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PTC cranks up golf cart registration

They lined up at City Hall early Wednesday morning. They weren’t there for free tickets to the next Justin Bieber concert or anything quite so trendy. Those residents sought a possession of more sentimental value: a new golf cart decal with a low number.

It’s that time again: the five-year lifespan of the current cart decals expires Oct. 31, and registration began in earnest Wednesday. Because the city hands out decals by number, the early birds got their worms. So to speak anyway.

“That’s sort of a badge of pride for some folks,” said city spokesperson Betsy Tyler.

The city is in the process of sending registration forms to all city residents, about 3,000 at a time. New for this year, golf cart owners may choose to register in person or online.

Your decision may depend on your preferred method of payment. City Hall will only accept cash or checks. If you want to use a debit or credit card, online is your best bet.

The registration fee is $12 per cart, and that gets you two decals (one for each side) and a complimentary copy of the city’s street and cart path maps, which normally sell for $2 each.

If you are coming to register in person, you’re better off making sure your form is completely filled out. While City Hall can look up the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from each cart, it can take a while, Tyler cautioned.

While the decals are available, they have been going pretty fast, Tyler said Thursday afternoon. And the city does not yet have its full stock due to a delay in production materials provided to the printing company, she added.

Because the numbers are assigned in order, residents will not get the same number they had last time, Tyler said.

Also, residents must have paid their stormwater bill in full before they will be allowed to register a cart, she added.

Cart owners from outside the city also will receive a separate mailing reminding them to register, Tyler said.

For more information, and to register online, visit www.peachtree-city.org and click on the graphic for golf cart registration. The resulting page provides a detailed list of instructions to be followed.



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online takes pay pal only. registered online 30 minutes after start and got a tag number just under 2000. 5 years ago registered weeks after start and also got a number just under 2000.

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New number is just over 100.

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