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Third arrest made in Planterra robbery

A third arrest has been made in connection to a June 6 robbery in the parking lot of the Planterra Golf Club on Peachtree City’s west side. Statements from the victim indicated the attack and theft could be related to a form of retaliation over a prior incident involving one of the attackers.

Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove said 18-year-old Sharpsburg resident Alexander Rochee was arrested June 14 by Peachtree City Police and charged with robbery. The arrest followed those of Tyler Crowder, 20, of Tyrone and Richard Blake, 19, of Sharpsburg, both arrested on June 7 on robbery charges, Dove said.

The June 6 incident unfolded at approximately 10:45 p.m. when officers were called to the Planterra Golf Club in reference to a robbery, according to reports. Officers at the scene contacted the 19-year-old male victim and his girlfriend, age 16, who said she witnessed the robbery.

The victim told officers he and his girlfriend met Crowder, who he described as a friend, at the Walmart off Ga. Highway 54. The three subsequently left the Walmart and rode together in Crowder’s car under the premise that they were going to meet with a friend of Crowder’s prior to dropping off the victim’s girlfriend and then carpooling to Atlanta, the victim said. They proceeded to the Planterra Golf Club where they were supposed to meet Crowder’s friend “Jake.” At that point Crowder asked for the victim’s cell phone to call “Jake.” Crowder and the victim exited the vehicle to smoke a cigarette while waiting for Crowder’s friend, reports said.

The victim told officers that once he exited the vehicle two black males ran from the woods and pushed him against Crowder’s car. The victim told officers he recognized the two as being Richard Blake and Alex Rochee, according to reports. The victim said he asked Crowder what was going on, with Crowder responding, “Sorry, bro,” reports said.

The victim said Blake then knocked him to the ground and punched him repeatedly while Rochee stood by holding what appeared to be a set of brass knuckles. The victim said Blake took his wallet containing $200 and two Visa gift cards totaling $150 in value. The victim’s wallet and keys were thrown on the ground before Crowder, Blake and Rochee left in Crowder’s vehicle, according to reports.

Speaking with the victim’s girlfriend, officers were told that Blake knocked her boyfriend to the ground and punched him repeatedly. The girlfriend said that when she asked Crowder to do something he replied, “These are my boys.” She said Blake took the money from the victim’s wallet, adding that Blake and an unknown black male entered Crowder’s car and left the area, reports said.

Officers spoke again with the victim after his girlfriend’s mother had come to pick her up. The victim said that several weeks prior to the incident Blake had stolen his girlfriend’s cell phone and that she had retaliated by keying (scratching) a door on Blake’s vehicle. Blake subsequently said he had the victim and his girlfriend on video keying his vehicle. He made the victim sign a statement saying that the keying had occurred and agreeing to pay him $1,250. The victim said Blake had called him on several occasions wanting the money and threatening him, but the money was never paid, reports said.

The victim provided officers with the phone number for Blake and Crowder. Crowder and Blake were arrested on June 7 and Rochee turned himself in June 14.


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