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PTC denies senior apartment rezoning

A proposal to rezone a 5.6 acre site off Newgate Road for a 100-unit age restricted senior apartment complex was denied Thursday night by the Peachtree City Council.

The vote to deny the rezoning came on a 4-1 vote with Councilwoman Kim Learnard the only vote supporting the rezoning. The proposal from Norsouth development company was for the apartments to be age restricted to persons 62 and older.

Learnard said she felt the proposal was a good fit for the city’s needs of the aging population and she felt the project, aimed mostly at seniors who have a retirement income around $30,000, did not quality as a “low income” category.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch said she would rather see Norsouth target other appropriate sites in the city which already have the necessary rezoning for apartments as a redevelopment project; Councilman Doug Sturbaum said he agreed.

Councilman Eric Imker said he couldn’t support the density on the site increasing five fold.

Mayor Don Haddix said he was concerned if the project failed the site would remain vacant after it is built.

The parcel is located on Newgate Road directly adjacent to the Kedron Village shopping center and is currently zoned limited use residential for 21 luxury townhomes that never materialized.

Norsouth proposed the age restriction to become part of the property deed so if it changes hands later on down the road all future owners and managers will have to meet the age restriction.

But it was also made clear that the age restriction could be lifted by a future council if they decided to.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Good decision on the senior apartments. Not sure where Kim's head is at. Just because we like something as an individual doesn't mean we abandon zoning and land use and common sense and vote for it as a councilperson. She needs to be watched carefully on future votes. This is a danger sign. Fortunately we seem to have 4 solid members who will protect the city from these unwanted invasions. If only Brown's council had stood up to McMurrain like this, we would still have a decent chance on the west side. Sure we would have been sued, but the delay would be worth the cost. as he wouldn't have won the lawsuit until 2007 or 8 and by then it would have been impossible to obtain financing. And we would have at least 1 side of 54 undeveloped with adults in charge of council.

Live free or die!

Thats right, so many of you discriminate against age and income. It is a commercial area. What better place to build this needed complex.

NUK_1's picture

The very concept of age-restricted apartments for seniors only is pure discrimination in and of itself.

This rezoning was hardly "needed" and glad to see the City Council hold the line on the land use plan this time and say "NO."

decision by 4 out of 5 Council members to say no to this zoning change. The property is too small and there would have been a screwy traffic mess there. Way too much time was wasted by staff on this project and we are better off waiting for a more appropriate use of this land.

This Council has the makings of one of the best to ever represent this city for the times we are in and the issues we face and what we need to do to go forward to get out of messes created by others in the past. I thank them for this vote and hope others in PTC do, too.

financial wise and I oppose it whole heartedly. If they are unable to fill this complex we will have another empty facility. Most seniors who live here own their own homes and I doubt very seriously if there are many who are living here or wanting to move here who would be interested in renting an apartment. I, for one, do not want to see another empty complex or to see another low cost "project" and you can call me discriminatory if you like. The one we have now is an eyesore and just ask the people in the adjoining Bob Adams homes how they appreciate the destruction of their property or the aggrivation they get--and most of the residents of the Bob Adams homes are senior citizens. Good job council--keep looking out for our city.

Good job.

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