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PTC planners delay vote on Hwy. 54W big box retail

A proposal for a 164,000-square-foot shopping center on Ga. Highway 54 West at Line Creek Drive was presented to the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night. No vote was taken.

The plan for what is being called “McIntosh Village 2.0” includes a large “big box” tenant of up to 65,000 square feet and three junior anchors around 20,000 to 30,000 square feet each.

For a visual comparison, the Braelinn Kroger grocery store comes in at just under 70,000 square feet, so the largest store proposed for this development will come in a bit under that.

Because the shopping center exceeds the city’s size limit of 150,000 square feet, and the largest store exceeds 35,000 square feet, Trinity Development will need a special use permit from the City Council.

Trinity Development is also pursuing a traffic light on Ga. Highway 54, and also a connection through the Line Creek Nature Area property to the Shoppes at the Village Piazza retail center at MacDuff Parkway, where a traffic light already exists.

Several planning commissioners said that connection was very important for the viability of the struggling Village Piazza center.

Jim Lowe, representing Trinity, asked the commission to vote on the matter Monday night, saying that he hated to lose another month in losing potential tenants, since companies won’t talk with them until some level of city approval is authorized for the project.

But the commission was steadfast in saying they’d rather wait one more month, particularly since all the various conditions were not in writing, and neither was the proposed special use permit.

Generally, the Trinity Development proposal was well-received by the commission, but the commission’s vote is one of recommendation only. The final say rests with the City Council due to the necessity of the Special Use Permit.

Council approval is also needed for an agreement to sell or swap all of Line Creek Drive and Line Creek Court, two streets that dead-end on Trinity’s property only. That proposal generated controversy when the previous developer of the property asked for and got approval from the 2007-2008 council for the sale of the two roads.

The project is located on a parcel that backs up to the Cardiff Park subdivision. As such, Trinity Development has committed to a 75-foot buffer and also a landscaped berm that will have plantings to screen Cardiff Park residents from the shopping center.

One Cardiff Park resident, Tim Lydell, said he supported the proposal from Trinity Development. Lydell has been involved with a citizen’s group that has interfaced with both Trinity and a previous developer on the project.

Lydell said he felt that although the project wasn’t perfect, he felt the developer could be convinced to make the final necessary changes.

“We find them to be extremely cooperative,” Lydell said.

Caren Russell, who lives nearby in the Planterra Ridge subdivision, said she thought the shopping center will look much like The Avenue.

The proposal includes a special pedestrian walkway linking the smaller shops along Ga. Highway 54 with the big and junior box stores that will be set further from the highway. Also the plan includes a heavily-landscaped entrance off Hwy. 54 with a roundabout and a potential water feature.

Golf cart parking spaces will be provided along the sidewalks that are in front of the larger retail buildings, according to the plan.

As for the connection to the nearby shopping center to the west, Trinity Development has been in discussions with the Southern Conservation Trust, which owns the Line Creek Nature Area, to add features such as a playground, restrooms or other amenities in exchange for allowing the road connection through the northern portion of the Line Creek Nature Area parcel.



What’s the difference between this proposed development and the last one?

Both proposals want a Big Box.

Both proposals want PTC to sell them the same roads.

Both proposals require a SUP from the City Council.

Both proposals would look much like The Avenue.

Both proposals would add additional buffering/plantings.

Both proposals want another traffic light on Hwy. 54 less than 800 feet from an existing traffic light.

Neither proposal is willing to connect to Planterra Way and use the existing traffic light.

Tim Lydell of Cardiff Park is in favor of it.

No doubt Trinity Development has a backup plan written on a wet bar napkin that shows a gas station and a Hooters if they can’t get what they want.

If not, McMurrain will lend them his old one.

Based on what I’ve read so far this new development is the exact same thing as what McMurrain had proposed.

As with the last proposal my biggest concern with this development is the new traffic light on Hwy. 54. If the developer can arrange with the city to have an entrance/exit connected to Planterra Way and a right in/right out ONLY curb cut on Hwy. 54 I have no problem with it.

I don't see that helping anything. Otherwise, I want this too look as nice as possible...

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bad_ptc: The difference between this and the Doug McMurrian plan is that this one has the added bonus of bulldozing a road through a nature preserve. That's a new wrinkle.

I guess I am not following the logic as to how the Village Piazza retail space is going to be "saved" by another access road connecting it to another retail plaza. It already has it's own light at MacDuff with direct access to 54W. Could a likely alternative be that that the area has already reached saturation point with retail development? Which might explain why the anchor store the Village Piazza is a "Dollar Store"?

thus no true "anchor" stores. I'm guessing the Kobe Steakhouse is just as big as the Dollar Store.

I would like to know more about this big box store that they are seeking the special use permit for in this newest proposal.

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CCD tossed out names over a number of years before the Planning Commission and City Council. As I recall, most of them (when contacted) denied any interest in locating on that property.

When the Special Use Permit for CCD expired in June 2010, the only retailer which was supposedly interested (according to Doug McMurrain) was Kohls. Which I presume is now not a viable retail option for this property under Trinity.

I have heard the name Academy Sports thrown around lately. It will always be standard practice for a store to deny they are looking.

All this shuffling is due to the Bank's plans!

When the zoning is changed and roads are bought, etc., they can then justify increasing the value of the property for lots of reasons!

I wouln't want to work at a BANK doing that stuff, nor Wall Street, nor these dudes who write up loan papers for banks. "Money Changers."

Just like Vegas or Mega Millions! Or Mega Churches.

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3 medium boxes in front of 1 large box will not resemble The Avenue in any way. It will look a lot like that Ingalls near Thomas Crossroads. In fact that may be the mystery tenant - Ingalls. Either that or Food Lion. Talk about an unneeded and unwanted addition to the retail scene in PTC. Oh well, let the customers decide.

Live free or die!

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Cap City proposal also included landscaping the median on 54 from the bridge to Macduff... lets get everything we can if they build this thing...


John Mumford has a story in the "print" Citizen the "TRINITY" is now coming forth with a much smaller 69,000 sq ft of retail including a gas station right off the highway.

1) this land has a huge sign on it saying FOR SALE - BANK OWNED.

Does the developer own the land or are they negotiating prior to purchase.

2) if this plan includes a gas station,, why is it page 2 news in print and and not out where people especially Planterra residents can find it ?

The plan just submitted by Trinity is a totally new plan. It looks nothing like what is described in this June article above or they have presented before.

Maybe Cal Beverly would be kind enough to publish online the new article before tomorrow's meeting.

The meeting tomorrow is a workshop, no vote will be taken.

The bank still owns the property. In my opinion, this is a real step backwards from the last plan. And if I read correctly, they want PTC to keep ownership and maintain Line Creek Circle and Line Creek Dr.

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