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PTC to reuse Kedron pool bubble?

A new “bubble” for the Kedron pools likely won’t be pursued this year after all.

Peachtree City recreation staff, in a memo to council, is suggesting that the city use its existing bubble another year in lieu of purchasing a new system. Council is expected to make a decision at its June 16 meeting.

Much of that suggestion is driven by facts the city doesn’t have yet, as there are still questions about whether the current bubble anchoring system is sufficient to be used for a new bubble.

In the meantime, sloughing off the decision until next year will give city staff time to investigate the possibility of pursuing an alternate structure to enclose the pools until summer rolls around.

The only bid to manufacture and install the new bubble came in a $346,177, a good bit over budget. And with concerns about the anchoring system, the potential is there for a “significant” additional cost to have a new bubble constructed and in place for the coming season.

The winning bidder Arizon also wants an undetermined amount of additional funding for testing the anchoring system, as results were inconsistent at the 11 test points initially conducted with about $6,000 in funding from the city.

The cost for the new bubble includes not just the exterior but also new air exchange equipment in the interior of the structure.



in the last 6 months and counting.....

First, Pond & Co. (hired as a new consultant to the city engineering dept.) provided 7 pages of paper for a cost of $21,080. that was based on archaic no longer accurate traffic studies from over 3 years ago (now 4) for the roundabout option on Crosstown/Peachtree Pkwy.

Now we are writing a check to Arizon for $6,000. for testing by them and the city engineer and STILL no answer on whether the anchors in place will hold a new bubble?

How about the library building? There is a contractor and an architect and the city engineer who are questioning the "stuctural integrity of the wall" where the big crack has formed out back and still have not finalized a plan for that and whatever the costs will be for their services.

Am I the ony one who sees a common thread here?

Just keep printing checks, it's all free money, right?

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