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Rep. Ramsey expects tough immigrant law to survive court review

A lawsuit has been filed in hopes of nullifying the recent sweeping immigration reform law passed by the Georgia General Assembly and signed last month by Gov. Nathan Deal.

The suit was filed in federal court on behalf of a handful of civil rights groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, the Service Employees International Union and others.

Much of the suit challenges the new ability police officers will have to check the immigration status of any person even being questioned for a minor crime or a traffic violation. This provision goes into affect July 1; until then Georgia has only authorized such checks for persons booked into prisons on felony charges.

The new law allows those being investigated for misdemeanors or traffic violations to have their immigration status checked by any Georgia law enforcement officer.

State Rep. Matt Ramsey of Peachtree City, who authored much of the legislation and sponsored it, has noted previously that the federal immigration authorities have only elected to deport illegal U.S. residents from Georgia who are accused of serious crimes, not those who are accused of misdemeanors or traffic violations.

Ramsey argued Tuesday that the bill was drafted to remain within the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit claims the law is unconstitutional, asserting that the enhanced law enforcement capability to check a person’s immigration status “will subject Georgians ... to unlawful interrogations, searches, seizures, and arrests and will result in widespread racial profiling.”

Another part of the new immigration legislation is a requirement for all but the smallest businesses to use the federal E-Verify system to insure that all new hires are in fact legal residents of the United States. Ramsey noted that a similar measure in Arizona was upheld last week by the U.S. Supreme Court, so he feels comfortable that Georgia’s requirement will survive the legal challenge.

The lawsuit also assails language in Ramsey’s bill that will deny public benefits such as food stamps and public housing assistance to persons who are not legal U.S. residents.

According to the suit, that will cause “countless Georgians — including U.S. citizens and non-citizens with federal permission to remain in the United States — to be erroneously deprived of the public benefits that they need and are lawfully entitled to receive. These deprivations will force individuals and families, including those with young children, to be without food and shelter, simply due to an ability to produce a qualifying identity document.”

Ramsey said state leaders are confident the bill will be upheld in federal court as it is defended by the office of Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens.

“We think all the provisions in the bill are going to be vindicated,” Ramsey said.



One of the largest public outlays for illegal aliens is paying for the education of the children of those illegal residents. This cost is borne largely by state and local governments. In the 1982 Supreme Court Plyler v. Doe 5-4 ruling, states are forbidden from denying K-12 schooling to these children. Many of them are born in the United States and are considered to be U.S. instant citizens. But akin to their foreign-born siblings, they would not be in the country and a burden on the US taxpayers if their parents were not illegally squatting in the United States. The State of Alabama costs estimated by (FAIR) Federation for American Immigration Reform in 2005, as $34 million annually and siblings $48 million annually, offering a monstrous consequence that is traumatizing all taxpayers nationwide. The Heritage Foundation projects that over 300.000 babies, come to America across the borders or through ports of entry at airline terminals.

These projections are based on the US Census estimate of illegal immigrant household population. Boding well to stop this inclement illegal alien invasion, is for a mandated perpetually upgrading of E-Verify. This is considered by immigration enforcement, a strong deterrent that will be eventually a 100 percent accurate. We cannot listen to naysayers who are mostly for the open border organizations and the very Liberal press. It is most likely that E-Verify will sometime soon be using state picture Drivers Licenses for identification of the employee, along with the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form.)


Very few states are not straining under cavernous budget meltdowns, as schools throughout this nation are facing some of the most momentous decreases in state education funding in decades. In the majority of states, drastic cuts mean pink-slips for teachers, bigger class sizes, fewer textbooks, and at the same time cutting sports, special projects, and downsizing for after-school activities. Attrition through enforcement or Self-deportation seems to be the only way to whittle-away of the huge masses of foreigners entering America illegally. Education, Health Care and welfare, cash payments and other public services are not only comparable to the amount of money, spent to support overseas war, but is FAIR projection of $113 billion dollars a year from the federal government, this no way influences the sums of money spent to in pandering to the illegal immigration occupation. More of these dollar figures can be substantiated by going to FAIR’S website.

Under the empowerment of either the Republican or Liberal-Democrat leadership we cannot assume that illegal immigration will be brought under control? Only the TEA PARTY—public power can alter this wrong direction for us all and place America back on the right track. The American people who jobless need to contact their federal and State Representatives to insist they enact mandatory E-Verify for every State, at the Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

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The law just signed in Alabama has some real teeth to it and goes a lot further than GA or even Arizona's attempt. Who knows....maybe the cowards in Congress and the WH will soon realize that this IS a hot-button issue that needs a solution? Nahhh, I didn't think so. They are too busy posturing for 2012 or looking at Weiner's weiner.

Until then, expect even more states to enact their own illegal immigration laws since the federal gov't long ago defaulted on anything resembling leadership or responsibility and are too scared to address the issue or even have a discussion on it. Cowards.

EDIT: glad to see that Morris Dees' SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) group of idiots is already screaming "racism" over this. For people that dislike the ACLU(I happen to sometimes agree with them myself), you can really get a good hate on for an organization of lying hype-mongerers like the SPLC and they actually deserve the disgust.

It would be interesting to actually see one of these states passing this illegal law go ahead and start arresting illegals and taking them to the border and shoving them over!

Now they have to sort out which of the kids are legal however, and hold them back at some orphanage, I suppose. they are citizens, born here.
They could rip the kids out of the parents arms and tie them to the truck hauling them, I suppose.

Now those illegal kids in schools would also be marched out of the school house and the same thing done as above. Every kid legal and illegal would have to prove right there and then their citizenship! Don't know how kids can do that.
I guess they could determine citizenship for all kids with a hearing where they ask for "papers." Many "not looking like illegals," also wouldn't have papers.

They also may be dumped into the desert near El Paso or Tijuana and if their parents are notified, how could they go get them without a passport and visa (papers).
Would also need desert survival equipment.

The Federals aren't going to accept these arrested people by state or county or city officers. There is no precedent or proof of citizenship for them!

I suppose we could do what Syria or some African countries are doing, just kill all of them and open mass graves. Or Yemen, or Libya, or Afghanistan, or Iraq does.

that would be an insult to idiots. You always manage to outdo yourself in the asinine department.

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From the day our current President hit office, the *conservative mantra has become, once again, "states rights." The States, especially those with GOP govorners, don't want the FED telling them what to do on ANYTHING. So how is this a failure at the federal level in the view of anyone conservative? From the rhetoric I listen to very closely, a military which is at war against "them" (whoever they are) is pretty much the only product which, in the new *conservatives' eyes, that should come from Washington. It's hard to know what Federal laws programs, and support people who wish taxes to go away desire from the government they wish was smaller and virtually powerless. Confusing stuff I'm reading these days.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

I see that phrase a lot lately, "the right track."
Other phrases are also popular, such as, "American values," and "states rights."

A good one is also, "Christian Nation." Aren't there Jews on the Supreme Court and in the government? What ever happened to Henry Kissinger?
I'm not sure what Judeo/Christian means! Could we include Islamic/Buddhist?
Or maybe Hindi/Pope!

Maybe that is why we shouldn't try to run a country with Religious Heads and rules? That always has caused wars.

Then there are all these "illegal people." Even illegal babies! I thought all babies were God's miracles! No person because they exist is illegal are they?

Also, I have never figured out how the Methodists get to heaven when they are not Pentecostal Christians! I don't think they even understand the language or the dances.
What does the Pope think of Confucians? Did Muhammad and Mormon Smith ever meet a Pope except on the battlefields?

Heck even Auburn hates Georgia, and they both have illegal ball players!

Rep Matt Ramsey has led the effort to enact in Georgia unnecessary punitive legislation aimed at "illegal" immigrants.

As we all know, "illegal" immigrants are a major problem in Fayette County. (Sarcasm)

Or maybe his motive is to appeal to bigotry and fear of those who are different in his electorate.

So now he had caused major problems for farmers in Georgia who depend on migrant workers.

He has told young people who are children of illegal immigrants that is best that they stay uneducated.

Ramsey's efforts and the new Georgia law is based on fear and bigotry. And don't tell me it is because of the costs of these people to Georgia taxpayers. If Fayette County found that more poor whites were moving here from south Georgia, I doubt that there would be any complaints about the "burden" to taxpayers.


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What part of Illegal do you not Understand? They are here Illegally, not partly
Illegally, not sometime Illegally, they are ILLEGAL! If someone stole your car
and when they caught him/her they told the judge that the reason they stole your car was to make a better life for their family, would you drop the charges and give them the car? Hummmmm?????? I think not.

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There is a very definitive policy in the USA about how one legally immigrates here or becomes a migrant/temporary citizen. There is no gray area here, only the people who scream "racism" or "bigotry" without a clue.
You either come here legally or are violating the law by being here. I've been privileged to work in countries where they throw in jail people who are in that country illegally, and it seems to be a huge success in dissuading others of the same mind from trying it.

Tell u what...go to any other country on this planet and experience their immigration laws and even their tourism or work visa programs. Then, come back and tell me how the US has it totally wrong and are a bunch of bigots or other nonsense.

You have China extremely reluctant to even suggest to North Korea that they are idiots despite worldwide condemnation because China doesn't want to deal with a bunch of North Koreans flooding their borders and having to take care of them. I guess they are a bunch of bigots too. Same with almost every other country that allows you to stay there for 30-90 days and then get the hell out unless you have skills and the proper paperwork to comply with their immigration laws.

people who want to enter this country do so by following the rules? Illegals come in all colors and shapes--many of them are from Eurpoean countries. So, where is the racism? If poor whites moved here from South Georgia, they would be American citizens moving from one part of the country (state) to another---not someone entering the country illegally. Farmers caused their own problems and have been riding the gravy train of cheap labor for a long, long time. They know the law and yet they have continued to hire illegals. And they had time before their crops ripened to try to do something---Ramsey did not spring this bill on us -- we all knew it was coming. Did they make an attempt to find help? No, they left the status quo hoping the bill would go away or they could claim that the outcome from not using illegals would be disastrous to the farming industry and Georgia.
As for the children of illegals, up until now they have had a free ride as far as college goes---if my grandchildren came here to go to school they (American born citizens) would have to pay out-of-state tuition yet illegals did not. These parents knew they were breaking the law when they brought their children here. Does this make it our obligation to educate them? It is more than enough that younger children are allowed to attend school, that illegals can get free medical care at any emergency room and cannot be questioned. I have to pay for my medical care. Why is it the United States' duty to house, feed and educate people from another country when their own country does nothing to make their life better? And why should they when their citizens can come here, many times sending money back home-and putting money in that country's coffers while helping to deplete ours? Racism? No, Bigotry? No. We are at the point that we can no longer afford to take care of everyone else while our country falls apart. Immigrants that go through channels and do things the right way are welcome. But no matter how you sugar coat it illegal is illegal and just how is that fair to those who have been on the list for admittance for years?

I have read this complaint maybe 50 times, almost exactly.

Not many disagree with what you said.

It will be interesting to read now what your answer is for this problem--especially the children born here who are now U.S. citizens, and the fact that there are about 15,000,000 of them here.

President Reagan did allow a number to stay legally in the 80s, as he didn't know how to resolve it either.

Now please don't say build more fences, send them all home tomorrow, or foolish stuff like that.

Complaining relentlessly without any workable solution is somewhat ignorant.

You can already see where the contractors and others are devastated by the new law and now have some fear of of going to jail themselves, but I am still waiting for any user of illegals to go to jail---and they never will.

How many has Fayette County officers checked out and arrested lately? None but they seem to give them tickets every week----all those names can't be legals!

We are blaming the wrong people for this mess! It is the users not the workers.

First a law should be passed that would prohibit citizenship for any child born in this country to an illegal. That would certainly stop illegals coming over the border to have children as a way to insure being able to stay here. That may not take care of those already born and here but would stop it in the future. Illegals know when they come here and have children that we will not deport them if their children are citizens. Unless we grow a pair and make our elected officials step up to the plate and enforce laws already on the books we will continue to have this dilemma. As I have said before, if we continue time after time to allow the ones who enter illegally gain citizenship because "our growers, chicken farmers,carpet industries and builders cannot function without them", do we really believe that anyone who gains citizenship would then be willing to work for those wages? No, so the vicious circle starts all over again. I was reading elsewhere where Arizone deported 81,000 illegals last year---that is in one year and one state!! The situation in this country will soon reach the point where we will not be able to take care of anyone--illegal or legal. We have become so docile and complacent as a nation that we allow our elected officials to do as they please and pass laws that benefit them and not our country. We sit and complain and blog but many people do not vote. Our reps in Washington do as they please til election time comes and if they have a nice smile and make promises we should know they do not intend to keep, the sheep vote for them. Until we all step up and do something not only about the immigration problem but all the other wrongs that are eating our nation like cancers we will continue on this slippery slope. We have to start somewhere and since the federal government chooses to do nothing because they want the immigrant vote, then the states will have to step up to the plate. Maybe when enough states pass their own laws then the federal government will enforce the laws on the books and enact other necessary ones with teeth and make sure they are also enforced. Not the perfect answer or solution, but as I said we have to start somewhere.

Did you read #9 here?

Your gibberish in #1 is the same as before---nothing.

"Some can be born here and be citizens, but some can be born here and not be citizens," although infants and can't help where they are born!
That is racism, pure and simple. Put 15,000,000 in jail? Spare me!

Pass another law, pass another law!
Aren't you of the crowd who don't want rules and regulations.

You have no answers that work.

My answer: Have them all register, give them work permits, and put in jail those employers who hire those without the work permits--first time one year!

Isn't that what we did somewhat with the Ellis Island people? I'm pretty sure my ancestors simply jumped a ship in England or was thrown on one, and came here without "papers."
My name used to be Czkrnzoistich, now it is Cosco!

have them go through a process--if you were carrying a disease or were ill you were not allowed to enter. You went back---I always have to shake my head when I read that some illness that was thought wiped out suddenly appears and the CDC, etc., figuratively shakes their collective heads and wonder why it has suddenly emerged. Duh, people are swarming into this country from other areas where they do not have innoculations against these diseases/ sickness. Also, we did not automatically put this emigrees into a welfare system. They were on their own to find work, and they did, even if it was menial labor.
Today we have no idea what someone coming into this country legally or illegally may have; it is politically incorrect to even inquire. As for the babies who did not ask for their mothers to come here and give birth to them, if they are not automatically a citizen at birth, their mothers would not have the incentive to come over the border to give birth. If they were not granted automatic citizenship and were here with illegal parents then they would/should be returned with their parents. After all, children belong with their parents. The same with illegals who bring children here--the fact that they were brought here before they were old enough to make a decision for themselves should not guarantee them citizenship. Again, we have a process to obtain citizenship and we welcome anyone who follows this process--why should you wait 5 years to be admitted, when I sneak across the border illegally and give birth and then say that I have a right to stay because my child is a citizen by birth and then all my family is given precedent over you for citizenship? Does that sound fair?

As for your name being shortened, it should have been shortened to Costco--then maybe you would have had access to medication that would cure what ails you.

You are still just ramnblin on and on with no useable solution to the problem at hand----those already here!

I gave the exact details that might occur if what you and others propose be done and you don't want to hear it, nor care!

Do you REALLY think that all immigrants came through Ellis Island?
Not even a substantial quantity did!

Do you also even have any idea how many were re-loaded on the next ship and returned? (Hint: zero!) No money for passage.

I have never seen so many people as on here who can not imaghine details of how things are done!

Think you need to pull out those history books and study just a tad more, or better yet, forget the history lessons and stick to watching Fox news.

Thousands died at Ellis Island who were sick. Would never survive a trip back.

The Immigrant station at Ellis was only open about 25 years. A few million came in that way.

But there were many fewer than came in there, who didn't come in there since 1900.

Before 1900 if they could get on a ship or cross the border somewhere they just came in--no "papers."

The American Indians tried asking for "papers" of the early Spanish and English and French settlers--but they couldn't manage it either.

If you have a good country people want to live there, and they have so far.

Do you know anyone who wants to go to Europe? China? Indonesia? India? Africa? Ireland? Iceland? Greenland? Middle EAST ANYWHERE?

I don't think all those white folks who came to the USA from Europe were races! Just Caucasians mostly! Hispanics ain't even a "race." Alabamaians are a race thoe, they air "Crowmagnans."

Maybe we should have tattooed a "G" on the forehead of the Germans, huh?

Now those poor "whites" from South Georgia---that is a dfferent story! They kin hardlie found AT-Lantere!

MajorMike's picture

"illegal immigrants are a major problem in Fayette County. (Sarcasm)" - simply check the arrest reports in The Citizen and note the dramatic drop in the number of hispanic arrests from last month to this month.

"caused major problems for farmers in Georgia who depend on migrant workers" - Accordind to this past Sunday's AJC it's not causing much of a problem at all. Cantelopes and other crops are being harvested on time using legal immigrants and local labor.

Face it Lion. The taxpaying public can no longer afford your liberal pipe dreams. What we need to do now is pass a "Drooler" tax to be levied again'st those of you who insist that the rest of us fund your liberal socialist fantasies.

kevink's picture

What would the "liberal socialist fantasies" you speak of be?

Were they the unfunded war in Iraq? How about the unfunded fight in Afghanistan? No, that can't be it. Oh! I know! Medicare Part D. Nope, that wasn't sponsored by "liberal socialists" either. How about TARP! Yeah, that's it! Wait a minute. That was initiated before Barack Obama was in office.

you know a tax that will make us big, big money majormike? How about a tax on Medicare recipients who hate "socialism." And we can tack on a tax on *conservatives that said jack squat about deficit spending under Ronald Reagan and W, but now are spitting mad that we are running deficits. We can call you born again conservatives. Y'all once were, very, very lost. But now thanks to Sara Palin and Newt Gingrich, have found the balanced budget jesus once again.

For what it's worth, this legislation won't make it to the street. It just won't, because small govt folks don't want their police departments being required to "shake down foreign looking people." Ain't gonna happen.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

Nothing illogical about this!! AMEN!

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We have to secure our borders for security reasons if no other. After we do that I’d change the law so that children born to the illegals are not given citizenship based on just being born here. But if they love this country enough to serve in the military when old enough I’d award citizenship to every one that left the military with an honorable discharge. As for those adults that are already here I’d suggest that we set up intake stations. Those that are here can for a fee to cover expenses apply for a visitors pass. Any visitors that have no criminal background, history of mental illness or contagious disease will be issued this pass. Without said pass no drivers license, or jobs. Those caught without said pass would be deported. Employers that hire people without these passes go to jail. Even with said pass students would pay out of state tuition to attend college. (Unless they served in the military and are now citizens) And they would pay taxes to help offset the expense of them being here.

After we secure the borders we will.........

The borders will never be your suggestions won't get done will they?

Maybe we could just declare the borders secure.....kinda like "Mission Accomplished?"

Needy people can always come up with a longer ladder or a longer tunnel or a bigger boat or a helicopter or come through Canada or come through the Gulf of Mexico. etc., etc.

We have CIA people in all countries now (also some SEALS) who are illegals there.

It is easy and always will be.

Only ones who get punished are the poor workers!

G35 Dude's picture

So what is the answer oh wise one? Do more than slam others give us your ideas to throw stones at!

He slams others' posts and if you get the best of him he starts talking in his "dialects" and goes off on one of his rambles.

"when you get the best of him"

Lak whin did thet hapen?
Ifn summon did git sich a vantage ide jist relode!

Weuns as Mericans field lak weuns air more beter thin othr places!
Yet we loue banks and wal stret to rob usnins blinde and distroy
hour conomy beyon nere colapse.
What wif tet president thar then ignorin sich goins on!

nowe tht we air a bombin Yemne (dont no what thet air), nex we kin bob Syria (ain't thet in damascus whar st. Paul went on thu rode to?)

I dred Eran when we bom em. They wil wipe out Jews ifn we do.

didn not tht feler say september wuz the end this time? May bee kerect!

stamps, medical services, education, etc in those countries?

I was not aware that it is OK to be illegal providing you don't ask for food stamps!
Those Drones bombing Yemen won't ask for stamps either.
Anything we do is OK, right or wrong!

We are going too far interferring in so many countries...time for Obama to curtail the CIA and the Pentagon!

your teachers were constantly telling you to stay on task. It is really amazing the way you connect one subject with another that has no connection. Is this just a quirk with you or are you stripping off too many leaves of that medicinal stuff?

We have a hard time convincing other countries that our borders are extremely important to us as sovereign country, when we are right now bombing and occupying several other sovereign countries!

Seems to me we got real ticked off on 9/11!

I don't see the "stay on course," violation there!

That is like a pentecostal holiness member or preacher who has three mistresses!

I just watched the Belmont Stakes.

The winning jockey was Hispanic. Most jockeys are Hispanic.

If the Belmont was run in Georgia, authorities would be at the finish line to ask for the papers of the jockeys.


I would bet that all of those jockeys who are not American citizens have whatever they need when they ride here.

We could let some 350 pound American ride those poor horses!

Yes, they probably do have proper working papers, or are citzens from 2-3 generations of horse riders.

We have a rule that says if we (USA) have a need for a certain profession and they have a job at it here, they can come in right away.
Many Asians do this. Movie Stars, etc.

I don't know how Ahrronnald got here from Austria!

Do you think Many of those Hispanic women in Hollywood are citizens? Heck, the Governor goes and gets them in his plane!

We are a country of "equal" treatment, except some of us are "more equal" than others.

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Bring People Out of the Shadows

Obama and Biden support a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.

And if they don't pay the fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line do they get deported when they are caught or is there another level of amnesty to be considered?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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