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PTC Planning Commission green-lights big Walgreens

A conceptual plan to raze Peachtree City’s Ruby Tuesday restaurant and replace it with a much larger Walgreens pharmacy was approved Monday by the Peachtree CIty Planning Commission.

The Walgreens, located at the corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway, will be three times the size of the existing restaurant.

Architecture for the site, including building materials and color selections, will be reviewed at a later date by the planning commission, but it will be a very important matter according to Planning Commission Chairman Patrick Staples.

Staples reiterated Monday that he expects the store to be unique and void of Walgreens corporate architecture.

“Really no matter what we do on this corner, you’re gonna have a big old building,” Staples said. “... It has to look special. That’s a special corner in Peachtree City. To me that’s a critical factor.”

A Walgreens representative has assured the city that despite the large size of the store compared to the existing restaurant, all the existing landscaping surrounding the site off the highway and Peachtree Parkway will remain.

Several citizens have complained that Walgreen’s should find a better location since the current site proposal would put it directly adjacent to a competitor: the Rite-Aid pharmacy.

The Walgreens store would have a few golf cart parking spaces at the front of the store with handicap parking on the other side of the front row. The lack of landscaping along the handicap spots on the concept plan drew some criticism from the commission, but Walgreens representative Scott Moore said that was a matter of meeting guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, by keeping patrons from being obstructed by landscaping as they enter and exit their vehicle.

Moore said the company hopes to break ground by Jan. 1 with a store opening date the following September.



Now that is just not true. What was said last night was that Walgreens intends on bulldozing a sidewalk path THRU the existing berm on the northeast corner of the pkg. lot, going straight out to the corner of Peachtree Pakway and Hwy 54. The shrubs, the grass, the crepe myrtles will all be gone. Replaced by a visible concrete walkway to nowhere.

All this disruption and eyesore of a LANDMARK BERM on our LANDMARK intersection is just to put one of the biggest boondoggle eyesores...the pedestrian light and cement v-shaped sidewalk that ends AT the corner and goes NOWHERE. Just like at City Hall and Hwy 54. Except, they are going to destroy the berm to do it.

Let's not sugarcoat this mess, please correct your article. Thanks.

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"It has to look special. That’s a special corner in Peachtree City."

Sure it is. It's such a special corner that we're going from a restaurant to a drug store, three times the current footprint.

Mr. Staples, please- if there's anything else this special to you in Peachtree City please move to Riverdale or Fairburn.

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Im gonna keep this simple.....I DONT LIKE THIS IDEA!!! Walgreens should go somewhere else and what about Ruby Tuesday are they just leaving PTC or are they relocating to another location?????

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Can you say big box Mr Haddox

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that the property is already zoned for a drug store or anything else commercial. Bad decision? Yes, but the bad decision is Walgreen's - so boycott them. The mayor has nothing to do with it. In fact, I believe Planning Commission is the only stop they have to make on the trail to approval to build this stupid thing. Mayor and city council have no real input.

Again boycott Walgreen's and they will go away - or maybe not and then we will have a 14,00 square foot Mexican resturant in a few years after Walgreen's fails.

Live free or die!

Sorry, can't blame the mayor for this one. Walgreens bought the land, the zoning was already in place.

E-mail and let him know we won't spend our money at this location, but we have other locations in PTC for them, if they insist on coming here.

I agree, there has to be a better spot.

There are more than enough drug stores in town. I do not cater to them nor do I intend to. They are overpriced and Walmart fits the bill for me.

know, that we will not shop at their store. We do not want it and we will not use it. Boycotting them will not hurt as as there surely are enough places to get our drugs (legitimate ones--the others are a different matter!) with Walmart the cheapest and at the forefront. If enough people let them know we do not want them they may reconsider. It may work but we had better be quick and keep at them before it goes too far and we find ourselves with the new year presenting yet another eyesore and unneeded facility. Hit them where it hurts--their bottom line and they will take notice. Thanks for the e-mail address.

I really don't know! What is wrong with Walgreen's? The more competition the better!
I do know that the drugstore currently located behind Ruby Tuesdat (or beside) is terrible. They are out of most medications all of the time.
What is needed is a drug store that is open 24/7!

Wal-Mart, Kroger or one of the others. You definitely should not be without your meds.

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who needs the jobs and tax revenue anyway.. Go away business Peachtree City doesn't want you.. However we have some nice property in Fayetteville that needs filling..

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

So where is the logic of encouraging to competitors to have stores side by side (Walgreens & RiteAid) and eliminating a favorite restuarant, Ruby Tuesday, that is both affordable and family friendly? The corner of Peachtree Parkway and 54 is already distressed with the long vacant mini-Kroger. By allowing two direct competitors to be side by side you are intentionally creating a situation where one of them will be belly up and dark within a year.... Creating more Blight than would ever be experienced by just building a bigger store on that corner---not to mention construction for 9 months. Ruby Tuesdays is a VERY NEEDED varietal and affordable resturant for the area that is kid friendly, easily accessible by golf cart or bike as alternative to driving to the 74/54 intersection. When you sent out a survey asking what residents wanted more of, wasn't one of the things restuarants....not more drug stores. I'm wondering which zoning person did Walgreens bribe to get into that location. Norcross saw this happen as it let CVS's come in accross the street from Walgreens and Eckerds....only to have empty shells for YEARS just a year later as one of them abandoned the location. Finally a Check Cashing place or a dollar general went in.... defintely the type of business we want to encourage to join our business community in Peachtree City. Are you guys elected or selected? Maybe this is another indication that you need suck it up and provide funding for an economic development person who actually thinks through the impact of zoning and attracting/losing businesses in the area.

Karen Rands & Jim Bock Peachtree City Residents

Walgreens has been trying to be on that corner for years. IF Steve Brown had gotten his way, they would be across the street where the Church sits now.

The property is zoned commercial, the owners have decided to sell out to CVS. I agree it's a shame, but it's not the City's fault.

CVS will own the new Walgreen spot? Confusing!

Should say Walgreens, obviously...... :)

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The property was and is zoned COMMERCIAL and has been for many years. The property is being sold and will still be COMMERCIAL. Exactly what are the "City Planners" supposed to do about this? The site plan is about the only control the City has on this matter and even then that is limited.

As far as whether Ruby Tuesday's is VERY NEEDED or not, talk to them about it since they didn't want to buy the property when the owner put it up for sale. Is the City supposed to buy this property so then it can be developed as YOU would like it to be? Is the City supposed to after-the-fact rezone the property to something YOU would like?

As far as what some survey says, that has zero significance to do with this piece of property that is owned by a private entity that can do whatever they want to with the property as long as it follows the existing ordinances of PTC, which they are doing/have done.

In case you haven't heard as obviously you know very little about PTC, the Kroger spot is about to be occupied and that's hardly a "blighted" shopping center to begin with, even with the vacancy.

I have to agree that you are correct about the zoning and ownership of the property, but it would have been nice to have seen the Lutherans across the street directly to have become rich and it built there! Zoning can be and is often changed. Who owned the land where Ruby Tuesday sits?

Now, answer this for me:
Someone owns the building the Muslims want in NYC a couple of blocks from the new Twin Towers which is zoned correctly.
Should they be allowed to build a Mosque there? Would it be OK if a Methodist group wanted it instead? Voodoos, maybe?

totally should delete this post!
Read the comments below.

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