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Weatherly Walk heroes honored

Management and residents of Weatherly Walk Apartments in Fayetteville along with firefighters who responded to the large structure fire in March were honored June 6 as “Weatherly Walk Heroes” by the Fayetteville City Council. Receiving the honors were (front row L-R) Deputy Chief Linda Partridge, Amanda Hall, Quantarious “Chuck” Faison, Mike Gutheridge, Lieutenant Blaze Brookshaw, firefighter Corey Mask and Captain Marty Mundok; and (back row L-R) firefighter Chris Stanley, firefighter Josh Thomas, Fire Chief Alan Jones, Lieutenant Jeff Gable and Captain Keith Harris. Photo/Ben Nelms.


At the risk of being the skunk at the garden party, I will admit I don't like to see "Heroes" used when "Meritorious Performance of Duty" might be the appropriate term. It's always nice to be able to recognize public servants for what they do.

kcchiefandy's picture does specify 'Weatherly Walk Heroes'; not national, or state, I'll cut them some slack on their honor! I do agree 'hero' gets thrown around loosely at times these days, so I understand your point, thus I'd say you're more like the porcupine at the party! ;)

Hey, I can handle it! Been there lots of times--it's one of the things I do! even managed to make a cmt today on the AJC about the guy in trouble for claiming a Purple Heart and can't support it with paperwork! I don't know his true story but I know that I had 2 records of award--personal orders cut by the Hospital where I was admitted and an entry in para 13 of my final DD 214,that simply states "PH".

kcchiefandy's picture

...I don't know about then, but now PH's are serialized & documented in DA records. I had a POS Soldier under me a few years back who, upon PCSing to a new unit, fabricated a PH award and submitted it in his promotion packet. He was caught when the packet reviewer asked why it had no serial number; needless to say he did not get promoted. Don't know if they busted him but do believe UCMJ was invoked in some fashion.

Mine was in Sep 67. I knew that they are more tightly controlled now, but then, the Field Hospital where I was hospitalized cut the order and presented the actual medal also.

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