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Deputies nab 3 felons with pistols, stun gun, hand ties

Three previously-convicted felons were arrested early June 6 after deputies found two semi-automatic pistols, a stun gun, zip ties and other items in their car, according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb believes the trio may have been on their way to commit a crime.

“Proactive police work probably interrupted their next move,” said Sheriff Barry Babb. “We’re currently sharing information with surrounding agencies to see if these suspects are being sought in any unsolved robberies.”

One of the arrested suspects, Octavious D. Franklin, 27, of Atlanta has served prison time on robbery charges as well as burglary, aggravated assault and sexual battery, all from Fulton County, according to records maintained by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Another of the suspects, Damon S. Hamilton, 24, also of Atlanta, has served time for convictions of burglary, theft by receiving and obstruction of a police officer, also emanating from cases in Fulton County, according to DOC records.

Franklin and Hamilton, along with Demarcus Rivers, 22, also of Atlanta, were charged with being felons in possession of firearms.

The stop, which took place on Ga. Highway 279 near North Drive, also netted military clothing and a small amount of marijuana. Octavious D. Hamilton was charged with possession of marijuana as well, officials said.

Below, items confiscated from the three felons.



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