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Forget roads; run rail around Atlanta

GADOT continues on their program of re-do, re-do, re-do to protect all those jobs and the largest budget in the state of Georgia. Now they want another bazillion dollars via the upcoming election for more roads we don’t need and can’t afford to care for.

A rapid light rail on the footprint of the proposed outer perimeter would serve nearly 50 percent of the entire population in Georgia. And it would cost much, much less than just the proposed Northern Arc roadway portion to build.

From Newnan to Conyers, from Cartersville/Canton to Peachtree City, a circumferential rail stopping at all major highways, then a non-stop north, south, east, west rail straight to downtown in about six minutes.

This is a complete no-brainer. We should not vote the GADOT any more funds that are not earmarked for rapid, light rail.

And in addition, the smog problem would be considerably reduced. Of course we all know that millions here are penalized in the “smog your vehicle” program when the real problem isn’t cars.

It has been estimated that 60 percent of Atlanta’s pollution comes from the two Georgia Power generating stations which no one has the political prowess to get cleaned up. The Southern Company is known as “the dirtiest power company in the country,” but I digress.

Don’t vote the funds for the GADOT without a promise to build this rail system. Any other expenditures are simply useless.

Samuel M. Hay, III

Covington, Ga.


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