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Tea Party hosts BOE Candidate's Forum

The Fayette County Tea Party and Fayette-Coweta 912 Patriots will be co-hosting a second candidates’ forum for local office from 7-8:45 p.m. . This one will involve the contested seat for the Fayette County Board of Education race to be decided by voters in the July 20 primary.

The June 17 forum will feature incumbent school board member Dr. Bob Todd and challenger Charlie Cave. The event will be held at Christ’s Church at Whitewater, located at 1577 Ga. Highway South, between Whitewater Middle School and Whitewater High School.

.The forum will focus on school board issues only. An informal 30 minute meet and greet period will be from 7-7:30 p.m. The formal program will run from 7:30 – 8:45 p.m.
Each of the candidates will be given time to explain why we should vote for them. Following their presentations, the audience will be given adequate time to address questions to the candidates.

For more information please contact either David Barlow at Jim Richter at



suggarfoot's picture

Everyone showed up but one of the two Candidates! Dr Todd, wonderful, dependable, and a wealth of knowledge, showed up and answered any and all questions. That man is awesome.

But suspiciously absent was Charlie Cave. It seems at 4:30pm this afternoon he decided he had an upset tummy and couldn't show, but told them to just reschedule. Talk about leaving everyone holding the bag! (Looked like a case of cold feet, or realizing he couldn't answer questions if no one wrote down the answeres ahead of time.)

Really Charlie, how unrealistic of you to think that in 2 1/2 hours people could be reached to reschedule.

If this is an indication of your planning ability, accountability, or what you think you can do if elected, you are a bigger zero than anyone ever imagined.

I'm sure you will no show the next one, and the next one...and the next one.

What's next if you're elected, Charlie ... expecting the board to postpone important business because you have a hang nail? With Cave's absence, any kind of point/counterpoint agenda was eliminated in favor of a straight question/answer session. Dr Todd addressed each question (even the "I want to tell a lengthy story before asking my question" variety) with an ease of manner and a breadth of knowledge that prove he's the real deal. I was particularly impressed by Dr Todd's refusal to address or attack his opponent when he wasn't there to defend himself in person. Dr Todd is a true class act and deserves to be a driving force behind future education decisions in Fayette County.

ginga1414's picture

Last night's planned School Board Candidate Forum was a success even though Charlie Cave wasn't there. The Tea Party workers poured all their energy into presenting the candidates to Fayette County. The place looked great. The music was phenomenal. And, as the kids would saw, "Dr. Bob was absolutely awesome."

Dr. Bob is a wealth of knowledge on the Fayette County School System. He answered each and every question with the grace and ease of someone whose subject matter was a part of their being. Dr. Bob is the personification of the Fayette County School System. The love and concern he has for all the kids, teachers, and parents was more than apparent.

Thanks, Dr. Bob, for spending the evening with us. Thanks for answering all our questions. Thanks for being who you are. You have my vote.

So Charlie got sick from lunch at United Way...hummm
Did Dr. Ellis and Janet Smola get sick at this meeting to? Interesting.
Well, I guess this is that tactic to keep him away from the public and direct questioning. Well, when Janet is writing all your responses to questions, you can't do it in public!!!

suggarfoot's picture

What are we to think? Who did this?

I had a list of questions for you and am disappointed that you were unable to attend. I hope you are feeling better.

Based upon your responses on the League of Women Voters please respond to the following:

1. What specific school system committees were you on? Who were the other members of said committee? When did you all meet? What issues did you resolve?

2. What specific programs, that we offer, are NOT offered in other counties? I will assume that you will compare Fayette county with other counties that are similar in demographics, age and socioeconomic standings.

3. Which systems have eliminated foreign language, music, art, recess and PE? What is the evidence, you refer to, that shows the removal of said programs has created a negative impact?

4. How can your experience of working at a bank that is in federal receivership benefit the students of Fayette County?

5. If/when the state cuts more money from the local school systems, what is your plan?

ginga1414's picture

Even though Mr. Cave wasn't at last night's Candidate Forum, it would have been the responsible thing to do for Ms. Terri Smith to have taken his place and presented his views for him. I feel sure she and Ms. Smola are well versed on Mr. Cave's thoughts, ideas, feelings, and platform issues. I'm sure either or both of them could have taken his place quite nicely.

Just another little bit of information about last night's meeting, Steve Brown and Allen McCarty were there. Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell were not there. It seems to me that a county commissioner should be concerned with all aspects of what goes on in this county, especially the school system. Steve Brown and Allen McCarty had questions for Dr. Bob because they care about our kids.

The Tea Party did a great job and I really appreciate them for caring enough to go to all the trouble. Last night's meeting was video recorded and I truly hope they will make the video available to other folks who care about our school system. Everyone should contact the Tea Party folks for a copy. Dr. Bob is a wealth of information.

suggarfoot's picture

No doubt they had given them a lot of thought.

As in other elections, they are arrogant and don't show up, rather than courting the public's vote, the are confident of the block of developers and real estate stooges to see them through the election.

This has worked before because the public doesn't care.

Now they will have another stooge in place who can't think, but lets them tell him what to say.

Have you ever noticed, intelligent men are never in their equation? It must be hell to be henpecked by those two 'he men'.

suggarfoot's picture

"It seems that with a wife in place in the decision making end of the school system...the ex husband's income skyrocketed....

Prosecutors allege the four were involved in a criminal enterprise in which Pat Reid and Tony Pope treated the school district’s $500 million construction program as if it were their own piggy bank."

I don't want to see anyone elected that would have ties to banks that have been developer friendly, the tempation is always there, not saying anyone would circume to it.

I would much rather have someone like Dr Todd who is above reproach.

I read your comment regarding Renee Ellis a few days ago, but did not have time to respond. Today, I was unable to locate it. It shows on a google search, so I know that I am not losing my mind, but when I click on it I am taken to the contact page of the Citizen. Whatever! Anyway, yes, she was hired from Dekalb County. From what I've been told she was a speech teacher for three years prior to stepping into her current position. I have no idea if any of that is true. I've heard a lot of other stuff about her, including what you wrote, but, again, is it true? The latest I've heard is that certain board members want her for the next superintendent and that is why the community survey asked the specific question about a superintendent having experience as a principal. She does not. If she were an SPL in Dekalb county then she does not have classroom teaching experience either and has never been a teacher of record. I don't know where she earned her degree, but I pray that it is not one of those online degrees. Keep us posted as to what you find out.

suggarfoot's picture

I'm sure there are qualified people digging up the details.

Charlie Cave couldn't make the debate because Janet Smola had a conflict, and a suitable puppeteer could not be found on short notice.

suggarfoot's picture

should go ask Lee Wright what it feels like to be known as Janet's puppet.

I was indeed impressed by Dr. Todd's knowledge of education and how a school board should work. Charlie Cave, on the other hand, does not have any qualifications for the job, and would have to have fended off embarrassing questions regarding assistance, contributions and coaching by certain other Board members. Dr. Todd did not try to attack anyone. Can anyone imagine having to get up in front of a group of intelligent people with no continuing education in the educational field and then show how they were better qualified to sit on the School Board than Dr. Todd?

I will have to give the other Board members credit for not sending in confederates to attack Dr. Todd on issues that were not his fault. Charlie Cave should either offer to debate Dr. Todd on the issues, or withdraw from the race. People would admire him for that.

suggarfoot's picture

They are going to keep their future lap dog clear of any questions, that is why he can't attend any tea parties.

They might let him attend something where he is introduced, and asked nothing harder than what is his name,smiles, and shakes hands. To most people running, it would be an insult to not answer questions. I guess he is in agreement with them as to his limitations.

They are spinning his background. He finished high school. ?

They, Smith. Smola, and lapdog, are relying on their email trees, geared to each area of Fayette county. Same answers for all can't work!

They are also, from the size, and expense of the signs, relying on the developer, real estate bunch.



He needs you...the special interest will all vote FOR CAVE because it is more money for them..


it won't be Cave. Certainly not by my already cast vote!

ginga1414's picture

Extremely well said. I agree whole heartedly.

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