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PTC to deploy tarp cops?

Council decides Thursday

An ordinance that would restrict July 4 “spot saving” prior to that morning will be voted on by the Peachtree City Council Thursday night.

The new rule is a reaction to the proliferation of tarps and blankets used along the parade route and also around Lake Peachtree and other areas for viewing of the annual fireworks bonanza. Because the tarps and blankets appeared several days in advance of the actual holiday last year, city officials saw the need to prevent such an occurrence this year.

One council member claimed that the number of tarps and blankets put out last year for several days in a row made the city look like “a shantytown.”

The ordinance would apply to tarps, blankets and any other items that are left out prior to the morning of July 4. Any such items left in city rights of way or on city property could be confiscated if they are left prior to the morning of the Fourth.

The ordinance keeps a ban on the use of items such as tents, stakes and barricades to save July 4 viewing spots, cited as potential hazards to motorists’ views and a tripping hazard for pedestrians.

City staff is suggesting to prepare for additional storage receptacles and dumpsters to store or throw away the removed items. At the same time, however, the city will not need to pay for additional care to restore the grass.

Last July 4 was on a Wednesday and the first “spot savers” came out Sunday, forcing a kind of tarp arms race for folks anxious to claim their fireworks and parade-viewing spots, city officials said. Those tarps and blankets damaged a fair amount of grass, city officials contended.



Now that right there is funny. Very funny.

Ban everything. If you want to sit on the ground to watch, get your butt a little dirty. Bring a folding chair with you if you need to, NO reserved spaces ahead of time. There would be room for twice as many viewers if everyone stood up to watch. Set aside a viewing area for elderly and handicapped if necessary.

If the city puts up the proper signage along the parade route and around the lake, NO storage bins or trash receptacles will be necessary. Use the money on signs that can be used for the next few years.

Starting July 4.

BS on saving spots

NUK_1's picture

NO "tarping" or other complete nonsense days before the event. This doesn't take geniuses to figure out. Any tarps/blankets or other garbage laying around on the grounds gets hauled-off or donated to charity.

I'll be happy to go out to Lake Peachtree on the 2nd and 3rd and remove everything I see laying on the ground from our fine PTC self-entitled campers.

I started out on my walk. I got down to the bridge at the boat docks at Battery Way Park. All the tarps that had been laid out on the previous days had been taken up on the night of the 3rd and packed under that bridge. When I got done with my walk I went down and sat on my golf cart and watched all the tarp owners dig for their tarps. It was hilarious. Later in the evening people thought the people in their spots (where their tarps were) had moved their tarp and stolen their place. I actually stopped a fight by explaining what had happened. You can not buy this kind of entertainment. So I say lay down the tarps and have them removed on the night of the 3rd and stuff them under the bridge. It was almost more fun to watch than the fireworks!! PS I have watched this tarp ritual for close to 20 years and after the forth the grass comes back to life. Golf carts after a good rain do more damage than the tarps.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

The "early squatters" for July 4th is RIDICULOUS. Good job policing them up until the event. Only wish we could discern blankets of actual PTC taxpayers versus Coweta invaders. Our events are so difficult for citizens to attend due to the non-resident crowds that it just makes it all not worth it. Just my humble opinion


Coweta invaders? I bet you don't mind their tax dollars coming from their shopping here in the bubble. I get tired of hearing about the PTC snobs. I live here and I am not a snob. Now I understand why I hear that. It is you.. You are a snob. I would bet that their taxes on shopping and eating and the PTC police speeding tickets that are written here help pay for the fireworks display. Get off your high horse. Embrace them. They help support this community. If it is just not worth it then stay home and quit whining.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

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