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Why is bypass so crucial?

Why does the bypass have such strong support from commissioners Frady, Hearn and Horgan? Do you ever ask yourself that question?

The road goes nowhere, it is wasting millions of dollars and there has never been a road study to support why it should be built.

The hidden force that has convinced the group of three, that this road is a must build, should make most people with common sense more then a little suspicious of the commissioners’ motivations.

I say hidden force because those people have never come forth to the public to state their reasons for supporting this road project.

Now there is a method to end the craziness that has taken over our county for the last few years. The group of three has made the claim that the voters approved the project with the 2004 SPLOST. Now the commission can verify that conclusion.

Give the people the opportunity to vote and we will know absolutely which side has the right side of the argument. Not Mr. Frady or Mr. Brown but the voter of Fayette County.

Stopping the bypass and paying down debt will help the county and all of the cities. Our county government can return to a more normal atmosphere. There is no reason that holds water why this commission would not let the voter decide this issue once and for all.

Ray Watt

Peachtree City, Ga.



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and straight to the point. Let the taxpayers decide what they want to do with their own money. How hard is that?

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vote to give additional money to the FC Commission by passing the SPLOST years ago for "roads and transportation needs." Once you signal your intention to give the government "extra money" in taxes by going out and voting YES I WANT TO PAY MORE, it's truly hell trying to ever get it back from them in any form that you might like. Plus, the citizens become sheeple and come to believe it's a total necessity and extend it over and over in many cases.

suggarfoot's picture

taxpayers were sheeple to do that. It is very sad they are tyring to hold us back on voting what we can and can't do with our taxes.

Even if they build their roads for the developers, I don't see people foaming at the mouth to move here. And then if the developers do get them here, then the new roads will be crowded.

There idea of 'build it and they will come' just doesn't work as the schools have proven.

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