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Deputies nab 3 felons with pistols, stun gun, hand ties

Three previously-convicted felons were arrested early June 6 after deputies found two semi-automatic pistols, a stun gun, zip ties and other items in their car, according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb believes the trio may have been on their way to commit a crime.

“Proactive police work probably interrupted their next move,” said Sheriff Barry Babb. “We’re currently sharing information with surrounding agencies to see if these suspects are being sought in any unsolved robberies.”

One of the arrested suspects, Octavious D. Franklin, 27, of Atlanta has served prison time on robbery charges as well as burglary, aggravated assault and sexual battery, all from Fulton County, according to records maintained by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Another of the suspects, Damon S. Hamilton, 24, also of Atlanta, has served time for convictions of burglary, theft by receiving and obstruction of a police officer, also emanating from cases in Fulton County, according to DOC records.

Franklin and Hamilton, along with Demarcus Rivers, 22, also of Atlanta, were charged with being felons in possession of firearms.

The stop, which took place on Ga. Highway 279 near North Drive, also netted military clothing and a small amount of marijuana. Octavious D. Hamilton was charged with possession of marijuana as well, officials said.

Below, items confiscated from the three felons.



Lets keep checking those out of county folks..

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Sheriff Babb! Awesome job!

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Keep up the good work

that star on his forehead? Or did he make the honor roll?

Thank you FCSD.

Only had to be a matter of time that he would emerge to his true statue: how about 12-15 in the slammer?

12-15? That sounds good to me!

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[quote=AtHomeGym]Only had to be a matter of time that he would emerge to his true statue: how about 12-15 in the slammer?[/quote]

12-15 is not enough. Convicted felons caught with fire arms should see a minimum of 20 years in prison. If they had been caught in the commission of a crime it should be an automatic life sentence. Not the two or three years where they hang out building their street cred and getting tattoos on their foreheads. Anti-gun violence advocates (I can't understand why they're not against all other types of violence) don't seem to understand that you must remove violent people from society to stop gun violence. The down side to this is we will have to build more and more prisons to house all of these offenders for life. Liberal activists will never stand for this.

As I write this I'm watching a news report about 15 year old Demetrius Waldron in Ft. Lauderdale who pointed a gun at a girl and said he was going to kill her. He shot her in the upper torso and she survived. His mother is standing there in court telling the judge he has been incarcerated most of his life and they can't afford the $52,000 bail. When will people figure out that people like Demetrius should never walk the streets ever again in his life. That's the only way to stop (gun) violence.

I agree with everything you wrote!

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That is not a star - it's a target. My trusty Glock told me so.

Glock and truth...yep, go together like peaches and cream.

[quote=moelarrycurly]that star on his forehead? Or did he make the honor roll?[/quote]

That right thar is funny, I don't care who you are.

good police work!

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Isn't this near where DM stays and talks about how is so totally safe? I guess these three thugs were headed on down off I-85 down on Old National heading into town to try and pull something, or stop along the neighborhoods on 279 to do some damage. Glad their thug arsses were busted. Get out and stay out.

I live down the street from you!

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[quote=Davids mom]I live down the street from you![/quote]

I don't live in your are confusing me with someone else. Regardless, glad these thugs got busted.

to Fayette County law enforcement!!!!!

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Let's have border checkpoints between us and Fulton and Clayton counties. Any cars without Fayette tags have to pull over and be checked. Kenwood Park would return to the locals with that, too.

Thank you, Sheriff's Department!

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<strong>"Three previously-convicted felons were arrested early June 6..."</strong>

These youngsters today have so much energy. Riding around with guns and zip ties at all hours of the night, and still able to get up early and make it to work on time. I know my robbing crew has to be in by at least 10:00 p.m. or I hit my snooze button several times the next morning.

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That's because you be old. Tell ya what, I'll go to the NC reunion thingy if you go, I'll even drive.

I yam what I yam

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You got that right!!

May have to do that. I almost forgot, but just went back and looked at your email. I'll get in touch with you about it.

My family and I thank you for all you do. I agree with the prior comment pertaining to "profiling" plates as they enter Fayette County. Surely, not all these folks are making such an extensive drive simply to shop for high end meats or produce at Fresh Market or to take advantage of the dog park.

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This right here is a GREAT example of Fulton County and City of Atlanta's inability to lock up thugs and keep them locked up. There's no room at the county jail or the city detention center. Revolving doors. Citizens of Fayette County....if you want to stop this unrelenting flood of thugs into our area, petition Fulton County and City of Atlanta to build more jails and increase capacity.

I'm very glad those zip-ties didn't end up binding some innocent victim as they were either shot with the gun or zapped with the TASER. Unbelievable!

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