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Senoia Farmers Market opens

The Senoia Farmers market begins operations Saturday from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. and will be open on the second Saturday of each month through October. The market is located in the parking lot at city hall.



our egg lady. She wasn't at the Fresh South Market in PTC today. But, I sure am enjoying the really ripe juicy peaches!

Had some SC Peaches today from Adams Farm and they are very, very, good. Egg lady? You mean from Little Red Hen Farms? Normallly we get ours from Two Doves Farm--just have to order them ahead of time.

Two Doves told us the first day that they didn't have the Dept. Of Agriculture approval to sell them there. We would have to come out to the farm to get some. From what you say, guess they got it. Didn't even think to ask them for any. Yes, Little Red Hen Farms. Know where they were today?

Now, another minor item there today. The guy selling right out of the back of his pickup truck-beans and squash. I thought the city said they can't sell out of a vehicle. He had no canopy. Since it was over 90 degrees, I give him credit for standing there baking in the sun.

We went down to Alvaton, too, and got some peaches. I don't know if he gets them from Carroll farms or Gregg farms. They look good, all fuzzy on the outside. Gregg farms had a sign out on the corner in Alvaton saying they have u-pick blueberries, too.

I need to remember to go to Adams, much closer. Sure wish they had more strawberries, those were awesome.

Peaches in Alvaton come from Carroll Farms. Guy selling from his truck was probably Ric Minter from Inman (Christmas Tree Farm). We bought mixed turnip and mustard greens from him last Dec and got another half bushel Wed--they're very good and cant beat it for 5 bucks. Later,he'll have tomatos, sweet corn and purple hull peas.

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