a Hollywood Trucks press release.

The film and entertainment industries in Louisiana and Georgia continue to show positive growth, earning them the title of “Hollywood South,” the press release said.


Let's see. Add the 2 girls from the article the other day. And the county commissioner's wife and coworkers who came over from Newnan...hmmm, who have I missed? Things are moving along lickety split now! Better get those luxury apartments up and on the market like yesterday.

It doesn't seem like there will be many permanent jobs. Vendors with one or two staff to call for a new trailer when some "star" wants state of the art wifi. Lol

Why did they have the big grand opening in January, when it doesn't appear to be ready to start productions.

Wonder how much money the county and cities were projecting in 2014?

A dangerous road, sewer and a water system were built at Pinewood with taxpayers money and the Rivers school property was sold at a loss. Oh well its just money.

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