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PTC announces their schedule for Independence Day celebration

Peachtree City will host its annual Independence Day Celebration on Saturday, July 3. The parade will begin promptly at 9 a.m. The PTC Fire Department will hold the fire expo from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Drake Field and the fireworks will be set off at dusk.

The parade begins on Peachtree Parkway near the Braelinn Golf Course. It will proceed north on Peachtree Parkway, crossing over Crosstown Road, will turn left onto McIntosh Trail and will disperse at Huddleston Elementary School and McIntosh Trail Recreation Complex. PTC Police and recreation staff will be up at City Hall at 5 p.m. clearing the vehicles out of the parking lots. The parking lots at City Hall and Picnic Park are reserved for permit and handicap parking only. All unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. The All Children’s Playground will be open until 8 p.m. for play. After 8 p.m. the playground will close and everyone will be asked to leave the area due to the fire safety zone in effect.

To ensure safety of parade viewers please be aware that PTC Police and recreation staff will be pulling up all above ground stakes, rebar, boulders, logs, tree limbs, etc. For safety reasons we are asking that you secure your tarps or blankets with in ground tent stakes, in ground nails, sand bags, water jugs, floor mats, etc.

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Why not July 4th for the fireworks especially...the Parade, etc, I can understand.

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to know the answer to this one. Its the Thumpers, as in Bible. You just don't mess with Sunday in the South (same reason we are one of the only states left that don't have Sunday alcohol sales).

hmmmm....gotta think about that one. How about securing your blankie with your big fat body? If you want dibs the day before on the best spots, you should have to suffer with an overnighter on the Parkway.:)

Only in Georgia does the church is more important than anything else, including our country. Even though it plays a double standard what happens when not in church.
Why does the parade have to be on a Saturday. Every where else it's on a Sunday.....C'mon Georgia it's 2010 live in the present and not the past.

for having July 4th on the 3rd. What a bunch of wusses! However, I won't be here for the first time in years and years. Hopefully, the town I will be in will celebrate the 4th on the damn 4th! Stupid town council and mayor. What were you thinking?

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Actually Staff does the scheduling. Council never has.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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This year's scheduling of Peachtree City's Independence Day fireworks and parade on Saturday, July 3, mirrors what was done in 2004 and 1999, when July 4 fell on Sundays.

Those who say this has to do with Sunday morning church services are correct, but not in the way some might think -- church services are attended by a whole lot of folks the City wants to have as both spectators and parade participants, right along with those who may not attend church.

At some point prior to my coming to work for the City (1996), events were held on a July 4 Sunday, with the parade in the afternoon -- in July. Not surprisingly, City Hall (which was the end-point of the parade when it started at Booth) was filled with victims of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, and future July 4 Sundays resulted in events being scheduled for the July 3 Saturday. This maximizes the participation for both parade and fireworks, and keeps staffing for the events to one day (rather than having employees work both days to have the parade on Saturday and Fireworks on Sunday).

While you still might prefer having the events on Sunday, July 4, I hope that helps to explain the history and the rationale of the Saturday lineup.


Betsy Tyler
Public Information Officer/City Clerk
City of Peachtree City

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There are several major municipalities that have parades in addition to fireworks. To a parade, they start at 1pm or later on July 4th. Cities such as Columbus, Ohio; Chicago, Ill; Pittsburgh, PA. Some municipalities have their fireworks display on July 3. This is because of sunday night being an eve to a work day more than any other reason. Why throw a parade on a sunday morning that would not be largely attended, when it could be largely attended on a saturday morning? The anti-religious bent on some on this blog is grating at times. Especially when that bent is normally followed with a pronouncement that sounds like they are claiming themselves to be divine.

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Now you've gone and done it. The mention of how it's done up North will bring more brick bats than than you care to dodge. That along with a bunch of invitations to "go back to where you came from you (fill in you own vile choice here)".

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It wasn't a particularly hard exercise to go on each of those cities' websites and find out when their festivities are scheduled to happen. I could not find any municipality that has a parade that has scheduled such a parade on the Sunday morning of July 4th. It is much more easy to thump their chests and claim that those fundies are out to get them, instead of actually doing the investigation to find out why things are the way they are.

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I really don't care about this issue as it's way down their on the importance scale and I don't think it's a religious issue as much of a "how can we schedule a parade where the most people can reasonably attend; how hot will it be during this parade; how do we do the staffing for crowd control, etc.

With a judicial system in total shambles, PTC's short-term financial future looking incredibly bad, the BOE up to their usual ineptitude.....when a parade or fireworks is scheduled just doesn't seem like something to get all upset about.

to stick with the 4th....lots of history there, and a nice City to visit for sure.

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thanks Nuk.

I'm just glad we can have them. I totally understand why they wouldn't have a parade on Sunday, AM.

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We both know it doesn't take much to get this bunch going.

Too bad for Braelinn Golf Course not having Saturday access again from the Parkway. I guess those revenue strapped 'staffers' don't mind penalizing their paying customers. Maybe next year they'll start at Booth, but I digress, that would be uphill.

If things hold true, next year the fireworks will be paid for by the PTC Tourism Assn.

They have decided to have multiple floats and bands and horses( of course) stand in place for two hours, while we all jump on golf carts and busses and we drive by them. Then, we all parade to your house for a slammin' bbq in your back yard and fireworks at dusk in front of your house, out in the street. This will all be on Monday, the Fourth, next year.

The moral of this story is, be careful what you wish for. The first sentence is the only truth here.:)

Braelinn has, in years past, had a shotgun start at 8 am on the 4th. That way, anyone who wants to play is in before the parade starts and done after it's over. Works great. Then you have the rest of the day for cookouts and other stuff.

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You did not stir anything up. I do not remember you nearly as strident as others.

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