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Chase Bank to raze, replace Kedron KFC

The former Kentucky Fried Chicken building in the Kedron Village shopping center may soon cluck its way into oblivion.

Chase Bank has submitted a proposal to demolish the empty former KFC at the corner of Peachtree Parkway and Georgian Park in favor of a 3,421 square-foot bank with 30 parking spaces.

Chase also wants to remove a significant amount of landscaping that would be replaced and maintained, a company representative told the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

There was no action taken by the commission on the plan for the 1.39-acre site as it was discussed in the informal workshop session designed to allow commissioners to give feedback before plans come up for a vote at subsequent meetings.

While a variance will be needed for that many parking spaces, the 30 spots are necessary because of longer transactions necessitated with mortgages, for example, a company representative told the commission. Under the city’s current ordinance the development would only qualify for up to 14 parking spaces.

The bank would also have a drive-through area separate from the bank that would be served by underground pneumatic tubes and also by a video link to the teller.

Planning Commissioner David Conner said he thought the corner landscaping area would be a good opportunity for Chase to exploit to beautify the area.

The bank is also proposing to add underground stormwater detention, whereas the site currently has no stormwater detention facility at all.

Planning Commissioner Frank Destadio said he thought the redevelopment would be a great improvement for the corner.

In other business, the commission approved a conceptual site plan for a new office-warehouse development off Naeco Way called Integrity Fusion Products. There would be no manufacturing on-site but the company would need some outdoor area for temporary storage of plastic pipe fittings material.

The site plan includes a 62,500 sq. ft. warehouse and a 5,000 sq. ft. office.


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