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Fayette asked to rezone for TV studio

A proposal to allow a TV studio to be built on Ga. Highway 138 in north Fayette County will be heard by the Fayette County Commission this (Wednesday) afternoon.

The project would require a change to the land use plan for the area, as the 85-acre tract is currently contemplated to have a residential subdivision in the future behind a “strip” of office development along the highway.

The tract is located immediately adjacent to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School.

The commission is not expected to make a final decision on the matter, but instead will provide direction to county staff as to whether the effort should proceed.

Landowner Todd Brooks, in a letter to the commission, said that a Fayette County resident wants to purchase the property to build the TV studio, and that man also wants to live on the site. The letter did not name the potential purchaser for the tract.

Brooks is asking the commission to rezone 12 of the 85 acres along Hwy. 138 to allow for the development of the TV studio. The remainder of the property would remain a residential use.

In other business, the commission will discuss potential funding issues for the East Fayetteville Bypass and the third phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass as they relate to potential funding in the regional transportation plan maintained by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

The commission will also discuss a recommendation from the Fayette County Planning Commission to have the county acquire land at the intersection of Ga. highways 85 and 74 to expand the county park at Starr’s Mill.

The commission’s recommendation comes after it reviewed the potential for small-scale convenience and mixed lighter uses in the area, according to a letter from Planning Commission Chairman Tim Thoms.

The park “might be an outstanding way to help anchor this area and provide the impetus for unique and interesting quality development of the entire area along the realm of a historic and scenic gateway,” Thoms wrote.

Thoms suggested the county look into methods of purchase including land donations, public and private grants or conservation trust organizations to accomplish the goal.


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