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Big time vocalists to perform in PTC

The stage at The Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater has featured a number of legendary artists over the years. The trend continues this Saturday when Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson perform.

Flack, a skilled artist in pop, soul, jazz and folk, is known for hits like “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” “Where Is the Love (with Donny Hathaway), “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” Tonight I Celebrate My Love,” and many more.

Bryson, who has performed duets with Flack, as well as artists like Natalie Cole and Kenny G, is also a producer and songwriter. He is perhaps best known for his vocals on the Disney hits “A Whole New World,” with Regina Belle and “Beauty and the Beast: with Celene Dion. Both songs won Grammy Awards.

Bryson and Flack, who recorded “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” together, also recorded “You’re Looking Like Love to Me” and “I Just Came Here to Dance.” In February of this year, Flack released an album of Beatles covers. Bryson has appeared in theater and operatic productions.

Lawn tickets are available for $45, while reserved seats range in price from $55-$75. A Gold or Terrace Table is $600. Tickets are available at The Fred box office or at

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What we have come to expect from this paper. (incomplete reporting) The article "Big time vocalists to perform in PTC", fails to give the date(s) of the performance. Of course, we can look it up from other sources. But,why should WE have to fill in incomplete information?

WE don't have to fill in anything. WE, as is in who, you and your lazyass ilk?

So, 2 direct links included that require you to press your fat finger on a keyboard aren't enough for you? Oh, boo hoo. Or, how about you call your bud, Obama, and send in the feds to fix this for you.

Tell me, how much did YOU pay for this incomplete reporting? How many employees do you worry about keeping employed day after day in this crappy economy, all while trying to keep our FREE paper distributed to thousands of homes in our community? Just so that those who read it will have SOME idea of what is going on their world around them.

Incomplete reporting? Pack your bags and move to some 3rd world country where your ancestors came from and learn the meaning of incomplete reporting, you lazy excuse of a whiner. You owe Cal an apology.

And, guess what, roybutt. PTC can do without the income from your lost ticket sale.

So just what does the sentence "The trend continues this Saturday..." mean to you? The problem isn't incomplete reporting, it's incomplete reading and comprehension. You owe Mr. Nelms an apology.

Michael Boylan wrote the column....not Ben Nelms. But point well made about the date of the concert.

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