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Sallie sings different song now for Obama

Don’t you just love the optimistic and assuring words of Sally Satterthwaite? (“We’ll be back after this,” 6/2/10) My, my, how times have changed for the better.

Just a few short years ago when George Bush was President — the one who Ms. Satterthwaite said was the worst President ever — she agonized over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the President’s insensitivity to the American public. Why, she even reasoned that his poor grammar surely had to be cause for alarm. One sensed that she was sincerely concerned over the fate of our republic and how we could ever possibly recover.

But now, for some reason, in spite of continuing wars, oil spills, porous borders, unsustainable deficits, terror threats, corruption and the coarsening of the culture, she tells us not to sweat the future.

We’ll be back, she concludes, because the sky is clean, school buses run, the library is open, committees meet, and the churches look just as safe and solid as they did on 9/10/01.

You could have fooled me, but I thought the buses ran and committees met during the Bush years also.

But then it dawned on me. Could it possibly be that Ms. Satterthwaite’s new-found rosy perspective on our recovery is due to President Obama, the candidate who brought us hope, who said there would be change we could believe in, who promised a new way of governing and the lowering of sea levels? I guess we’ll never know.

Ken Hutcherson

Fayetteville, Ga.



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