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4 arrested in Fayetteville Walmart theft

Four Decatur residents who stole a bank bag from the Fayetteville Walmart today have been arrested by police, officials said.

The incident happened late Thursday morning as two black men entered the store, with one serving as a lookout whlie the other took a bank bag from the customer service area at the front of the store, police said.

A manager saw the theft and watched the men leave the store in a Chevy truck, which allowed him to give the vehicle description and license plate to 911 operators.

Fayetteville detectives found the vehicle leaving the area and followed it to Ga. Highway 85 and Forest Parkway where it was stopped by Fayetteville and Clayton County police.

Arrested were Howard Lowe, 45, and Darrell Caldwell, 50, who are both charged with felont theft by taking. The two others: Sarah Douglas, 33, and Trakhanna Scott, 34, are being charged with felony theft by taking (party to a crime).

The incident may be connected to similar crimes in the area, police said.



BHH's picture

How do 4 grown people make a decision to do such a thing as this?

What were they thinking?

Excellent work by Fayettevilles detectives.

pyramidman for food and rent!

What did the "detectives" have to do with this?

Store calls 911, cops follow and stop and arrest!

The "key," store seeing the crime and calling 911, and 911 not asking 500 questions before notifying the cops!

Did he "detectives" get the Autry armory thieves yet??? Lot of 44 mm out there now!

I can't recall a detective ever solving a case without getting the info voluntarily without asking. Name one.

The citizenry solve most cases that are solved.

Concerned Citizen's picture

Roundabout, you write like Ted Kaczynski’s stupid nephew, your reading comprehension has obviously been impaired by the massive amount of medicine you must be taking. Detectives “saw” the car and caught the bad guy. How difficult was that to read? See, words together form sentences, sentences form the story above that you obviously did not read.

The Autrey’s Armory thieves have been caught. All caught, indicted, imprisoned….about 3 years ago. Try and keep up. You don’t recall a detective solving a case without getting the info voluntarily? This question sounds like it was formed in your head but oozed out of your nose before you could hammer it out onto the special keyboard with the large letters that you surely use. Try that question again, this time, use the English language.

Liberals are always trying to justify criminal activity. I guess if we all need money for food and rent, we should just go out and steal it instead of going out and finding a job and earning an honest living.

These idiots won't have to worry about food and rent anymore. It will all be paid for through the criminal justice system, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Better to have these criminals behind bars then out on the street, harming innocent people. They will probably find some new "friends" while in the pokey as well.

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