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PTC planners wary of 2 adjacent 5-story Wisdom Rd. hotels

A proposal to build an 82-room Fairfield Inn and Suites, followed later by a TownePlace Suites extended-stay hotel, on Wisdom Road near Ga. Highway 74 was informally vetted by the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

Kassandas Properties is asking for both buildings to be five stories tall with a height of about 53 feet for the Fairfield Inn and Suites building. The height issue requires a rezoning and is of some issue because the site is located next to an apartment complex; as such the developer was urged to contact members of the city council to see if they would even consider a five-story hotel.

Planning Commissioner Lynda Wojcik said she could not support a five-story hotel building, noting that there are other large buildings in the area that approach the city’s maximum height of 60 feet, such as the nearby Delta Community Credit Union.

“I don’t like for the skyline starting to get taller than the trees,” Wojcik said.

Planning Commissioner Frank Destadio said while he agrees with Wojcik, he feels restricting such buildings to this one area of town would help.

The development will be separated from the apartments by a 75-foot buffer required by ordinance, not the 45-foot buffer listed on the site plan, the commission told a representative of Kassandas Properties.

“If I lived there, I would want a 75-foot buffer for my house too,” said Planning Commissioner David Conner.

Kassandas will look into adding more landscaping to the buffer to further screen the hotel from the apartments’ view.

The commission did not vote on the site plan because it was discussed in the informal workshop format designed to allow input from the commission that can help tweak the plan before it gets a final vote. In this case, because a rezoning is necessary, the commission will ultimately recommend whether or not to rezone the property, as the final say rests with the City Council.

City resident Mary Giles, who formerly worked in the hotel industry, said she thought Mariott would be an excellent company to have operating in Peachtree City. She also urged the developer to consider the need for overflow parking for special events, and also due to the presence of more families in town on the weekends attending regional sports tournaments hosted by the city.

Planning Commissioner Frank Destadio said he understands the need for extended stay hotels because they are needed for the film industry doing local shoots in the city, the county and also in nearby Senoia. “Drop Dead Diva,” a hit show for the cable channel Lifetime, is filmed mostly in Peachtree City on sound stages modified from an airplane hanger at Falcon Field Airport.



Just say NO.

Why not a place like Embassay Suites, or even a Residence Inn? Fairfield Inn is definitely low my company the lowest end we book at is Springhill Suites or Hampton Inns.

As someone who travels extensively to many cities in the US, I have stayed in hotels near these establishments. I would say 99% of them tend to be flop houses. It's bad enough the housing near this area is unkept, and slowly beginning to be blighted. One could argue that these areas tend to expand themselves and continue the trend of blight. There should be at the very least a rule referencing MAXIMUM stay. As a citizen of PTC I am dismayed at the trend of some of our neighborhoods and the problems that are arising.

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we're not talking Embassy Suites here but still I don't think Marriott is in the flophouse business

bucks a night, you got it, no flophouse. Not even close.

There is a stigma to extended stay hotel/motels.

Part of the commissions PR when they announced the film industry coming, was that Pinewood hoped to hire mostly long term people. That's why they are planning the film / trade school.

We won't really need extended stay facilities, only more rental properties, which are in abundance right now.

If we do need extended stay, how about they look at Fayetteville along the Hwy 85 corridor? You have restaurants, retail and it will give the thugs a mark so they stop messing with the locals.

there is no stigma attached to Marriott. These are not the Tara Blvd. flophouses at $30. night. Marriott will have standards that will be maintained by either ownership or management company they bring in. Some on here only reference "extended stay" as a negative. Could not be farther from the truth.

Pinewood has just announced they are using the school for offices. There will be no school there, trade or otherwise. SCAD is going into downtown Atlanta, to be nearer the SONY studio and Tyler Perry. That come on by the developer was just that, a come on. I personally think the BOE is being played in this deal. Big time. I think they should back out of the sale if there is no educational component included. I am not part of the deal, but I think this whole school sale stinks rotten eggs.

Hotel national brands have just that to maintain the quality of their product. Their brand name. If anyone thinks Marriott corporate has not done their homework and identified a need to put their name on a property here, then they are mistaken.

This is not a done deal. This was an informal workshop. I am sure there is lots to be worked out yet. Might come here, might not. Let's see if the property owner and Marriott can come to understand what our planners really want here.

I like Marriott and agree about the standards. However, if ownership is bad, the place can go bad quickly. If its not profitable, then Marriott sells to anyone who has the money to take it off their hands. I know its the early stages of development, but long term, I don't think an extended stay is right for PTC.

I read about Pinewood now wanting to use the school for offices. Bait and switch? I don't know. Wondering how easily Steve and boys will bend for the change in zoning.

just "sell to someone else". That and there is no way that Marriott puts their name on a building with a "bad owner". Please stop this.

apartment? Seems like half the time you read about someone living in an extended stay motel it is not good news. Why is there the necessity for this in Peachtree City? We keep getting farther and farther away from the original concept for Peachtree City and all the things that made it appeal to families in the past. I doubt that 'extended stay motel' would be one of the things listed that makes Peachtree City one of the outstanding places to live. It makes me sad to drive through some areas of PTC and see what is only steps away from being a slum and nothing is being done about it. We are beginning to look like the once attractive young lady who has let herself go to 'pot' while still trying to hang on to her glory days. Sad.

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I've been to several county fairs and a few goat “ropings” but I have yet seen an airplane hanger. I guess it would have to be a very large closet to hang-up those airplanes.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.


You is one funny bikar.

You never get those extended stays, do you?

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I tend to stay away from any property that acknowledges "FEMA Approved." Baaaaad experience in Miami.

Anyways, only Hiltons for me. Next week Paris and Toulouse. Hopefully, the unions will not go on strike.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

If the intent is to attract and or facilitate long stay corporate execs or movie industry types I'm not sure an "Extended Stay Hotel" fits the bill,assuming this market is the target demographics.

The execs I know and the movie "stars" I read about are looking for high end, twenty four hour, full service hotels with upscale restaurants and clubs nearby. When a thirty to forty minute limo ride from PTC to Atlanta's four and five star hotels and clubs, theaters etc. is doable why settle for a stroll around a Hwy 74 mini strip mall or a quick trip to the Gas Station Dunkin Donuts near Wisdom Road?
To paraphrase Field of Dreams...What happens when you build it and they "don't" come? The Extended Stay facility has to adjust and target a different economic market with very limited funds to spend resulting in a lower yield to the hotel with diminished service to the clients; a slippery slope to government alternative housing or worse. You think property values are flat or down now in that area, wait for it?

I'm sure our existing full service hotels would be willing to facilitate corporate clients with competitive rates for longer stay customers, similar to how airlines contract for crew stays. So why the need for an Extended Stay Hotel at all? Improve and refresh existing facilities and say no to any Extended Stay in Peachtree City.

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They(stars/cast/crew/etc) also like to rent houses out for a few months short-term and pay well.

Extended Stay motels have a very bad reputation and deservedly so. It would be different if the motel swore in blood they would never charge less than a few hundred a week instead of the usual $149/week AND FREE CABLE!, but you can't do that to them. You can stop them from being approved when it's a rezoning issue, but once they are open, it can quickly become another Harmony Village/Peachtree Station cluster.

PTC doesn't need this. I'd even rather have a pawn shop with check-cashing at that location than an extended stay motel.

comments here. Unbelievably uninformed and misleading and unnecessary.

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I've seen what extended stay motels do over a lot of years in government, and that includes Fairfield Inn's for that matter if they are franchised-out as indeed an extended stay property.

I know Marriot owns the Fairfield Inn brand but they hold their franchisees to a much, much lower standard than their other brands, and it has shown all over.

PS: A long-time friend of mine works in Marriot corporate and used to live here and also and said the same exact thing. Don't pull the "ignorance" issue on me.

and unnecessary then. That make you feel better?

Yes, we all have friends, don't we? That's why we are here, touting our vast knowledge of everything in the world to any fool listening in. You having a muggy Monday, or what?

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It's a Monday.

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Do your homework. You DO NOT WANT A FAIRFIELD INN or the like. Anything less than a Residence Inn type property will come back and bite you. If there is a demand for low priced extended stay KEEP IT OUT OF PTC.

I still stick by my opinion against any additional hotel, most of all an extended stay. We are not that kind of town, except for the occasional need for some out of town workers to have a place to stay. Stick with the original or modified neighborhood concept. What does and will always happen to commercial properties is the need to either shed or improve. Unless a big attraction comes to town than the need for more rooms should be addressed. But, there are more rooms in nearby Newnan and Fayetteville. Pinewood is not that kind of attraction, these folks will need houses. Besides if our existing hotels are full than that creates more interest. Example..when I see a restaurant with loads people waiting to get in I am intrigued and want to at least try it. This a simple concept that savvy restaurant owners employ to creat false demand. Build small and they will come.
It is an extremely slippery slope when adding commercial properties without the absolute need. To allow commercial interests to build lets call it empty shells to hopefully fill, is foolish. To think these businesses have our interests in mind is naive and more harshly put ignorant. There is too many 'shells' that need filling and by the looks of some of our strip shopping more to come. Case in point North Peachtree, I was just there and counted 4 that are standing empty. Owners get nervous and guess what? Here comes the stores that are un proven and in most cases not needed. The cycle will then continue until ultimate failure.
There is no question that our town needs revenue, but there is also no question that we need to think differently. It is way to obvious that the 54 corridor between here and Newnan is way over saturated. Let Coweta handle the traffic and keep all that they have, this town is not set up for what Newnan has to offer commercial wise. Peachtree is unique, and I think one of maybe 6 medium sized towns on the entire Planet that has the full path system.
This alone is a source of revenue that is blindly overlooked. We have thousands of golf carts that pay very little for the use of the path system. Not to mention payment is taken for a few years, big loss right there. Charge yearly, and if needed divide the payment up monthly. There can be exceptions for the fixed income folks, but the rest of us should happily pay for this privilege. We are not the PTC with a few hundred carts any more. We have to consider that it costs to have nice things, this includes a nice town. We have to shed the mentality that its cheap to live here, we can not compare decades old financials to having the same thing now. I have offered one source of revenue but I will stop here as I know other folks have their input as well and honestly typing with each index finger is tiring. Fire away!

One more thing...
If the powers that be decide to go thru with this than why not require improving the entire area. They will put up trees and landscaping to hide guess what? I apologize to those who live at that intersection but those complexes need more than paint. Carry on...

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