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PTC cops seek 2 in Pizza Hut armed robbery

Peachtree City police are looking for two gunmen who robbed the Pizza Hut in Braelinn Village early Saturday morning.

The assailants, armed with medium-sized pistols, entered the unlocked rear delivery door to the restaurant on Crosstown Court, police said.

They held two employees at gunpoint until the safe was opened while forcing two other employees into the cooler area, police said.

The robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and one of the employee’s cellphones, police said. It is not known if they left on foot or in a car, and there is no vehicle description available, police said.

The assailants, both described as black males, were armed with medium-sized pistols, police said.

According to police:
• One of the assailants was about six feet tall, a slender build, perhaps in his mid-20s, wearing a dark-colored shirt and dark pants. He also wore two bandanas on his head; the upper bandana was red with a paisley design and the bottom was blue with a paisley design.
• The other assailant was about 5’8” tall, also in his mid-20s, wearing a dark shirt and dark pants, and also a white and red-colored towel that was draped over his head.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the police department’s criminal investigations division at 770-631-2510 or the city’s crime and narcotics information hotline at 770-487-6010. Callers may remain anonymous.



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get the guys that hit the Apple Store at the Avenues?

I know they got one of the perpetrators doing the smash and grabs out of cars at the gym, but did they get the rest of them?

I know they got the guy in the home invasion on Golfview earlier this year while the family locked themselves in a bedroom.

Then this week we had the gang of 5 arrested for armed robbery of a couple of people.

Looks like we have a trend going in PTC doesn't it?

Reminds me of Riverdale in the old days when to have a robbery was a surprise and a novelty. PTC must be easy pick'ins for the predators just like Riverdale use to be.

Can the city be saved this fate? Or will it go the way of Riverdale when the law abiding citizens simply move out?

Before the take down of the "Savage" Life gang did anyone know of the purse snatching or pepper spray assault? I understand the gun was taken from an attack by Stevens Entry.
This is near where at least 2 of them lived. Even dogs learn not to mess where they sleep.
This gang is almost as good as the one a few years back that rode around in a red gas golf cart (how many of those in PTC?) doing strong arm's.

that even the cops in Riverdale were robbing people--at night breaking into the businesses they were projecting during the day! All jacked up on steroids and stuff! Even killed a fellow I heard! Serve and Protect!

Go Braves--One More Tonight and Its A Back0-To-Back Sweep!

there were some cops from the S. Fayette / Starr's Mill area that were all 'roided up & did kill somebody.

How about them Bruins?

The plague from the north is moving south.....

Naw, these are home grown!
We are in a recession, you know?

These are home grown..probably growing their own at home too..I think it's time to load the U-Haul and look elsewhere

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Unfortunately there is nowhere left to run to. As for me and mine; we are all armed, trained, and Georgia CC permitted. My personal religious beliefs do not prohibit me from sending one of these animals to explain his misdeeds to the creator.

Its a shame that there is no place to hide from these people it seems..I would have no qualms whatsoever in making them look like swiss cheese..It's just a darn shame our town is being over run by this element..Maybe Montana, Utah, Idaho..I dont know.Hopefully our law enforcement people will get on this.

Try Puerto Rico!

They don't pay US Taxes but do get welfare.

They pay no fees, licenses, there are no regulations or rules, and if you can find a way to get some rice and beans you can eat. Food is high.

Most live in a shack which you can make from the city dumps. If it is on Puerto Rican land and not owned it is OK, and there is no land tax.

However they do not want to be #51 due to obvious reasons.

Good life with no hassels.

Samoa might be OK.

Along with multi-colored head wrap-arounds---one was a towel apparently.

Pistols mentioned twice, so I figure that the mid-sized pistols is the clue, not the paisley towels!

Early Saturday morning venture! Are they open at that time? What does early mean?

Now I would assume that a small pistol might be a 7mm Italian model; a medium pistol might be a .38 cal. S & W; and a big pistol maybe a .357 magnum like Clint Eastwood used as a cop. (or was it a .45 magnum)
Hope that is helpful.

If it came from Autreys robbery it was probably a gun with no clip.

I figure they took off the towels, got into a golf cart (stolen) and headed for the woods.

Did they take any pizzas?

I am glad there were no heroes there and no one got shot!

I doubt they were from Riverdale or Fayetteville or Fulton---too far to escape to. Any golf carts missing? Any cameras on? Any cops on duty?
Any prints on the tossed boxes for pizzas?

That is getting too close to home..What do you expect with gov't housing right around the corner..I'm sure the resident apologist will be by shortly to make excuses..Time to get out of dodge

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To all that read my posts on this board:

I am not suggesting that everyone get out of PTC. My question is what are we going to do to make certain that PTC doesn't become Riverdale?

It seems like our council is focused on the wrong things, much like our County Commission. Instead of gas golf carts, fees for trees, walking signs, etc. our council needs to focus on two primary big issues.

1. Crime
2. The budget, taxes and how we spend our money

First, unless we admit that we have a crime issue developing in PTC, we will go the way of Riverdale. We cannot, we must not let this get out in front of us. I am no professional police authority, but we need to rely on experts to determine the best way to control reoccurring crime in this city. We need to send a message to the criminal class that we are NOT open for business in PTC. This means we will have to pay for services that we are not getting today, including consultants to tell us how other communities got in front of developing crime trends, beefing up police presence on the cart paths and around the city. We will need the help of the courts in giving maximum sentences to those that are found guilty of crimes here. We will need citizen involvement in looking out for our neighbors.

We must look realistically at our budget and how we are spending money. We need to admit that our economy is a train wreck and that those remaining within the city limits will have to pay more for crime prevention, cart paths, and recreation if those are the priorities. We should determine why businesses come to PTC and make certain that these amenities are persevered so we can attract more corporate citizens. We can save our city from becoming Riverdale, but it will take a commitment from those living here to do it. It will require that citizens become engaged in the political process and demand leadership on these issues by our council. We all know we are sorely lacking in leadership and we will have to correct it.

If you know of really smart people that should lead our city, that have shown leadership in our community and in their private life, encourage them to run for office. Tell them your concerns and why you want them specifically to run. Support the police, don’t tear them down on these pages, they serve our interests and with support they can solve the crime trends we are beginning to see in our community. Watch out for your neighbor and their property. You can make a difference in PTC but it won’t come without effort.

Let's get behind PTC, not out of it.

If there had been a Help Wanted sign on the door, they wouldn't have gone in there.

Even without the towels!

Why would you post a help wanted notice on your back door? Better yet, how would the thieves know the back door would be unlocked? Even better question: WHY WAS THE DOOR UNLOCKED?

but where do you go where there is ZERO crime?

I would like a link.

Sometimes I just can't bite my tongue and move on. I read these posts and am amazed at the ignorance that abounds out there. I try to give the benefit of the doubt, thinking that perhaps, many of the comments are made in jest, and give credit for the exceptional abundance of dry humor. But then I keep reading, and realize that most of the comments appear to be heartfelt, and that scares me! I don't understand why so many of you think that Peachtree City is supposed to be a Utopia that is free of crime.

It ain't "Stepford" people; and thank God for that!

No, I'm not a tree-hugging liberal, and I don't like that we have subsidized housing in a town that was created to be middle class + (YES, it's a reality....there are "classes" in America... and if you want to live in PTC, you should be able to afford it). BUT there is crime in every echelon of society, including the lily white bread of Peachtree City. Daddy's just able to get those crimes hushed up.

My point being... those of you who think places like Montana are the answer; by all means, shave your heads, load your guns, and feel free to roll on out!

There's no perfect place. Not even Peachtree City.

As you can see, I may be literate, however am very LOW TECH! Sorry this is posted 3 times!

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A few years back, I had a police dispatcher as a neighbor. Most of the calls into the PTC 911 were, and still are, related to spousal battery and abuse. Many of these calls coming from the "better" neighborhoods.

Armed robbery is horrific and frightening, but the racist undertones, and inferences about violent crime ignore the fact that violence and crime existed in this community long before subsidised housing.

"All generalizations are false, including this one." - Mark Twain

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