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6 teens busted for lobbing water balloons at PTC cart path users

1 cart driver injured in wreck after being targeted

Six teens are facing reckless conduct charges after using their golf cart for water balloon bombing attacks in Peachtree City on May 29 and May 30, police said.

One balloon bombing victim lost control of his golf cart and careened down an embankment, injuring him, Capt. Rosanna Dove said.

Police arrested the following:

Riley Noonan, 18, of Jefferson Woods Drive, Peachtree City, two counts of reckless conduct.
Paul Balmes, 18, of Stonehaven Drive, Fayetteville, one count of reckless conduct.
Three juveniles, 16, of Peachtree City, two counts each of reckless conduct.
One juvenile, 16, of  Fayetteville, one count of reckless conduct.

It started shortly after 5 p.m. May 29, police said, when they investigated a report of a golf cart driver being injured after he ran off the cart path down an embankment. The cart driver said he was dodging water balloons being thrown at him and lost control of the cart. The driver was injured as a result, Dove said.

The next afternoon, police got another call about the water balloon bombers, this time on a cart path behind Cherry Tree Lane off South Peachtree Parkway just below Crosstown Drive.

This time, Dove said, a female path user received facial bruises after being struck by a water balloon thrown from a passing golf cart carrying several people.

About an hour later, cops located a golf cart loaded with teens and water balloons in the vicinity of Kelly Drive and Hippocket Drive, Dove said.

The six arrests followed that investigation, Dove said.

If you have any more information about the water balloon bombings, call police at 770-631-2510.



Keep PTC Beautiful for the summer. Assign them litter pickup in the swamp behind Balmoral. Only schedule them do it when the temp. is above 90 degrees.

Let them spend their 2 days off a week in a youth detention facility.

Take them to a burn unit at a hospital nearby and show them what burns look like on the body when 6 batteries break open and the acid burns the skin.

Ask the 6 moms and dads how that parenting thing has been working for them. Ask their neighbors how mom and dad's parenting has been working for their neighbors.

Make them reimburse the victim for a replacement golf cart. Make them pay the cost of any expenses these unfortunate victims incurred for medical, even if their insurance paid it.

Judge, please allow this lesson to be hard-learned and painful for the perps. Maybe, just maybe, they will adjust their sensibilities as to what is considered humorous. We can only hope.

Community service, detention, restitution, loss of driver's licences and yes. a sign posted outside Jefferson Woods and Woodcreek identifing them as criminals.

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We have all these signs that celebrate the graduation of the 79% that graduate from our schools. For some reason those signs are erected at subdivision entrances without sign permits. Fine. Congrats. BFD, you passed 12th grade. Now try and get a job in the Obamaconomy.

So, why not do the same thing for the white thugs and the 2 juvies (only one of them white) and erect a sign at the entrance of their subdivisions congratulating their parents on raising someone who thinks water bombing seniors is a good idea. Might tell people areas to avoid. Might shame the parents into getting home and raising their kids. Oh no, I forgot - it is the school system that is supposed to raise the kids.

You know, Riley and Paul, there are many people your age that are man enough to join the Marines, Army or Navy or Air Force and defend this country. You 2 are sissies and wimps for picking on seniors with your water balloons. Grow up and get a life. And if you can grow a pair - enlist in the Marines. Growing up will be easy after 4 years in the crotch. And should you incur an injury, I hope your growing up enables you to be as good a person as the VietNam amputee who was crewing on this sailboat I have been on for the last 10 days. That guy is a true hero.

Water balloons -yuk. You make me sick.

Live free or die!

I agree! Signs that celebrate the fact you got through high school? Wow! What an accomplishment... in the 19th century. As for the future felons, I would LOVE to see signs at the entrances to the communities in which they live, and even better, mandatory lawn signs at their homes warning neighbors.

You should see their face books with their videos of the stuff they were doing on the same day in Wal Mart - jumping out of the rows of paper towels & toilet paper - great way to impress everyone!

What is new to this scenario and that most won't/don't know about, is that there is now the new path on Redwine Rd. that goes from NewHaven subdivision, across Bernhard/Peachtree Pkwy. intersection and ends up (for now) at Preserve Place. It crosses over Redwine and joins our city path system at Holly Grove Church Rd.

Someone explain why the county has golf cart crossings at-grade on Redwine Rd., which has a 45MPH speed limit, and PTC has none allowed on Crosstown (40 MPH limit) and Hwy 54 (45 MPH).

At least two of the perps in the article above came out of these newly connected subdivisions on Redwine Rd. By my very rough count, there are now approximately 200 ++ 4-5 bedroom homes suddenly connected to our 90 plus miles of paths. What have the HOA's done in Jefferson Woods and The Preserve to educate these homeowners on this path connection? How many potential additional carts will be on our city paths? And how many of those will be driven by the 12-18 year old driver age group?

How has PTC addressed this issue so far? Has Council and staff been working with the county on the coordination of this extension? How about the PTC PD and FC Sheriff's Dept.? I have not heard anything about any stepped up patrols or any informational checkpoints being set up.

Also, am I the only one who sees potential disaster after dark (when we change the clocks back in the fall). There are many stretches of this path that are built within literally, INCHES of Redwine Rd. No buffer, no berm, no fence, no nothing. Add to that, 50% of the path traffic is traveling on what a Redwine Rd. driver would consider the wrong side of the road, if faced with golf cart headlights coming toward them after dark or at dusk.

Cell phone using distracted vehicle drivers heading east on Redwine will now be faced with golf cart headlights coming toward them on the passenger side of their vehicle, within inches of the side of their driving lane. Think about that. Will they know it is a golf cart or could they get confused and think it is a vehicle coming toward them from off the roadside?

Think about the teens out there at dusk or after dark driving a cart with headlights on trying to focus on the path in front of them while having high beam headlights from road traffic coming at them at what, 45MPH, within inches of the passenger side of their golf cart (where many will have friends sitting and talking and possibly goofing around as a distraction).

I fear for a summer and fall with many, many issues coming in to play all at once not only for the cart path system on our south side, but for vehicle traffic on our south side.

Some advice to parents in The Preserve and Jefferson Woods who are now considering or are being pressured by your teens to get a golf cart. Think long and hard about this move.

To parents of teens in PTC who have golf carts. Get yourselves down to this new cart path connection and experience it yourselves.

I will say I think it is so poorly designed that this county should fire whomever signed off on the approvals for this route.

You bring up some important points. I agree that the new cartpath presents many safety issues, mainly its close proximity to Redwine Road. It's very close to the road with no fence or buffer of any kind. Motorists unfamiliar with the area might have a difficult time navigating, especially at night with golfcart headlights coming at them on the passenger side of their vehicle, and especially (unfortunately) if they're impaired or distracted. Additionally, the ugly yellow hash lines painted on the path really serve no purpose. It seems like it was an ill conceived project.

However, I do take issue with your implication that the new path will bring increased traffic and increased crime from the neighborhoods in that area, namely Jefferson Woods and WoodCreek. These neighborhoods have not been suddenly connected to the cart system. Fact is they've been connected to the PTC cart system for many years now. What you should be more worried about is exactly how far they plan to extend the cart path into Fayetteville.

I have gone back to look at the map. I now see a connection from Jefferson Woods over to the Foreston Place area. I don't see one to Wood Creek, but if you say it's there, then it must be there. I do believe it will bring increased traffic. More options always increase traffic. Not so much crime, as drivers who are inexperienced and will have a much smaller margin for error on this path, thus increasing the chances of accidents. Smaller margin for error for vehicle traffic, too.

I've read the plans on the books for extensions further up Redwine and beyond. The fact that these plans are unfunded and should remain so until they are removed from any future planning, are why I did not mention them in my post above. i share your concern.

At the entrance to The Preserve there is a subterrean tunnel that connects to a path that winds between the Jefferson Woods and WoodCreek neighborhoods.

a new adventure in the offing for me in the coming days, as they say. Night.

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I feel certain there will be an accident if these cart paths are left the way they are now configured. I find it impossible to believe responsible design engineering does not include some sort of barrier and view relief. Under the current set-up cart headlights will be disorienting for drivers on the road. It is without a doubt a foreseeable disaster. I believe there will be serious human consequences and county financial liability at a sad future time.

Right after the new paths were opened, I was driving south on Redwine and came to the 4 way stop at Peachtree Pkwy. A golf cart with teenagers arrived at the intersection at the same time, going in the same direction, to the right of my car. I started to pull through the intersection, only to have the golf cart pull out in front of me, cutting diagonally across the intersection. I barely missed hitting them. On the way home, I stopped at the intersection to see what caused the almost accident. The golf cart path at that point dead-ends, with absolutely no where to go but diagonally through the intersection to join the golf cart on the other side of the road. And there isn't even a crossing marking to indicate that might happen. How was this possibly approved? That is a dangerous intersection anyway. I have seen cars blow through it without noticing the stop signs, on a couple of occasions. It's a disaster waiting to happen, now.

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Water balloons? Big deal. All kids do stupid pranks, like throwing water balloons. Now, pelting someone over and over until they crash, that's another thing.

Hey, at least they weren't carjacking golfcarts at gunpoint. I hope PCPD goes after the real thugs with as much voracity as they went after these kids

You must be one of the parents. And, no, all kids do not do "stupid pranks", but I can assure you that adult offenders did start off with stunts you identify as youthful abandon.

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Nope, I am not one of the parents.

But I am a successful adult who grew up in PTC and engaged in some "youthful abandon", as you put it. To assume that all adult offenders start off by lobbing water balloons is fallacy. You may as well say that all churchgoers never break the law. And for that, I refer you to Creflo Dollar.

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A harmless prank is when people laugh and no one gets hurt. Two people were hurt and property was damaged. This was neither funny nor harmless. It was, as you point out, stupid. And now these kids get to face criminal and possibly civil charges. Not so funny now is it kids?

David Epps

and taken them to their parents...or at least I would have tried. Water balloons would not make me run off the path, I know that.

... why do you think these kids are turning out the way they are??

I can't speak for all the kids because I don't know them all, but I do know ONE of the ones mentioned in the article (he's a neighbor) and I can tell you that this is not his first brush with the law and I'm guessing won't be his last. He's gotten in trouble numerous times previously for other antics and he brags about it publicly.

His parents clearly don't care; they have another child who is equally bad or worse; it's a shame that they don't see it but there isn't any training or licensing required before just anybody can become a parent.

It's a shame. What this kid needs is a month or two in a military camp to learn some respect for others.

Had their mug shots splattered all over WSB TV news. Hey, maybe Mom & Dad can use them on the Christmas card this year.

These youths and young adults are ACCUSED and have been charged. By law they are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. They have only been convicted in the media and in this comments section. Trial by media is becoming all too common, has an adverse impact on an individual's reputation even when later proven innocent, and creates a platform for the ignorant and opinionated to jump to their own conclusions and spew venom.

The neighborhoods South of Redwine have always been connected to the paths.
The new pavement is technically not a cart path, which is why there are centerlines.

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