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2 days, 3 drug busts: Fayette deputies seize crack, meth and pot

The Fayette County Sheriff’s drug team made arrests last week in three incidents where crack cocaine, methampethamine and marijuana were seized.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the Tactical Narcotics Team on June 5 conducted a buy-bust operation at 1846 Ga. Highway 85 North where Lisa Diaz, 49, and Gregory Lowe, 52, both of Atlanta, sold 14 baggies of crack cocaine to an undercover TNT agent. Both were arrested and charged with the sale of crack cocaine, possession of cocaine and three counts of possession of a dangerous drug, Babb said.

Also on June 5, TNT agents conducted a buy-bust operation at the same location, a QuikTrip convenience store. The suspect, 28-year-old Aaron Darden, of Conley, sold a quantity of crack cocaine and methamphetamine to an undercover TNT agent, Babb said. The value of the drugs was approximately $400. Darden was arrested and charged with the sale of crack cocaine and the sale of methamphetamine, according to Babb.

And on June 4 TNT agents conducted a buy-bust operation at 2400 Ga. Highway 138, a Citgo convenience store. Babb said the suspect, 28-year-old Locust Grove resident Keniell Taylor, sold approximately one ounce of marijuana to an undercover agent.

Babb said upon being taken into custody, Taylor fled the scene on foot and was apprehended a short distance away. As Taylor was transported to the jail he attempted to bring a quantity of marijuana that he had concealed in his underwear into the jail, Babb said, adding that Taylor was charged with sale of marijuana, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and possession of marijuana within a guard line.



Nope, they never check there, do they? Kenielllll, you da MAN!

How about the narc team just set up a storefront on 85 north. These dopes just need a FC welcome all the way around when they come down over that county line.

Move on. Catch real criminals with real victims.

SPQR's picture

Never happen. War on drugs is a huge business. A huge government business that is. The real tragedy isn't drug abuse per-say but how its been turned into a jobs program with little or no real help for addicts.

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