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5 arrested on gang charges in PTC

Peachtree City police have arrested three adults and two juveniles in connection with alleged gang activity and two separate robberies in the city.

The suspects are associated with a local gang called “Savage Life,” police said.

In a May 31 robbery, suspects forcibly removed a woman’s purse May 31 and

in the June 6 incident, pepper spray was used to attack a male victim and remove his property, police said.

Search warrants executed at the offenders’ residences turned up several items of gang paraphernalia along with a .32 caliber revolver, police said. A small amount of marijuana also was found at one residence, according to police.

Arrested were:
• Antwoine Lavell Wilson, 18, of Mantell Court, Peachtree City, charged with armed robbery, criminal street gang activity and robbery (party to a crime);
• A juvenile, of Wynnmeade Parkway, Peachtree City for armed robbery and criminal street gang activity;
• A juvenile, of Stevens Entry Apartments, Peachtree City for armed robbery and criminal street gang activity;
• Kristopher McKiver, 20, of Kings Court, Peachtree City for armed robbery and criminal street gang activity; and
• Malik Butler, 18, of Ridgeview Drive, Peachtree City for armed robbery, robbery (party to a crime), criminal street gang activity and possession of marijuana (less than one ounce).

The adult offenders were taken to the Fayette County Jail awaiting a bond hearing and the juveniles were taken to the Clayton Regional Youth Detention Center until a court date can be set, police said.



Thanks for getting these clowns off the street.

gee, sure seems they did a bang up job on their own "messin' up" before the P.D. showed up.

Thanks for the great job, PTC P.D.

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Yep! Take it out and keep it out! Fayette County is tough on trash!

Peachtree city has nothing else to do but try to mess up young african americans lives i know all the people arrested and they are far from a gang just a group of friends! I guess there are plenty of gangs in peachtree city! There was a white male "associated" with this so called gang and he was not arrest but was there when everyone one else (african americans) were arrested! but i guess somethings never change!

... For continuing the long-standing and ever-hilarious tradition of black apologetics which always seem to bang the same silly boards: There's more to the story than you know, I know the people in question and they'd never do such a thing and, of course, the always-timely "how come the white boy didn't get arrested".


and of course you are white :) haha

Anybody know what was going on in the "W" Hotel when a 15 year old girl was flung out of the seventh floor window (through it) while "playing?"

First thing asked for on TV was money to bury her!

Party money, no bury money! I often have wondered why it takes 7-10 days to bury some, and I suppose it is to allow time to gather the money, from charity, to give to the mortician who wants the money first or he will never get it! Some things one does not spend their money for! Dead people.

Some are difficult to understand.

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Called 'Savage Life', accused of:

1. forcibly removing a woman’s purse
2. using pepper spray to attack a male victim and remove his property

It doesn't matter if they are black or white, they have been arrested, now it is up to them and their lawyer to prove that they were just a group of friends, passing time together, not smoking dope and playing with firearms. Helping old ladies across the street and working on their Eagle Rank in Scouts. Proving how they were good upstanding citizens of our community. If proven guilty, however; they can do the right thing and let the police know how their other "friends" helped them in their associations. You know people like you. You do know them right?

"i know all the people arrested..."

How did you figure it out?

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Or maybe you just didn't get a decent upbringing, but you sure sound stupid. Racist too.

Awww - these poor guys were just standing around when the lady threw her purse at them and the man pepper sprayed himself right in front of them. Being African American does not mean you can break the law. They messed up their own lives with bad decisions. Period.

I gotstogit me some street cred on this blog. I bash the police on here fairly regularly. I had 2 kids (both white) that have run-in's living in Policetree City. I personally have been stopped 2x for doing nothing more than driving a beater. Yes, me a middle aged white guy. 1 case I had to go to court 4x to beat in Muni Court.
Let me tell you something, "You do no 'african american' any good coming on here and trying to justify harm to anyone." I will retell a story of a past "gang" a few years back that pulled a couple of strong arm robberies (1 off the bike bridge by Aberdeen). I believe they may have all been white. I do know one of the white boyz, that was NOT present during the assaults, spent 2 yrs in YDC for violating a previous probation.
There is only one race on this planet.
Yup we both are carrying on our cart. Got a beater stick too.

They could use you in Libya!

Their war vehicles are not much better than your golf cart. An old pick-up truck with a machine gun bolted to the deck!

Our government spends billions designing war vehicles that turn out to be no better.

Our enemy just builds a better mousetrap for that purpose. (IED). (From old munitions of Saddam's that we neglected to destroy). Also, kids and other ignorant suicides help.

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