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Citizens are my boss

The Wednesday meeting was a planning meeting, not a vote for policy.

I voted to carry the public agenda issue forward to the regular commission meeting, where the public will see what and who votes for citizens’ rights.

I am of the opinion and belief that the public comment section of the commission agenda be the FIRST item on the list.

The citizens need to freely express their opinions on the agenda items so that the commissioners will have an understanding of the citizens views of all items.

Our citizens are the BOSS.

We are the servants and need to be completely open with our actions.

Allen McCarty, commissioner

Fayette County, Ga.



Mike King's picture

Ever wonder why some elected officials get right to the point, make their case, and without grandstanding? I could become a fan of this guy if some of his brevity rubs off on Commissioner Brown.

What Major project has this commissioner ever been successful with such a paragraph explaining it?

Only in corporate life and maybe military does this occur.

.......a case where after a vote was taken, the public was then allowed to speak about it?
How many meetings should such things be discussed before a vote, and how many of them should the public be allowed to speak.

Remember, there will be no one there who is for such votes! Just against, and usually only a few of them!

Agendas should be published early enough so the public should know about it and then file for a spot to speak.

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