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Braelinn remodeling: Why no covered walk?

I am amazed and disgusted at the architects and planners involved in the updating and remodeling of the Braelinn Kroger shopping center.

Was there no one involved with a little common sense?

Considering the intense sunshine during our long summer months and heavy rains all year, wouldn’t a covered walkway connecting the shops be a reasonable idea?

During bad weather many people just won’t bother to shop. I’m sure many of the small businesses are already struggling after the construction mess and continuing slow economy.

I’m sure it will be attractive, but not all change is good.

Diane McCutchen

Peachtree City, Ga.



Maybe the reason there is no covered walkway is it would detract from the Legos sitting on top of the structure!

but I too wonder about the covered walkway. When the landscaping gets in, will be nicer...I frequent the center, and have even been using the Kmart garden center as of late. Not nearly the crowds, and the stock in chemicals, supplies isn't half bad.

There are some things that are better such as the golf cart parking and the use of roundabouts rather than four way stops but the overall look is straight out of Disney World. Can't wait to see Micky and Goofy out on Crosstown Road front hawking the store sales.

nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree....the ugliest thing in that area by far is the bright blue roof on the Kane Yama...although, their Sunday night Sushi is a good deal. :)

We will agree to disagree about Braelinn Village Shopping Center but we do agree on one thing....that is one ugly roof at Kane Yama! Surprised IHOP didn't sue for copyright violation or something.

Who designed the lot?? It is insane and an accident waiting to happen.

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Yesterday I followed a pick-up and SUV into the east entrance off Crosstown and they both turned left into the do not enter gas station exit. Since the pick-up came out of a sub-division near the center I don't think it was a case of bing "lost". A week or so ago I was in the gas station and saw a car start into the same exit then change course to proceed around the circle in reverse direction. That said, I'm more inclined to think it's the idiots behind the wheel rather than the design.

I visit that Gas Station perhaps every 2 or 3 weeks; there is simply no way to control stupid drivers--just hope not to get caught up in a bad situation.

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Sure it is a good deal - or at least cheaper. But don't you worry that the Friday and Saturday night sushi bars always have leftovers and all the sushi chefs are off on Sunday (fishing in Lake Peachtree I think).

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Have you visited the Kedron Shopping area?

Very nice without covered area.

If you like acres of blacktop with no greenery. No shade anywhere so your car/cart can be as hot as possible in July and August. Yes, real nice.

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Don't really think it's an issue of "nice" or not. In my book it's a matter of "rain" or not. I guess the whole redesign looks nice, but I fail to see any real benefit to the changes. Maybe if I buy a golf cart and play dodgems with the auto traffic?

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You actually don't think Kedron is nice?

After all it went through our crack city planning didn't it?

There are no covered walks @ the AVE or the PAvil or in Newnan. I remember when Lennox was an open air center. Boy, that was a long time ago. Let me guess you & the other poster can't handle round'o'bouts.

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