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Southern Living's 2010 "Idea House" opens this weekend in Senoia

It was quite an event. Several hundred invited guests made their way to Senoia Tuesday for the preview party that preceded the June 12 opening of the 2010 Southern Living Magazine Idea House located on the Gin Property adjacent to the downtown area.

Guests from Coweta and Fayette counties were joined by those from across metro Atlanta, Birmingham and New York to tour the four-story 4,880 square-foot luxury brownstone that is part of The Historic Senoia Project. Tours will continue through mid-December, with proceeds benefitting the Coweta/Fayette chapter of the American Cancer Society. Photo/Ben Nelms.



Man, have they gone Hollywood or what? There is a trolley running all over the place, now, too. I expect Jennifer Anniston will be there within the week. Maybe Brad Pitt, too. Just not together. Do you know there is a pool in the courtyard of this townhouse?

Anyone eaten at The Founders Restaurant?

Read above all the way through, especially about the cruisers. Think there might be a few more leftovers that PTC could buy? Let's compare costs, shall we? Oh, and read up at the end about the cart path SPLOST......

Yes, went the Sat night before Easter. Food was good, too much waitstaff so that they were in our face continually--don't like that. We'll go back for another try somewhere down the road.

Definitely worth another try. The new (as of last week) exec chef should be starting to put his mark on things...and he is very, very good.

Thank you for the reviews. Sounds like I might try it soon.

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Dined there last week, food was excellent, above average prices. Will definitely return.


I heard they fired their exec chef and have put someone else in.

Whatever they did, it's not listed on their website under "Latest Nwews".

That is correct. The new exec chef has been there for a few months as sous chef. He's one of the few professionally trained (CIA or JW) chefs in the area, and is very, very good!

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