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Apartments get less scrutiny than car wash

Fayetteville Council: We will be missing your approval of the PCD rezoning because of a prior commitment.

I attended two of the three Planning and Zoning meetings about the apartments to be built at the Villages at LaFayette Park. I knew that our subdivision was in trouble at the first meeting. The questions were about water features, paint colors, and elevators; not about what was happening to the PCD.

Our only hope is that you will consider the following:

1. Limit the development to 190 units, which still will be denser than any other apartment complex in town.

2. That you will limit the apartments to two stories. No other apartment complex in town has three stories.

3. That you consider what two buildings of 54 units look like in the city. No other apartment complex has this many units in a building.

4. That you consider what these three-story buildings will look like across the street from one-story buildings.

At the first reading I spoke about the Pinewood Express and Ben Nelms’ article told the story well, “Smooth sailing.” The developer acknowledged the plans were too far along to include some of Mrs. [Carolyn] Cary’s comments. You can complete your building plans before approval if you know the approval is guaranteed.

I have attended city and county meetings for years and do not want to sound like many who oppose a rezoning; but this vote will be one of those legacy votes that you make as an elective official. This project will change the character of the Main Street District and Fayetteville.

There has been more discussion by Planning and Zoning and the City Council about a car wash than an apartment complex that changes the direction of future city development.

Commission and council members checked on other car washes by the developer. Have any of you checked on other apartments by this developer? Why does this development get a lesser review?

Tony and Mary Parrott
Fayetteville, Ga.



Could this be another community development plan that will pushed through for the best interests of those wanting something big on their resume?

It's obvious that it's being pushed through for the best reasons.

I went to the developers website last week and found nothing but outdated projects and no proof that they are active owners. It's got flip written all over it. Don't know what promises can be grandfathered when the developers sell to investors looking for long term gains or write offs. One can simply go to the website and click on the link at the bottom of the home page to get a list of their developments. All one has to do is call each one to see if they are still owned by the developer or flipped. Developers like this prefer to flip and start the next project. It's just how the game is played.

Best of luck to those one story homes that will be overshadowed by these taller buildings. Better start investing in curtains.

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This would be a good time to drink a six-pack of shut up after what you did/didn't do at the Water Dept for years and years.

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