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PTC Council gets lower bid on computers

The issuing of a proposal for Peachtree City to purchase computer hardware, software and installation only resulted in getting two bids, including one from the firm that conducted the city’s latest technology assessment.

That firm, VC3, had the lowest cost of the two proposals at $426,892 compared to the only other bidder, Presidio, which had a cost of $484,432, according to data provided to council members in advance of Thursday night’s council meeting.

Council is expected to ratify VC3 as the selected provider for the contract.

Ironically, VC3’s price has come down significantly since it first proposed to handle the work in April for a cost of $472,909. It was that “sole source” proposal, solicited by city staff, that drew ire from the public because it was recommended to be handled without seeking bids.

City staff at the time justified the decision by saying that VC3 could do it cheaper than competitors because it just completed the city’s technology assessment and also that time was of the essence because of the deteriorating condition of some of the city’s technological components. But Council ultimately decided to open the equipment purchase and installation up to other vendors through the request for proposals process which allows the city to choose the best firm based on price, experience and other detailed factors.

Both proposals from VC3 and Presidio were graded for a host of measurables by three independent evaluators from Southern Tech Professional Consulting Services, and VC3 came out on top.

The request for proposals was sent to more than 140 vendors and also was posted on the city website, but only seven vendors attended the mandatory pre-solicitation meetings.

In other business Thursday night, council will vote on a $230,000 bid to repair and apply a synthetic surface on 10 outdoor tennis courts throughout the city. Another bid up for discussion is a $2.69 million contract to resurface Dividend Drive, Kelly Drive, Loblolly Circle, part of Hilltop Drive, part of Clover Reach, Morallion Hills, Southwick Lane, part of North Peachtree Parkway and Wisdom Road.

Of the three bidders, the lowest offer came from Blount Construction, which undercut the next-highest bidder C.W. Matthews by $77,000.


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