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Hard times for Bernhard Road drivers as upgrade severs east-west route until fall

Anyone driving by the intersection of Ga. Highway 85 South and Bernhard Road recently cannot help but notice the closure to the east side of Bernhard and the dramatic changes to the landscape along Hwy. 85.

The construction project has severed one of the few east-west routes through Fayette County.

It’s all part of a Ga. Dept. of Transportation-funded intersection improvement project that, once completed in the fall, will add turn lanes and a traffic signal to the busy intersection.

Fayette County Public Works Director Phil Mallon said the intersection improvement project has been on the books for years. One reason for that is evident in the long line of vehicles on Bernhard Road on the west side of Hwy. 85 attempting to make left turns onto Hwy. 85 North during heavy traffic periods.

Totally funded by the Ga. DOT, Mallon said the project will include a traffic signal and turn lanes on all four sides of the intersection.

Signal plans for the intersection show Hwy. 85 with three northbound and southbound lanes while both the east and west sides of Bernhard Road will have a through-lane and a dedicated left turn lane. Concrete strain poles will be used for the traffic signal, Mallon said, adding that pedestrian crosswalks will also be installed.

Work on the west side of Hwy. 85 now underway includes upgrading the culverts near the intersection along with the road widening.

Work on the east side of Hwy. 85 is expected to begin in July. And the installation of turn lanes on Hwy. 85 is also expected this summer.

Mallon said completion of the project, weather permitting, is expected in the fall.



Don't know whose brilliant idea this project was but in my view, they're wasting a ton of taxpayer dollars. And Oh yea--how does the owner of St Johns Crossing Gas Station get compensated for all the business he's already lost and will lose until "Fall"? Oh no, nobody thinks about that, do they? and Pedestrian Crosswalks? Where in the hell do they think the pedestrians will come from? More stupidity from someone.

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Agreed the pedestrian crosswalks are a waste but I am sure crosswalk requirements are part of some big wasteful government mandate that requires crosswalks for all intersection upgrades after date X....just like the ADA requires showers to be installed in government building workplace restrooms and accessible facilities even in a workplace where a physically disabled person would never be able to work anyway. This intersection did need to be upgraded but I think it may be overkill.

"Overkill" is an Understatement--but you're probably right about some stupid mandate. So where does your Herc experience come from?

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I retired last June with 23 years total time (Active Navy, Air Guard, AF Reserve). My last nine years was as an AF Reserve C-130 Flight Engineer at Maxwell AFB.

Good for you!

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So sad that this project is taking FOREVER! WHY???? I pass there everyday and rarely see a worker. This won't be complete until the fall? Sures ruins alot of commutes! I notice a lot of "expected" dates in the article!

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sad,that is that this road construction is taking so long. Why????? It sure ruins alot of commutes.I pass daily and rarely see a worker.

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sad,that is that this road construction is taking so long. Why????? It sure ruins alot of commutes.I pass daily and rarely see a worker.

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Computer glitch guys,so sorry!

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