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PTC planners OK 100-unit senior apartments in Kedron

With a development agreement in hand, and certain other concessions won, the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday approved a recommendation to rezone land off Newgate Road for 100 senior apartments.

The recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council, which has the final say on all zoning matters.

Several council members have been skeptical about the project based on concerns if the project should fail that it would become open to tenants of all ages.

The senior apartments will be restricted to occupancy by persons ages 62 and up, and developer NorSouth agreed to a number of conditions including:

• Notifying the city of any ownership or management change for the property;

• Shift the security gates for resident parking further away from the road;

• Provide covered parking for golf carts; and

• Screening of mechanical units.

Those conditions and others will be incorporated into the deed for the property, which means that they will be applicable to Norsouth and any future owner of the parcel, said Community Development Director David Rast.

Rast noted that the complex will have to meet stringent guidelines administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, which includes the use of photo identification with date of birth printed thereon to verify the age of each resident.

Commissioners also asked NorSouth to look into providing a more direct golf cart path to access the adjacent Kedron Village shopping center.

The property in question is 5.26 acres and is currently zoned for 21 luxury townhomes in a development that never materialized.

Rast has recommended the rezoning be approved since it meets the city’s land use plan which calls for the parcel to be developed for a multifamily use.



DCA has stringent guidelines, including the use of photo ID?? Gee, David, name me an apt. complex in Peachtree City now that DOESN"T require photo ID to rent????

What a ridiculous justification for approving the imposition of a state of Ga. housing authority to come into OUR city and dictate ridiculous rules???

Are we not BETTER than this, David Rast?

You think hacks at the state level will IMPROVE the apt. situation at hand for us, David? Oh, that's right, they have lots of experience helping Norsouth build their SECTION 8 housing in the last 10 years before Norsouth wised up and decided that the regulations imposed didn't allow them to make a PROFIT, so they sold ALL the properties that DCA helped them build with their DCA tax credits. Ask David how much whining Norsouth ownership does ABOUT the "stringent guidelines" DCA has.

Oh, and David, just in case you have forgotten this minor fact, in your rush to bend over backwards for this developer. Multifamily is defined as: "A dwelling designed for, or occupied by, THREE or more families living independently of each other." This includes apts. condos, health care and townhouses. NO WHERE does it say it HAS to be 100 unit apartment buildings. The current land use is just fine and does NOT EXCLUDE the current zoning of LUR 13.

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