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F'ville moves to attract downtown restaurants

Members of the Fayetteville City Council at the June 17 meeting will continue their efforts to attract restaurants to the downtown area. To that end, board members will hear the first reading of a proposal to exempt impact fees and sewer proportionate fees for historic commercial properties around the Courthouse Square.

In an effort to create incentives that will encourage restaurant uses in historic commercial properties in the downtown square, which will in turn, boost the local economy, create additional income for the city, and further the city’s goal to create a more active and lively downtown area, staff has researched different options that might achieve these objectives, Main Street Director Brian Wismer said in a June 2 letter.

The board will also hear the first reading of the FY 2011 that will take effect in August. The proposed general fund budget totals $9.7 million, down 4.6 percent over the current $10.12 million budget.

City finance staff expect to see an 8.89 percent decrease in property taxes for the coming year, but a 7.44 percent recovery in local option sales taxes.
The hiring freeze, implemented several years ago, will continue, with the loss of four additional positions through attrition. Again next year, the proposal calls for no increase in employee benefits.

Also at the meeting, council members will hear the first reading of an amendment to the pawn shop ordinance that would have those businesses located in the M-1 (Light Industrial) and M-2 (Heavy Industrial) zoning districts. Pawn shops are currently allowed in C-3 (Highway Commercial) districts.

Senior Planner Linwood Robinson said that while there are currently no pawn shops operating in the city, there have been several recent inquiries.

Robinson said that, as a house keeping matter and an attempt to make sure pawn shops approved for operation in Fayetteville are placed in appropriate zoning classifications, city staff, the city attorney and Planning & Zoning Commission have conducted research on community impact and which zoning district is best suited for the placement of pawn shops.



With sign ordinance nazi's, impact fees, delays in obtaining license, zoning restrictions, parking mandates, "in and out" driveway issues, etc., you'd think elected officials and city managers would have figured it out by now.... it's not worthwhile to do business in a city where the government wants all your money before you have a chance at it.
It's about time somebody figured this out.

I think it's great that Fayetteville wants to attract restaurants to the square. Senoia has become a completely different town at night thanks to Maguires, Founders, etc. But before all of that happens they need to find a way to bypass the traffic from all four directions around the city. I will do just about anything to avoid going through or to downtown Fayetteville simply because it is such a traffic nightmare. The square might as well be Times Square with the massive amount of traffic squeezing through that collection of ill-timed lights. There must be well designed, multi-lane east/west and north/south routes away from the square before you will make being in the square and getting there worthwhile. Until then, the square will not be a destination on date nights.

I travel all over metro Atlanta, and Fayetteville has no worse traffic problems than most anywhere, in fact, it's better than most. You want a dead downtown, build a real bypass...

I agree that Fayetteville could certainly use some downtown restaurants. But I don't understand Avenger 12's traffic problem. I can get from one end of Fayetteville to the other in 6 minutes at the height of rush hour. But the bypass problem is already solved by Commissioners Maxwell and Smith.What they did was grab the West Fayetteville Bypass Project out of their bag of SPLOST projects. Yep, we voted for the WFB...we just don't know that we did. The commissioners cleverly bundled the WFB into a bunch of pork projects as an attachment to the 2003 SPLOST ballot so that "road, street and bridge purposes" actually included the WFB without saying so on the ballot, itself. Do you suppose this was because the WFB aimlessly meanders through property mostly owned by developers? The commissioners tell us that the County Engineer says that for only $50 million, motorists can go from South State Highway 85 Northwards, and this will relieve the traffic congestion in Fayetteville. No use in trying to convince them to do otherwise...they don't want to hear it.

The WFB is a 2 lane road that will end at State 92 and Westbridge Road. Once there, the mission of funneling traffic away from Fayetteville has been accomplished. But the only problem is what do you do when you get to the end of the road? You are only about 5 miles from State 85, 6 miles from State 74, and 4 miles from State 314. You could visit Coleman's Auto Salvage, visit a fruit stand, or do your grocery shopping at any one of 3 convenience stores. Or maybe you could pull off the road and have a tailgate picnic. That's about it. As far as finding any arterial connection to I-85, there ain't none, folks!

But if you're still serious about a REAL bypass, take a look at Griffin, Ga. Now THERE's a bypass! Old Highway 19-41 looks like a ghost town, as all the traffic that built Griffin now goes around it. Huge shopping centers lie vacant, and you see no new construction going on. You should also talk to some of our local merchants and ask them how they would feel about the bypass funneling traffic away from Fayetteville in today's economy.

There were only 19 building permits issued in Fayetteville in 2009. Now is not the time to be spending enormous amounts of money on roads we don't need. Still not convinced? Then go visit Commissioners Maxwell and Smith or the Traffic Engineer, and get them to show you on a map how their project will get you to your destination better than State 85.

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Restaurants rely on alcohol sales to turn a profit and the police will see this as an excuse to set up road blocks to make DUI busts - a big revenue generator for the city. This happened in PTC at Hanger 74 and the Y-Knot. Like PTC, Fayetteville cops will ticket you for going 3-5mph over the speed limit, so this will be a huge bonanza for them and people won't want to go out. The reason Senoia can attract restaurants and bars is because the city and the police came to an agreement not to hassle people unless they are obviously drunk. This will never happen in Mayberry...

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As long as we have ol Skippy (gota make a name for myself) in charge things will never change. We will continue to have cookie cutter franchise restaurants and no mom & pop restaurants. Hell if Skippy keeps going we'll soon have more cops in PTC than Citizens, Now that's Change you can believe in!

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