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Public gets Lake Mac report: Finished by July 1, filled in 2 years

The thing new Lake McIntosh will need when it is completed is the same thing that has caused its completion to fall behind schedule: rain.

Rain is the culprit that has delayed concrete pouring to finish the dam’s spillway, according to Jack Krakeel, Fayette County administrator, in a public report to about 50 residents last Thursday night at the Peachtree City Library.

Krakeel and Tony Parrott, the county water system manager, reported that once the spillway is done — by July 1, they said — rainfall over the next 12 to 18 months will determine how fast water backs up behind the dam along Line Creek.

“We’re in a drought now,” Krakeel said, noting that full pool will bring the reservoir to around the 780-foot to 790-foot (above sea level) point, where it will fluctuate depending on rainfall and stream flow.

That will bring Fayette County’s fifth reservoir to a level that will produce on average 10.2 million gallons per day, with a peak output of 17 mgd, Krakeel said.

The average depth of the 650-acre lake will be about 30 feet in the creek channel and at the dam, Krakeel said.

Both Krakeel and Parrott emphasized to the group of citizens meeting at the library that no water-front property will be available: The county retains ownership of a strip around the perimeter on both the Fayette and Coweta County side.

That strip will be left in natural growth and cannot be disturbed even by limbing trees for nearby property owners to get better views, they said.

While there will be a passive recreation area, Krakeel said, there will be no cart paths alongside the lake.

Fishing will be allowed, but no swimming and no hydrocarbon-powered boats will be permitted on the lake. Electric-powered craft, rowboats and sailing craft will be allowed, they said.

The plans are to have boat ramps and possibly a floating dock, they said. The park is expected to be open before the lake is completely filled, and the boat ramps and dock will be in place before the lake reaches full pool, Parrott said.


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