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Three bikers arrested for doing tricks, speeding through F'ville

It is always better to obey traffic laws. But that was not the case Wednesday afternoon when three of a half dozen motorcycle riders were cited after doing wheelies in Fayetteville and, in the case of one rider, fleeing from officers.

Fayette County Sheriff’s spokesman Brent Rowan said deputies late Wednesday afternoon received a BOLO (be on the look-out) for six to eight motorcycles traveling through Fayetteville while doing tricks on their bikes and speeding.

The group was pulled the over at Royal Ridge Drive on Ga. Highway 85 south of town at approximately 4 p.m., Rowan said. Deputies at the scene collected driver’s licenses from each of the bikers.

Rowan said two in the group were arrested at the scene. Those included Joshua Booth, 23, of Douglasville, and 33 year-old Ellenwood resident Tommy Flythe, both on traffic-related violations, said Rowan.

A third man, 35 year-old Lithia Springs resident Victor James Bell got on his motorcycle and quickly drove off, with officers pursuing him for a short distance, said Rowan. Officers called off the pursuit since Bell’s identifying information was already in deputies’ possession, Rowan said. A check of the vehicle’s license plate showed that it was stolen, Rowan added.

Rowan said Bell turned himself in to authorities Thursday and was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless driving and fleeing and eluding.



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had already given up his driver's license and then decides to flee the scene on his super duper scooter. That was real smart. I am curious on why he was not also charged for driving without his license since he didn't have it while being pursued.

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Yeah, real smart. He passed us in Fayetteville going about 90mph. I thought he was a dead man the way he was driving. He could have killed someone.

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What color was the bike? Our bike was stolen a few weeks ago.


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was stolen? Randall Johnson where are you?

Why Chase someone at break neck speeds through a busy city in the middle of the afternoon when you know who the guy is and have his license and address in your hand? All over a traffic violation and stolen property? They made a good call.

If they didn't catch him when they did all they had to do was send a deputy to his house and wait. What would he have to say when they came knocking? No man, that wasn't me. Someone stole may pants and my license was in them?

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