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Walgreens plan, senior apartment rezoning OK'd for PTC

With a development agreement in hand, and certain other concessions won, the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday approved a recommendation to rezone land off Newgate Road for 100 senior apartments.

The recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council, which has the final say on all zoning matters.

Also Monday the commission approved a conceptual site plan for a Walgreen’s store that would be built on the same site as the Ruby Tuesday restaurant at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway.

The Walgreens will be three times the size of the existing restaurant, which will be demolished.

Architecture for the site, including building materials and color selections, will be reviewed at an earlier date by the planning commission, but it will be a very important matter to the city as noted by Planning Commission Chairman Patrick Staples.

Staples said he expects the store to be void of Walgreens corporate architecture.

“Really no matter what we do on this corner, you’re gonna have a big old building,” Staples said. “... It has to look special. That’s a special corner in Peachtree City. To me that’s a critical factor.”

The store would have a few golf cart parking spaces at the front of the store with handicap parking on the other side of the front row. The lack of landscaping along the handicap spots on the concept plan drew some criticism from the commission, but Walgreens representative Scott Moore said that was a matter of meeting guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, by keeping patrons from being obstructed by landscaping as they enter and exit their vehicle.

Moore said the company hopes to break ground by Jan. 1 with a store opening date the following September.

The store will be located directly adjacent to a competing Rite-Aid pharmacy.

As to the senior apartments, they will be restricted to occupancy by persons ages 62 and up, and developer NorSouth agreed to a number of conditions including:
• Notifying the city of any ownership or management change for the property;
• Shift the security gates for resident parking further away from the road;
• Provide covered parking for golf carts; and
• Screening of mechanical units.

Those conditions and others will be incorporated into the deed for the property, which means that they will be applicable to Norsouth and any future owner of the parcel, said Community Development Director David Rast.

Rast noted that the complex will have to meet stringent guidelines administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs which includes the use of photo identification with date of birth printed thereon to verify the age of each resident.

Commissioners also asked NorSouth to look into providing a more direct golf cart path to access the adjacent Kedron Village shopping center.

The property in question is 5.26 acres and is currently zoned for 21 luxury townhomes in a development that never materialized.

Rast has recommended the rezoning be approved since it meets the city’s land use plan which calls for the parcel to be developed for a multifamily use.



It's currently zoned Limited Use Residential, for up to 21 units. This is a far cry from that. Hopefully, Council will take care of this oversight by the Planning Commission.

citizenal's picture

As I approach retirement I understand my needs and my thinking are changing but this is a bad decision for our city - again. I wonder if Mr. Rast is not the next position we need to change. He seemed to support the former council rather well that got us into our current mess and now says this is a good fit since it matches our land use plan simply because it is 'multi-family'. Well there are other considerations. High end multi-family, the current zoning, fits our city much better. Low income seniors are not going to be a good addition to a family oriented city. Once the land is gone - it is gone. We need to be very careful with these final parcels. What gives.

I quote from your article. LOW INCOME SENIORS ARE NOT GOING TO BE A GOOD ADDITION TO A FAMILY CITY. Unbelievalbe how you think you are so much better than another human being because of the almighty dollar. You will rot in hell.

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Before you get your thong into a wad, the occupancy rate for the one at the corner of Crosstown and Peachtree Parkway is substantially below maximum. How long do these things remain age restrictive while operating at a loss? The parent company will simply sell out, notify the city, and the new owners will have 100 apartments to rent, while decreasing the property values for those who are unlucky enough to live nearby.

Sound familiar?

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Money is not a qualifier but it is an indicator. Like the man said; it's a bad match. Look at our current "low income" housing if you can't understand that equation.

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our opinions are going to offend each other at times. That is no excuse for speaking with malice. Try speaking with dignity even if others don't deserve it. It will reflect well on you.

I am sensitive after years of a poorly run city leaving us in a big ditch. Perhaps I did not word it as well as I could have. We need to think carefully, not politically correctly. I am not rich, but I am blessed to be comfortable, and I am a qualified senior in some circles. We are accommodating a request to change our zoning and we should not do that if it is not a significant gain for the city. This isn't for many reasons.

Watch the tide turn on this one. And we aren't going to like the resulting vote to approve.

PTC is going to abandon city property,(our asset, us taxpayers,)to this apt. complex at the end of the road. A cul de sac. This, in essence, hands over ownership, FOR FREE, to Norsouth. We get nothing in return.

Thirteen conditions put on this project by planning to hand to city council to approve??? Tell me, with that many conditions, doesn't that raise a red flag to all that this is not a smart decision? That it doesn't fit the zoning (LUR-13 now going to GR Thurs.), and even with these conditions makes it a no brainer to say no?

None of the conditions above even begin to address the newly created traffic issues this will create at the intersections of Newgate, Georgian Park Dr., the back entrance to Kedron shopping ctr., and the one entrance/exit to the condos at Las Brasis. In addition, there is the golf cart tunnel, the lack of path into shopping center. When brought up by the comm. member, one of the reps. of Norsouth just smiled, and shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, indicating "not OUR problem". An issue that has already been brought forward by the condo. assoc., city staff, and planning comm. They had already mentioned that drivers are ignoring the one way designations there and are jumping curbs and dividers to get in and out going the wrong way. An issue that our PD, our traffic engineers, our public works will now have to devote time to (with no staff) to correct. All while trying to appease all the commercial and residential daily users of this roadway.

That a planning comm. member's wife stands to gain financially, when her business up the hill on Georgian Park Dr. will be able to operate at these apts.? Now, granted this member is a volunteer, the planning comm. recommendation is nonbinding on city council's decision, but wouldn't you think the member would abstain from this vote to approve?

No matter the rhetoric from Norsouth, their record stands. They currently have NO properties that they own, NONE that the manage in the greater Altanta area. They sold out their interest last fall, and did away with their management staff. So, now they are left with a construction co. and a few owners. So what is to prevent the same from occuring again in the short term? Let the principals take the money and run. The conditions remain on the property, but new ownerhsip and or management would come in.

Other issues concerning the apt. residents and flood plain and gating are still not addressed. People, you need to get involved and either e-mail council or show up at the meeting Thurs. to voice your opinion.

These are very well connected developers in the state of Ga. and there is pressure coming from outside this city to approve (ARC= Atlanta Regional Comm., DCA = Ga. Dept. of Community Affairs) just to name two of them. Unless YOU speak up to say YOU don't want it, just watch the vote to approve. You and I have the ability to tell council to let this one go by the wayside, and allow this property to retain the LUC 13 zoning, which would prevent a 100 unit apt. complex of ANY nature to go in there.

Finally, as for the David Rast comment in another post here, it is on record that he is now on first name basis with this developer, and even with his new title (no longer interim community dev. director, he is now community development director-well deserved), he has has yet to learn that development of ALL types are NOT where he should focus. And, he needs to learn to draw lines of professional courtesy vs. overt favoritism toward all developers coming to our city looking for handouts.

Shades of the past regime of city council that did such a crappy job of NOT controlling our community growth. Since they are no longer here, it will be up to this council to state their newly voted in mandate and not let our upper management of city staff dictate bad choices for us that will last for decades.

Strange how some people think we need more apartments, MARTA buses and all that stuff. This is really sad.

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Horrible idea. No leadership from Rast(nothing new there) or the wrongly-named "Planning Commission."

When the new senior complex at Crosstown isn't close to even 50% occupancy and is doomed for failure, why is it a good idea to re-zone and allow more apartments than what is already in the land use plan? Doesn't any of the boneheads around PTC remember Peachtree Station/Harmony Village and what a terrible blight that is on not only the city but the school system?

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