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$175K fix approved for PTC tennis center roof

A low bid of $174,900 was approved at the most recent City Council meeting to restore the roof over the covered courts at the Peachtree City Tennis Center.

Currently, when it rains, a leak in the roof makes the courts useless for indoor play, and the repairs will add a waterproof membrane on the roof that comes with a 10-year warranty, said City Engineer David Borkowski.

The application of the membrane will take about two months to finish because the workers will have to use caution to avoid windy conditions that could otherwise lead the spray to land on nearby vehicles.

Funding for the project is coming from the city’s $3 million facilities bond that was authorized for facility repairs and improvements to existing city facilities.

Council’s vote to approve the low bid from NTEC Systems was unanimous. However, one citizen objected to the amount of money the city was spending on the facilities bond instead of using the money to fix cart paths that have fallen out of disrepair.

The resident noted that the cart paths are the city’s main calling card “that we brag to the world about,” and when he takes out-of-town visitors on the paths they say the paths are nice, but they also ask when they are going to be fixed.

The point was made that at least 80 percent of city residents use the golf cart paths and a far smaller number actually uses the tennis center. Mayor Don Haddix noted that the contract with Canongate, the private company that operates the tennis center for the city, calls for the city to keep the facility maintained, so council has little choice in the matter.

The second-lowest bid of $176,200 for the roof repair came from Watertight Roofing. The city got a total of five bids for the project, with the highest being $399,500 from MOPAC.



Anyone see that infomercial for the stuff they spray on a screen door, replace the bottom of a boat with it and float around on it? Hmmm. Wonder how big the hole in the roof is...

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